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What have I just read? In a nation of unjust laws, he encourages people to rise up and demonstrate their freedom. When I was set this Business project for my Masters degree I thought that it would be impossible. Simply to rectify that all me were created equal despite their race or color. (SS) In his famous, “I Have a Dream” speech Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. uses repetition, specific, illustrative, Martin Luther King Jr. effectively crafted his counter-argument by first directly addressing his audience, the clergymen, and then using pathos, ethos, and logos to refute his opponent’s statements and present his own perspective. Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions Cookie Policy Privacy Policy. I have no doubt that I will be using you again in the future. The message should be clear to the audience and have little ambiguities. It is, in every respect, the equal of Martin’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Other times, it's to gently force...... ...13 September 2013 “I Have a Dream” The speech successfully focused the country’s attention at the need for racial equality “Now” (King, I Have a Dream). Martin Luther King Jr. in a sense achieves a deep sense of pathos by appealing to the logos. ...The Leadership of Martin Luther King Jr. A subtle form of repetition, the repetition of singular words, was mainly used to emphasize key themes in the speech and keep them in the minds of the audience. Some writers, though, go beyond this technique of unified writing and use repetition to produce an effective cadence, like a drum beating in the background, keeping time with the speaker?s fist pounding the lectern for emphasis.? After stating the general purpose of his letter, King specifically addressed the clergymen to set up for his logical counterargument. Martin Luther King, Jr., a prominent civil rights leader, delivered a powerful speech at the historic March on Washington. Dr. King had to be really upset at the clergymen because he rarely acknowledges criticism of his work. On April 19, 1963, Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) wrote a detailed letter from Birmingham Jail in reply to some public releases which were directed at undermining his fight for civil equality. The letter has become known as one of the greatest works of … His efforts to consolidate and harmonise the US into one country for all is reflected in many of his writings and speeches spanning his career. RHETORICAL ANALYSIS 2 King?s speech is a perfect representation of this. ...Rhetorical Analysis Paper I have learned so much, Thanks. However, they share a lesser related theme: Pressure. | Student ID | Student Name | Student Signature | Many people accept his speech as one of the most life changing speeches spoken in all of time. Through his articulate use of logos, pathos, and ethos, King was able to persuade his generation that "the Negro is not free.” (Martin 2001 par3). We’ve got you covered. ITT-Tech Malcolm X, once associated with the Black Panthers, and a member of the Black Muslim movement, wrote “The Ballot or the Bullet” not only as a response to Martin Luther King Jr.’s pacifism, but because he was frustrated with white dilly-dallying in reaching a decision on black rights in America. When referring to the negative attitude towards the civil rights movement he uses negatively colored word such as “tranquilizing drug of gradualism” and powerful contrasts “desolate valley of segregation” versus “sunlit path of racial justice” and “the quicksands of racial injustice” versus “the solid rock of brotherhood” (King, 1963, para. However, there are other texts that can be analyzed with the same relevance as the texts of Shakespeare. The above is what Barack Obama’s speech at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial from 2006 is about. His main point is that blacks are not free or equal according to the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. King’s words and actions were able to make a mark in America and change history. The two great civil rights leaders of the 1960’s, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, held diametrically opposed political philosophies. Pressure from others is a powerful thing. Rhetorical Analysis of Martin Luther King’s Speech Phone number protected by JavaScript. 2). Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. 7). The speech can be described as being an occasion speech which means that Obama’s aim is for him to entertain his audience at the memorial, by interpreting his vision of Martin Luther King Jr. uses cookies. He believes that there is hope for the country and that America has room to change and grow however, in order to so, people must speak up. A Personal Analysis of I Have a Dream, a Speech by Martin Luther King Jr Essay, Criminalize Words in the I Have a Dream Speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. It was professional, beautifully crafted and straight to the point. November 12 2012 (SS) A day that heavily influenced this achievement was in 1963 during the March on Washington, in front of the Lincoln Memorial. You have helped me so much, I could even spend time with my children. Martin Luther King’s