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Mankind’s advantage over nearly every other animal vs a weird hole with a spring. This year I signed up for as many matches at Camp Perry as I could squeeze on the calendar. The top round occupies the space where your thumb would have to be, to get caught; making it almost impossible to pinch your hand when loading a clip.

They were having a “one shot dedication match” which was one shot with one of several CMP specials.

I picked up some good tips on the sitting position and off hand and even slinging up. For many it instills fear, others dread and for some just sore thumbs.

M1 Garand … Mid to high 70’s lighting was perfect, and the humidity stayed low at least for the first two relays. The CMP special won’t be coming home with me, but it was nice to try out the fancy new equipment!

It’s a very cool place, but more on that later. waited… and my scorer calls for a mark. Unfortunately, the rest of the match didn’t go much better. Those that have received their M1 thumb and those that are going to. Manning, my coach, knew  I was grumpy about posting that score and gave me a little pep talk. Now that I’ve shot within a handfull of points of the gold medal cut, I’d like to see if I can bring one home from either the Western Games this fall or the Eastern Games in the spring. In the photo below you can see an enbloc clip about to be inserted into the receiver.

Well my guess was wrong when it landed nice and neatly in the 8 ring, low and an inch too far left. I wasn’t familiar with the course of fire which put me out of my comfort zone. In rapid prone I was low about a minute, but otherwise had a nice group. I was picturing that fifth ten coming up… waited…. I ended up at number 14! I was on relay two; the fella I had been squad-ed with the past couple days set the bar pretty high in the first relay so the pressure was on.

Here is what the clip looks like in real time, to give you an idea of how suddenly the bolt can slam shut. All Rights Reserved.

M1 Thumb has been the center of rifle lore for many decades.

This neat Garand conversion was posted in a M1 Garand Facebook group I frequent. Other than the barrel, the rest of the rifle is a standard Garand. That’s OK though, because he specializes in Curio and Relic military pieces and has agreed to decorate The Firearm Blog with a little history.

However if you don’t manage to get the bolt all the way back it might rest on the magazine follower instead of the bolt-catch, and it might slam shut without warning. My firing points coach was Sgt Manning from the Army Reserve Marksmanship Team.

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When this happens, ONLY the friction between the two parts prevents the bolt from flying home. Other than the barrel,  the rest of the rifle is a standard Garand. I must have gotten a little cocky by rapid sitting. A mechanical failure could happen but 99% of the cases are self inflicted. Due to a goof up with CMP’s system my shooting buddy was down at Viale shooting the Garand match, and I didn’t want to have to explain why I didn’t make the cut. M1 thumb almost always occur when cleaning, or handling the weapon unloaded. “Those shots are gone” a phrase that I have been repeating to myself ever since. I plan to start focusing on EIC matches and getting a bit more serious about the black rifle. I may have only made the cut by a point, and have posted better scores in the past but it felt great to take home a medal by a hair after bumbling slow prone. The M1 rifle is a .30 caliber, gas-operated, 8 shot clip-fed, semi-automatic rifle. If you're holding the operating rod handle you can safely ease the bolt shut. I had pieced together a 03A3 from parts and CBI barrel. 2When you pick up an M1 Garand the first thing you should do is firmly retract the bolt and verify it's locked in place as shown below. To close the bolt on an unloaded M1 Garand you need to push down on the magazine follower before the bolt can close, and if your finger doesn’t get out of the way in time it’ll be caught. CBI has a nice write up on the course of fire and last years Vintage Sniper Match Click here to read it. Maybe next year I can “not F up” and bring home one of a different color. I was back at it Sunday with the Garand. To close the bolt on an unloaded M1 Garand you need to push down on the magazine follower before the bolt can close, and if your finger doesn’t get out of the way in time it’ll be caught. When loading single rounds without a clip we recommend that the shooter ease the bolt about half way closed and then allow it to fly into battery. Of course I still ask myself where I would have finished if I didn’t bumble sitting. Which was a nice surprise! It hurt a little to post an 86, especially knowing I’ve shot as high as 99 a few times in sitting…. Fellow C&R firearms enthusiast Oelund has undertaken a rather extreme experiment.

In off-hand, I really took my time with each shot and ran out the clock. See CBI’s write up of SAFS with me by clicking here. I had learned a lot last year which I had been applying throughout the year and I was determined get some good coaching and to try and get those 4 “intro points” this year. I had a bumpy start to the NTI. I was able to take home a Silver in the Springfield match posting what, at the time, was my personal best across wood guns! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. So, at least we had a 300 and 600 yard zero. July 2015 Service Rifle and Garand Matches at KFGA, CMP One Shot Dedication Match: Talladega Marksmanship Park, SMT Solo Electronic Target: 21st century practice, A new tradition? Garand Thumb Meme: who would win? As you can see, the bolt was resting on the follower and released as soon as I touched it with my thumb. $8.00 more info Quick view Add to Cart. This was my 4th Garand Match at Perry and it had been a goal of mine to take home a medal from this match.

The builder tells me the tricky part is getting the gas port the right size for it to cycle. Things were going well in the beginning, four tens in a row. As I mentioned earlier, the NTI was my first time the at 600 in competition.

After this trip to Perry I am inspired to start trying to chase some EIC points. more info Quick view Add to Cart. Othais is practically useless with modern firearms. I signed up for the “basic” course again. However, in the end we were able to squeak by the bronze line. A Garand-Thumb often occurs when you try to close the bolt on an empty magazine. 3When loading a clip into the M1, it's very difficult to get your hand caught. I didn’t feel as stable as I wanted and rushed too much, dropping some 7 and 8s.

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