longest straight road in britain


by Hugh Morris, The Telegraph, April 11, 2018. Jocelyn, 10 Jan 2019: “For England, the longest straight walk without encountering a road is in the North Pennines to the east of the Lake District.” All rights reserved. The most accurate method for calculating geographical distance, ignoring changes in elevation, is using ellipsoidal-surface formulae. It’s a straight road running right through the desert for 2 h 1 min. C hile’s longest road, Route 5 is a lonely section of the famed Pan-American Highway - the world's longest motorable road according to Guinness World Records - which runs all … Ordnance Survey Blog “GB’s longest linear walk without crossing a road”, Jocelyn, 10 Jan 2019: The straight line is 29.874km long (29874.438016m).” “The northernmost point of this line is at 369365, 543355”. Additionally this area will be remote and likely involves some water, so we do not recommend attempting it. Using Charles Karney’s Online geodesic calculations using the GeodSolve utility: Using the GRS80 ellipsoid with the ETRS89 latitudes-longitudes, forward Geodetic Azimuth is 156° 40′ 32.7377236166” or 156.67576047878239° “clockwise from north”. We want your experiences too! “Australia’s longest straight road” proclaims the sign at the beginning of of the Eyre Highway on the nation’s south coast. Line scale factor 0.99974013 = 71518.596447m / 44.44 (44.439595541) miles. While I’m as much a stickler for accuracy as anyone, quoting the distances involved to one ten thousandth of a millimetre (71500.817767m) seems a tad extreme, being significantly less than the width of a hair. Ruta Provincial 26 in La Pampa province in the center of Argentina, is a shortcut between Ruta Provincial 107 and Ruta Provincial 34. Stuart Anderton “While I’m as much a stickler for accuracy as anyone, quoting the distances involved to one ten thousandth of a millimetre (71500.817767m) seems a tad extreme, being significantly less than the width of a hair.” Required fields are marked *. It’s not straight by modern standards, but the Appian Way was the original straight road. Slight bends aside, the motorway boasts a 31-mile dead straight stretch from Gackle to Beaver Greek. “So for Great Britain, the longest straight line that you can walk without having to stop, look and listen is 71.5km or 44.43 miles (71500.817767m) and is unsurprisingly in Scotland. The amount of rain meant that there were lots of river crossings, with the River Feshie being a serious one. 5.25km (by road) NE of the village of Beulah, Powys. This route is likely to involve water so please take this in to consideration! Our teams are always up for a challenge and, as this query required map exploration, who better to ask than our amazing Consultation and Technical Services (CaTS) team? Local Scale factor 0.99960897 = 29888.289920m / 18.5717223415 miles. The road, Highway 85, is about 160 miles (260 km) long. Hi Jocelyn. There’s some forestry towards the western end which needs to be negotiated. Azimuths from 276605, 268059 to 294252, 254502. However, the tools I used are all easily available: Line scale factor 0.999762758333333333333333333333 = 22258.569361m / 13.830833781 miles. They built over 9,000 kilometers of roads. (The present day B1207 and A15 follow its course). The road, with two slight corners over 80 miles, links Buckeye (in Maricopa County) and Brenda (in La Paz County). “Its northernmost point is located at 276605, 268059”. Signs saying trespassers will be prosecuted mislead people on this point. For Wales, start near Tregaron and head in an easterly direction to near Newbridge on Wye, and you can clock up just over 30km.

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