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More than a true crime drama filled with the revelations of my wife’s state of mind and the shocking details of her obsession, fed by a sophisticated system of readily accessible electronic surveillance equipment, Irreparable is an emotionally charged personal memoir about our life together and how the tragedy of two deaths has torn the lives of so many apart—compelling me to take a hard look at myself in the process. I own my part and continue to work through my grief and guilt. Project Case Studies. Two Deaths. SURVIVING AND REBUILDING IN THE WAKE OF THE UNTHINKABLE. But it’s all an act, not for television audiences, not the general public, and not even for my friends. And I was diagnosed with BPD during the marriage and individual counseling I sought immediately when I was told what was going on. But I don’t want to forget.

I wanted to become the person I visualized I could be!

Welcome back.

I remember watching your story on 20/20 and it stuck with me for days.

We’d love your help. She deserved better than that. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start your review of NOT A BOOK: Deadly Adultery: Mark Gerardot, Meredith Chapman & Jennair Gerardot - Instagram Photos Show Life Before 47-Year-Old Jilted Wife Killed Husband’s Mistress And Herself, Used NextDoor: True Crime Essays. For more than 15 years I’ve been helping brands discover and fine tune that thing that makes them authentic, unique and desirable to people.

“If you can check off at least five, then it’s likely that person is somewhere on the spectrum for it. Two Deaths. I have gotten better with age but I would like to learn more. Eighteen months and two weeks ago was the absolute worst day of my life, and I have struggled ever since to make it through a day that seems at least a little bit normal. Timed to the exact minute.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, it’s estimated that 1.6% to 5.9% of the adult U.S. population (19.3 million people) suffer from BPD, and nearly 75% of those are women. The author of the book, Mark Gerardot, was the man at the center of this … She insisted on being in control and telling other kids what to do, how to play and how to act. Thank you for sharing your experience in this raw book. Mark Gerardot; Book; Blog; The Book. I was left for the younger woman at work. I am far more fulfilled than in an empty marriage with a person who could not even answer the marriage counselor’s question: “And how does your wife feel about that?”.

“During the last few weeks of spring term, my sadness surrounded me constantly.”. I went through some dark times, especially at the beginning. When what had begun as a harmless flirtation blossomed into a passionate love affair, Mark confessed his infidelity and began taking the painful steps toward what he thought was an amicable but long-overdue divorce. You, Jennair, Meredith and Luke have all been destroyed by this tragedy. Borderline personality disorder (also known as BPD) is a mental illness characterized by a long-term pattern of unstable relationships, a distorted sense of self and a strong fear of abandonment. After sharing the history of our relationship with Dr. Oz, as well as details of my recovery since discovering the bodies of my wife and girlfriend, I was joined on set by Psychiatrist, Judith Joseph. I was an ACA (Adult Child of an Alcoholic) with a co-dependent mother, and as it turned out, I suffered from PTSD. I am checking out your blog after watching the 20/20 episode that left me speechless. A, A National Audience to Discuss a Growing National Epidemic Sitting there under the lights, surrounded by cameras, teleprompters and a live studio audience, I took a deep breath and wiped the warm sweat from my hands onto my pants. As a special education teacher, Stephanie has dealt with some of the most extreme cases of childhood trauma and disorders, and had written her doctoral thesis on borderline personality disorder. I would not even enter the trigger for my thought cycle; I would catch it at the edge!

Look forward to watching. You could help so many others.” Doubting his sincerity and my own abilities, I pressed on, writing, unfiltered with the rawest of emotions. Out of the dark. But focusing on those 12 steps, sharing my testimony … all of this helped me mentally, physically, and spiritually. New life. Every Easter, I celebrate my re-birth because that was the holiday that I finally kicked a narcissistic, selfish, adulterous husband out of my life. The roughly 110 miles of I-69 between Fort Wayne and Indy was like a well-worn path in my mind.

For years, my wife had suffered from depression and more recently diagnosed with PTSD due to the trauma of our marriage ending. As it flickered to life in a blinding blue light, I instinctively covered my eyes and turned my head.

I would never think about whatever would trigger my negative thought cycle. I am so glad that I realized that my ex did not deserve the attention and preoccupation he was getting. Individually, Allison and John were the sweetest, kindest people. I just wanted to let you know that I support you and I hope one day you can find peace and happiness again. Every mile.

Thanks for sharing your story and being so vulnerable. I saw he is also promoting mental illness month. I’m speaking and writing now because I have something important to share. I needed to start life over. SURVIVING AND REBUILDING IN THE WAKE OF THE UNTHINKABLE. One is married!

What started as a journaling exercise evolved into a year-long investigation and cathartic search for answers. Mark Gerardot Book: Irreparable – SURVIVING AND REBUILDING IN THE WAKE OF THE UNTHINKABLE Surviving in the Wake of the Unthinkable On April 23, 2018, the life I … I then returned to my religious roots. But that just isn’t true. There is no justification. Going Public About a Very Personal Tragedy “He’s just doing this for fame and fortune,” someone recently said about me after learning I’d been writing a book for the past year. It had been years since I’d been back here, and it was strangely familiar and yet uncomfortably foreign. I am the survivor of 2 abusive relationships that have triggered my depression and PTSD. More good and new life will grow from all this and help everyone have a little peace over this tragedy. Mark Gerardot on the set with Dr. Oz and Psychiatrist, Dr. Judith Joseph Earlier, walking in the halls backstage, I was a bit awe struck when I came face to face with former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, son of Teddy Kennedy, one of the nation’s leading voices and advocates for mental health. What could I have done differently? I remember reading about the events and how hard she was trying to achieve self worth etc before she passed. “They work together and you don’t see them at each others’ throats. I suppose I owed it to you to suffer as I have. Based on just this book, I can check off all nine.”. “Now see, why can’t we be like them?” my wife, Jennair, would look at them and ask me. I recognized that I was a “dry” alcoholic. “And the most important thing she ever told me was to just be yourself. It’s Time.

I was in the same situation as your wife, Jennair. Jennair protected herself from abandonment by isolating herself from others, ending friendships and not wanting to start others.

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