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COVID-19 Testing: This test is ONLY available with a provider order. Alone these surgeries are difficult and long recoveries, all three combined will definitely take its toll on me. For other care needs, call 317-621-2727 to be directed. The Facebook group is called MACI support group. OATS - MOSAICPLASTY. See our COVID-19 FAQ for visitor guidelines and more. Hang in there! Hi! I will be using a continuous passive motion (CPM) machine for the first 6 weeks. That’s when I will have the second surgery. I will not be able to walk on my leg for the first 6 weeks because we need the bone to heal from the TTO and the OCA graft to heal. Once my cells have grown to an appropriate size (enough for both my trochlea and patella defects) they will be ready to be implanted back into my knee. I seriously don’t think I can make it to October! chondrocytes remain viable, bone graft is incorporated into subchondral bone and overlying cartilage layer heals. Our knee preservation service offers the OATS and MACI procedures. anterior aspect of lateral femoral chondyle and posterolateral tibial plateau In my opinion not the best option because there will be areas between the small plugs of no cartilage. Biopsy shows type I collagen. He said the OCA revision surgery would be a salvage procedure to buy me a few more years until I’m a little older for a replacement. In the case of osteoplasty, excess bone that causes painful impingement inside the hip is removed through an arthroscopic incision. But I guess it’s also better to have a surgeon that is the best in the country for cartilage restoration procedures. The second part of the surgery is called MACI. Our hip preservation service offers arthroscopic hip labral repair and hip osteoplasty. - Moderator: Christopher D. Harner, MD (OSET 2018), Knee & Sports⎪Articular Cartilage Defects of Knee, Question Session⎪Articular Cartilage & Articular Cartilage Defects of Knee, Question Session⎜Articular Cartilage Defects of Knee & Distal Biceps Avulsions, Sports ⎜ Articular Cartilage Defects of the Knee (ft. Dr. Mark Pagnano), LEFT TIBIA OSTEOCHONDRAL AND METAPHYSEAL LESIONS IN A 39M, Cartilage lesion with mild valgus mechanical alignment. So if anyone wants to come deliver food to me in bed, that would be great . A 32-year-old female is referred to you for definitive treatment of a symptomatic focal chondral defect on her medial femoral condyle. That was the size of my trochlea defect which is slightly larger than a quarter. Care at Community - More Ways to Get Exceptional Care, COVID-19: Care Options, Visitor Policies & Testing. When this procedure is performed, plugs of cartilage and bone are taken from a healthy, non-weight bearing area of the joint and moved to replace a damaged area. This machine does the straightening & bending for me to help with range of motion. It’s not an easy one to do alone, I’m always here if you need something! A failed MACI would be my concern after such a long and intense rehab. Call your primary care office for a phone or video visit. That makes a big difference. MACI is a two step surgery. Community Virtual Care visits available 24/7. I tried looking but couldn’t find it. My goal in sharing my journey is to be able to help someone going through this uncommon surgery. Question for you: Why did your surgeon decide to do a MACI on your patella defect rather than a OCA? It’s going to be about a 9-12 month recovery. performed a randomized study to compare the outcomes of MACI vs microfracture for treatment of symptomatic cartilage defects of the knee.

Grrrrr . Visitor Policies: Visitation is still limited in locations and care areas. I’m going to have a cooler at my bedside to stock up on stuff each day. This is not always the case. The MACI was/is my best chance of having a full recovery to be as painfree as possible, so it was the best first choice surgery. These areas of exposed bone are extremely painful. They sent that biopsy off to a lab. Is a 2.5 cm central full-thickness patella defect considered small enough for OATS? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The literature search was performed using the terms: ``mosaicplasty'' or ``osteochondral transplantation'' or ``OATS'' and ``autologous chondrocyte implantation'' or ``autologous chondrocyte transplantation'' or ``ACI'' or ``matrix-associated autologous chondrocyte implantation'' or``MACI'' and ``combination''. I just need to be patient as I wait for the next surgery. Your doctor stated it would be difficult to get the right contour but yet he suggesting it now as an option. The transplanted chondrocytes are viable and articular cartilage heals. Your welcome. I share the good, the bad, and the ugly that doctors won’t tell you about. Which of the following procedures is contraindicated? This is what my knee will look like on x-ray after the TTO surgery:This will help realign my knee cap so it won’t put as much pressure on the defect areas. Then the matrix will heal into my bone and provide my bones the cartilage and protection it needs. I hope you are recovering well! Since the medial femoral condyle already had microfracture done (little holes poked into the bone) in August 2017 he has to do a procedure called OCA transplant.

The transplanted chondrocytes are nonviable and articular cartilage is gradually replaced by fibrocartilage. This surgery has only been FDA approved since December 2016. I’m also going to make tons of freezer meals for easy cooking. Amputate my leg and be done with it all together. They have all said the first week or two you won’t want to leave your bed because the pain is so bad. But I agree with you that it is nice to have a graft that is already formed and hard rather than waiting 18 months for it to grow. Tested Concept. These arthroscopic procedures can improve hip function for mild to moderate cases, where a hip replacement is not needed.

When is fill-in expected to occur? I’m still hoping the surgery will be a success, but I will be heartbroken if I go through all of this and still need another surgery. Thank you for sharing your journey. They will take a plug the size of my defect from a fresh tissue donor (cadaver bone) and put it into my defect.
5-10% of people > 40 years old have high grade chondral lesions; location.

Both procedures provide the benefit of using your own tissue and cells, so there is a smaller risk of rejection. In Technique B, healing is initiated by allogeneic chondrocytes reimplanted beneath a periosteal patch. I have a very specific rehab protocol that won’t allow me to ride a bike until 10 weeks post-op. What type of tissue is formed by the activation of marrow mesenchymal cells following subchondral drilling of an 8x7 mm osteochondral defect? MACI seems unpredictable, idk, thus I’m more inclined to go with transplanting cartilage that is already formed and hard rather than waiting months for the transplanted cartilage cells to develop into hardened cartilage.

I’m confident in my doctor that if I do have to go through with the OCA revision he is one of the best in the country to do it.

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