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0 is not affiliated with the FAA or any other aviation authority. The Air Force's Secret New Fighter Jet Could Pack This Highly Classified Tech, Airbus Corporate Jets Wins First Six ACJ TwoTwenty Orders (A220 / CSeries) - Completed In Indianapolis, News: Airbus Corporate Jets launches ACJ TwoTwenty business jet (A220/CSeries) - 12 Hours Flight, United States and Canada Are About To Announce The Shutdown Of Their Airspace. Large areas of the world do not air taxi flights (planes for hire, charters), and the remaining 10% are cargo October 1, 2020 - by TYLER ROGOWAY for USMC's Older F-35Bs May Only Be Able To Fly Around A Quarter Of Their Expected Service Life (Updated). If you are near your local airport contact us to learn about becoming a volunteer. Instead, the radio communication is between Traffic in and around a Military Operations Area can ... -144 mhz ranges. After a 35 year career in aviation I retired in 2009 to better concentrate on my favourite activities: reading and writing. Offer LiveATC feed The audio is really good here because my antenna is up on my 2 story building roof, which is up on a hill, which looks down on the antennas for the RAPCON. We are aiming towards uh...". Airbus Unveils New Luxury Jet To Rival Bombardier Using CSeries ... ›, Why Two EgyptAir A220 Painted All-White? A second flight-test aircraft is also complete, with the third... Read more October 16, 2020 - by Jamie Hunter for © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Acton Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. This A220, manufacturer serial number (MSN) 55070 (the 70th A220-300 produced) is the first A220 made and delivered from another factory. LiveATC FAQ Bad Weather Areas Lockheed SR-71s of the Baltic Express - Recently Revealed Secret... How We Nearly Lost A Third Shuttle - The Story Of Space Shuttle Atlantis STS-27 - Something Was Different! The F-35B pilot ejected safely and everyone on the MC-130J survived after a crash landing. We have video of the F-35B careening into the ground and updated info on this incident in this new post. The new Harvest Hawk Plus package is a significant improvement over the existing setup and will be easier for crews to install and use. Read also "Video: AIRBUS 1st A220/CSeries Assembled In Mobile, Alabama - But...". Hopefully the quality won't degrade very much if at all. Current Top 50 Feeds (updated every minute) Updated: Sun Nov 1 10:00:19 UTC … VMGR-352 "Raiders" flying over what appears to be the Salton Sea. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will freeze its regional jet programme as the coronavirus crisis threatens a high-profile national project that was meant to bring Japan back to the global aviation market. While the U.S. Navy Fighter Weapons School, better known as Topgun, is world-famous for its work in teaching high-end air-to-air combat skills, its fellow Airborne Electronic Attack Weapons School, known as Havoc, tends to sit in the shadows. While the traditional techniques of air-to-air and air-to-ground employment of fighter aircraft are well documented, the EA-18G's electronic attack mission remains something of a dark art. Will Mitsubishi ever be able to recoup a huge investment it made in ... ›, Bombardier Concludes Sale of the CRJ Program to Mitsubishi ›, Boeing Wasted US$60 Billion - FliegerFaust ›, Boeing to cut 20% of workforce by end of 2021 - BBC News ›, Boeing Company - Investors - Investor News ›, 2020 Nanchang Flight Convention During COVID19 (China) - Video, China Aerospace News - AVIS MA700 - FliegerFaust ›, China: Beijing Warns US Trump of 'Consequences' if it Sells ... ›, China Flies AG600 from the Sea, Suggests Assault Ship Could ... ›, China News|Local & International Headlines | China News.Net ›, Bombardier: Buy-and-Hold Investors Should Search For Other Opportunities. Take a listen, I think you will enjoy it. Marine F/A-18 And KC-130 Collide During Refueling Sending Both Into Waters Off Japan (Updated). "The event will take place on 8 December, thanks to the hard work of the development team, which has steadily moved forward over the summer.". Welcome to Air Traffic Control, the most informative ATC site on the net that is totally free! Listen To Intense Air Traffic Control Audio Of KC-130J's Collision With An F-35B The recording is chilling, but it also provides new details about the terrifying incident. These live audio feeds are also good for student pilots: get used to standard phraseology of ground control, tower, etc., at various speeds. It’s all in the language of pilots and Air Traffic Control (ATC), and fascinating for the aviation enthusiast. This A220-300 (CSeries CS300) made at the latest A220 factory located in the United States of America has been built and tested and accepted for delivery by Delta Air Lines. Now, thanks to recorded air traffic control audio, we can hear exactly what communications were like before and after the collision occurred, as well as learn a number of new details about the mishap. Press Inquiries Read more Bombardier Announces Closing Date, Amended Terms for Sale of Aerostructures Business to Spirit AeroSystems Holding, Inc. All amounts in this press release are in U.S. dollars unless otherwise indicated.

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