Speech “I Have a Dream” In 1963, at the height of the Civil Rights revolution, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was leading demonstrations in Birmingham, Alabama. We declare that this is a group assignment and that no part of this submission has been copied from any other student's work or from any other source except where due acknowledgment is made explicitly in the text, nor has any part been written for us by another person. The audience for his speech is the participating to the national memorial, but primarily the speech is meant for the African-American inhabitants. Rhetorical Analysis 5). If the spears understand the audience correctly, the response from it will be as expected (West & Turner, 2010, p. 313). The Occasion of the speech, its constraints and opportunities King first establishes his credibility to answer the clergymen by naming his personal title and comparing himself to such a higher historical authority as the apostle Paul. King’s logical appeal is largely intensified by his use of pathos. To Whom It May Concern: I was delighted with the research paper that I received yesterday. Luther’s speech was a passionate rhetoric that preached his views about the future. Quick question – Do you write resumes, motivation letters and cover letters? This secondary theme supports each main theme; “Salvation” demonstrates what pressure from adults can do to disillusion an individual adolescent while “Letter From Birmingham Jail” demonstrates what societal pressure does to permit injustice. In “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” rhetorical questions are used sporadically throughout to engage the reader and continuously present the main theme: injustice. On August 28, 1963, Martin Luther King delivered a speech in front of 250.000 people that would change history forever. One man changed that, Martin Luther King Jr. King was a pacifist, in the tradition of Gandhi before him; Malcolm X was a radical, an advocate of violence. These three Aristotelian means of persuasion are all present in King’s speech at the 1963 March in Washington. According to Aristotle, a successful public speaker should focus his/her address on the target audience because the same subject can and should be presented differently for various groups of people. America should embody freedom and symbolize a time of new beginnings. However, Richard West and Lynn Turner (2010) note that ethos is what a stable category only; it is changing and interactive: “[A] speaker’s ethos is not simply something that is brought into a speaking experience; it is the speaking experience” (p. 314). Now you know why I chose However, even more important than to inspire his supporters, King’s purpose was to explain to the white folks what was going on in the country. To this effect, the speaker should realize what drives the audience and what makes each individual person tick. The way that King...... ...“Salvation” by Langston Hughes and “Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King Jr. seem to have very little in common. Activate JavaScript to see the email., Terms of Use Having trouble finding the perfect essay? Because of his leadership, bravery and sacrifice to make the world a better place, Martin Luther King was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. English 1320: Composition I By alluding to the Declaration, King is able to present a beautiful and compelling vision of equality. He is one of the most prominent advocates and pioneers of social reform. gen_phone_to_link('888','302-2485'); Dr. King uses this reference to imply the people are right on the edge, and stayed there for a long time, but haven’t reached the palace of justice. Rhetorical Analysis of “I Have Dream” Speech This symbolizes that everyone started their own journey, but can’t go any further due to prejudice. He towered over two hundred and fifty thousand people of all ages, genders, and races at the nation’s capital on August 28th, 1963. In the speech, King especially likes to use repetition and metaphor to convey his ideas. Repetition is a good tool to use to reinforce an important idea. I will be back again and again. King wants people to realize how unfair the system is and that they should not allow for it to continue. After frequent protests and sit-ins, King finally had the opportunity to notify the nation of the inhumane and unjust treatment of its citizens. 10). Ethos lends credibility to the public speaker. King uses repetition of his personal experiences in Birmingham to describe the situation from an emotional standpoint. 1). Under these circumstances Kings beefs up his speech with a poetic refrain “I have a dream”. He repeats it several times expanding his thought and explaining what exactly he would like to see in lives of the U.S. citizens of any color. The intensity of King’s speech is built through bold statements and rhythmic repetition. While there are some differences between “Letter from Birmingham Jail” and the “I Have a Dream” speech, there are also similarities. When he learned about Martin Luther King’s assassination on April 4th, 1968, Robert Kennedy had just landed in Indianapolis, Indianan for his presidential campaign activities.

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