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Particularly for Black Americans who returned to the South. At one point his words reached between 6 and 11 million people worldwide. Dr. Garvey: Like all others, maturity comes with attending school and college, reading and throughout one’s professional life. But my mother raised me, as well as my brother (Marcus Jr.), and taught me how my father was victimized on two fronts: in Jamaica, under a colonial system of oppression and in the U.S., by a racist system that disadvantaged African Americans and remained intent on keeping them down in terms of their rightful expression as human beings. For the first time, Blacks could enjoy the fruits of their own labor, and they could see that they could personally benefit from their own hard work instead of just watching someone else benefit from it. Required fields are marked *. (Photo by Yana Paskova/For The Washington Post via Getty Images), “A pardon is basically the head of the government that prosecuted him saying that we were wrong and you should not have this on your record,” Pierce said. She has written for The Washington Post, USA Today, The Daily Beast,, and Essence magazine. Why did Theatre Archipelago choose to focus on Garvey instead of a lesser-known historical figure? Before long, Blacks living in the deep, rural South had gone the way of the Dodo Bird. degree from McGill University Faculty of Medicine in 1961. Flipper was accused of embezzlement and dishonorably discharged in 1882. But it began with Garvey.”. In the 1980s, Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Michigan) introduced legislation for a Garvey pardon, and as late as 2009, Rep. Charles Rangel (D-New York), the former chairman of the House Committee on Ways and Means, submitted a resolution stating that “the president should grant a pardon to Marcus Mosiah Garvey to clear his name and affirm his innocence of crimes for which he was unjustly prosecuted and convicted.” But the resolution never received enough votes in Congress to pass. Pierce said if the pardon doesn’t happen before Obama leaves office, he will continue to work to exonerate Marcus Garvey. “You can draw a straight line from Marcus Garvey to Black Lives Matter and see that we’re still struggling for full citizenship and just the right to be human within our society and not somebody who should be marginalized, imprisoned or destroyed.”, The petition for a posthumous pardon is, as Julius Garvey said, “on the president’s table.”. He was the first national hero in Jamaica,” said Julius Garvey, who has three children and three grandchildren. “Basically what we’ve tried to do is get an exoneration because he was not guilty of any crime,” said Julius Garvey, Marcus Garvey’s youngest son. We are one race of people. Garvey condemned America’s claims to be some beacon of freedom and democracy while they turned a blind eye to Black Americans being preyed upon in their own country “For no other reason than they are Black people seeking an industrial chance in a country that they have labored for three hundred years to make great”, Garvey continued, “it’s time to lift one’s voice against the savagery of a people who claim to be the dispensers of democracy.”. But Blacks weren’t going anywhere. We must not commend too highly these troops, especially in front of white Americans”. Neither is it practical or even warranted. Escaped slaves, at Foller’s house, Cumberland Landing, Virginia, African American children and teenagers exercising outside a rural one room school. He’s not some little idiot with a ‘Back-to-Africa’ movement, or somebody who was swindling a group of people.”. For example, all of these new Black migrants created housing shortages in almost all of the industrial cities that they migrated to. And at one point, the UNIA had 65,000 to 75,000 members, paying dues to his support and funding. For the past three decades, Garvey’s family has sought to clear his name. He then embarked on a long, successful medical career in cities that include Montréal, New York City and Baltimore, serving both as an instructor in surgery and an attending-in-charge of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. Look Who’s Coming For Dinner…Washington and Roosevelt, 1901. Those who write history dominate the system. Do I have a right to get you sick. Pierce said the pardon petition included the support letters and information surrounding Garvey’s arrest and conviction. Your email address will not be published. Black Americans had gone to Paris, France where the French outright ignored calls from the United States military to follow the strict segregation policy that Americans enforced on their troops. As African people, we have a different conception of society, primarily spiritual, and only secondarily material. “We’ve given them all the information, data they need after an exhaustive effort on our part.”. Before joining us, he led the Miami Times to recognition as NNPA Publication of the Year. D. Kevin McNeir – Senior Editor Follow on Twitter Send an email March 20, 2019. Our forefathers were unable to accomplish all they wanted. To say the least, their relationship was strained. The firm filed the official pardon request in June 2016 with the Department of Justice’s Office of the Pardon Attorney. Garvey raised money for his UNIA by mailing a brochure with a picture of a boat on the front that he didn’t even own. About Nielsen Measurement. To put it into perspective, according to the US census records, in 1910 there were only 6,000 Black people living in the city of Detroit. It was his buddying up with the Ku Klux Klan that turned many Blacks away from Garvey. He was the founder and first President-General of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA-ACL, commonly known as UNIA), through which he declared himself Provisional President of Africa. Family of Marcus Garvey seeks pardon in waning days of Barack Obama’s presidency. In fact, Malcolm X’s own parents actually met at a UNIA conference in Montreal. African people all need to carry forward the legacies of our leaders like Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X. Dr. Garvey: As you know, we first submitted our request to President Barack Obama who failed to act for reasons he never explained publicly or to me. Dr. Garvey: We have to tell our own story.

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