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Tourism and industry is suffering from the stigma that surrounds Chicago. Rather than comply with the writ, Jackson had the judge arrested.

The army officer in charge acted, ostensibly, under the Suspension Clause of Article I of the United States Constitution (selectively; accounts show that he jailed only union miners), and did not allow assembly of any kind. [3] Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, "The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it." Hodges wrote about this just yesterday, in fact, saying: For years, The Common Sense Show has been diligent in exposing the existence of UN troops on US soil who are simply waiting for a pretext to emerge and enforce martial law as the opening salvo for the takeover of America… The Common Sense Show has learned from a previously utilized and high ranking and well–placed source, that occupation troops of the United Nations, stationed in Chicago plan to use the extreme tenets for the NDAA to indefinitely detain, without due process that they arbitrarily deem to be a potential problem. President Wilson sent in federal troops, eventually ending the violence. In response to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871, Chicago mayor Roswell B. Mason declared a state of martial law and placed General Philip Sheridan in charge of the city on October 9, 1871. On August 1, National Guard troops seized strike headquarters and placed arrested union leaders in a stockade at the state fairgrounds in Saint Paul. The settlement was ratified and the back of employer resistance to unionization in Minneapolis was broken. The IWW was militant, radical, vocal and consistently nonviolent. The list was whittled down to two dozen ringleaders who were tried in the military court. As you’ll hear in the video below, Boykin says that UN troops need to be brought into America’s cities as a way to help “victims of violence.”. The martial law concept in the United States is closely tied with the right of habeas corpus, which is, in essence, the right to a hearing and trial on lawful imprisonment, or more broadly, the supervision of law enforcement by the judiciary.
As of 2020, the Insurrection Act of 1807 still applies in limiting a US President's ability under Title 10 to federalize National Guard troops for martial law purposes. [19] After the war, the federal judge for the islands condemned the conduct of martial law, saying, "Gov. : A Note on Martial Law and the Revolution of 1689 in English America", "Home > Boston Tea Party > A Tea Party Timeline: 1773–1775", "The Battle of New Orleans Reconsidered: Andrew Jackson and Martial Law", "A National Hero, the Battle of New Orleans", "Book Review: Andrew Jackson and the Politics of Martial Law: Nationalism, Civil Liberties, and Partisanship. [12] Ford sent a group of men and abolished martial law. The dynamite was used to destroy buildings in the path of fires, to prevent the fires from spreading.

The ability to suspend habeas corpus is related to the imposition of martial law. [16] The authorizing act allowed the President to suspend habeas corpus throughout the entire United States (which he had already done under his own authority on April 27, 1861). Yet here we have an open admission by a Chicago Democrat that this is precisely the plan. The President's proclamation was challenged in Ex parte Milligan, 71 US 2 [1866]. Democrat leaders are working with UN and NATO to deploy troops to the streets of Chicago and impose a state of martial law. In 1914, the imposition of martial law climaxed during the Colorado Coalfield War. The jails filled up so quickly that he had to release miners. In 1934, California Governor Frank Merriam placed the docks of San Francisco under martial law, citing "riots and tumult" resulting from a dock worker's strike. Nevertheless, by August 14, there were thousands of trucks operating under military permits. When asked to explain further, he says that armed foreign troops / shock troops are necessary to “protect minority and vulnerable populations.” Via the video below: [UN troops] have been able to help in places like Africa, where they have sent troops in, sent forces in, to help protect minority and vulnerable populations, so frankly I think the same can be said for here in Chicago. And for doing so, they have been derided as conspiracy theorists and lunatics (as have all independent media journalists, come to think of it). Executive Directive 51, also known as the National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive, was signed into law by President George W. Bush in May 2007. [11] Governor Ford arrived in Carthage and sent word to Smith that if he did not surrender, Ford would call out the militia. He was arrested for treason against the state of Illinois for declaring martial law. After a time, when the trial of Sid Hatfield began, the military occupation and "veritable military dictatorship" (Governor Cornwell) of the army officer ended. The explosion leveled a four-story building and killed one person. For the record, independent media journalists Dave Hodges and Steve Quayle have been warning about UN troops being unleashed on U.S. soil for many years.

[10]:139 A group of ex-Mormons published a paper called the Nauvoo Expositor which detailed Smith's alleged abuse of power. On August 21, a federal mediator got acceptance of a settlement proposal from A. W. Strong, head of the Citizens Alliance, incorporating the union's major demands. [11] While awaiting trial in Carthage Jail, Smith was murdered by a mob. He escaped arrest with the help of members of his church, and was discharged on a writ of habeas corpus in the Municipal Court of Nauvoo, where he was mayor, even though it was outside the court's jurisdiction. They were posted throughout the city, and all dynamite was confiscated. ", "Constitutional Topic: Martial Law - The U.S. Constitution Online -", "Christmas 1941 in Hawaii was not a time to rejoice", "Proclamation by Governor John Patterson, declaring a state of martial rule in Montgomery", "The Invisible Battle Over Posse Comitatus",, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2011, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. As of 2020, the directive has not yet been invoked. Authorised military government in the United States, Nauvoo, Illinois, during the Illinois Mormon War, John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007,, attempting to murder Missouri governor Lilburn Boggs, Maryland in the American Civil War#Imposition of martial law, Suspension Clause of Article I of the United States Constitution, Declaration of martial law in Russell County, Alabama, National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive, "Governors or Generals? This bypasses posse comitatus, which prohibits active duty U.S. soldiers from policing our own streets. Following the earthquake of 1906, the federal troops stationed in the Presidio were pressed into martial law service. Many of the miners were not released from jail.

Chicago needs to be put under martial law immediately, placed under curfew, and have an extensive program enacted to remove guns from criminals.

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