male lorikeet for sale


I have the greatest red lorie in color and personality. Red and Black Stella females for sale. please email me! Frustrated and pulling all feathers out.. rnMy situation has changed and can not get her a mate or aviary built. Hand fed and approximately 3 months old. All DNA confirmed. Pet Breed : Lories Hi. I also have DNA Swainson's Males for trade if interested. Hand fed Swainsons for sale. $2000 for the pair. Suggestions welcomed. $600 or trade for two mature female green naped lorikeets. erthrothorax subspecies $800. Other birds not sexed. I have two mature female red lories. All babies are fully fledged and raised outdoors. Thanks, Gary, I am wanting to get back into breeding Lories.. The mission of Exclusively Lories is to ensure the sustainability of Lories and Lorikeets in the wild and captivity. closed banded tame but has to open up to new people prefers women best suited for pet use not breeding as he wouldn't breed, $1,200 FIRM can send pics sorry can't ship local pick up only will consider trading for a breeding age scarlet macaw hen or 2 pairs of swainson's lorikeets babies - must be dna'd, 2010 hand raised male black lory, closed banded and dna'd w/cert. I also have DNA Swainson's Males for trade if interested. Call 954-559-6177, 2010 male Black Lory (chalcopsitta atra) dna'd w/cert. The chin and the chest are reddish barred with dark blue. We've bred lories for 25 years. The ornate lorikeet for sale is a mainly green parrot about 25 cm (10.0 in) long. Looking for:Chattering Hen,Yellow Back Chattering Hen ,Goldie's Hen ,Iris Hen. Thank you!! $1000 plus shipping if needed.Beautiful bird!! Almost weaned. And 1 male rainbow for hormonal hen. I am looking for lories to breed would like older birds thanks, Hello i am in search of a swainson lory and blue streaked lory. Looking for a female Stella's lorikeet, red or melanistic. Location: Auburn,California  AVIARY RAISED 2016 bird  Melanistic Stella lory(male split to Red), Roland See More. I have at least 5 Swainson's Males that I can work in trade as well Need:Red Chattering Lory hen,YB Red Chattering Lory hen,Iris Lorikeet hen,Two Goldie's Lorikeet hens,Goldie's Lorikeet male,Thanks! In search of a female Edwards Lory and a female Perfect Lory. She was hatched 1/22/2017 and purchased in California from Omar's, a very reputable hand-fed exotic bird store. 3 and a half month old swainsons (rainbow) Lorikeet for sale. Edwards $600. I Know of no breeders in my area either in Wa. 2018 dna male. Also looking for adult male Yellow Streak lory for adult hen. Thank you! I am looking for the following birds to put some pairs together. I am 14 years old and would love a friendly social rainbow lorikeet to play with and take care of. Almost a year old. Immaculate birds, and very healthy. Young or mature. Lorikeet Birds available for sale in United States from top breeders and individuals. Green-naped Lorikeets -Both sexes and unrelated pairs available - $400 each Swainson's Lorikeets (will be sexing soon) -$450 each, Just weaned hand tamed super sweet olive lorikeet. I have 4 1.5 year old Swainson's lorikeets. Would appreciate any leads in Texas, ISO: female orange dusky, and female black cap (erythrothorax), I am looking for a male Goldie's lorikeet. The crown is dark purplish-blue. $700 each or both males for $1300. I have previously own lorikeets. Asking $1,000 for her rehoming fee alone or $1,500 for her and cage. I would prefer a baby or under 4months old. He’s very sweet and loves cuddles. She been tested and is healthy, she has a great personality and talks a lot. If I can't find an adult I will buy a young bird. 2 Duvys 1 proven female 1 unsexed about a year old $800.00 ea. Thank you, Looking for 2 male red lories to pair with my birds, I am looking for a red lory. FOR SALE 1 PAIR OF BLUE MOUNTAIN LORIES surgically SEXED,1 YELLOW STREAKED LORY,HAND RAISED, 1 MALENSTIC MALE STELLA LORY  HAND RAISED ROSE BREASTED COCATOO Roland, Adult Female Duvenbode Lory 5 years old $1000,3 year old Male Ornate Lory $750,2 female Edwards Lories 6 months old $750 each ,pair of rare Obi Violet Necked Lories Female little plucked around neck $2000 pair Currently hand feeding baby Green Naped Lories $500 Swainson Blue Mountain Lories $500 .Rare Olive Mutation Swainson Blue Mountain Lories $750.

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