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Especially after switching to homeschooling, she spent a lot of time with them. Her shoe size is 8.5 (US) and dress size is 6 (US). What is Lexi Thompson marital status ? She told the New York Times that she found her puppy when she went to the Heavenly Puppies pet store in South Florida, where she wanted to go volunteer to walk the dogs to get an escape. Even if she is in any relation, it looks like she has no intention of revealing it any soon. _taboola.push({ As an amateur golfer, she won “U.S. During her college days, she was named for the golfer. Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. As a professional athlete, Thompson spends a lot of time in the gym working out and keeping herself in shape for her sport. She has two brothers who too are professional golfers. Lexi has kept a tight lid on her dating life since she became a golf star Lexi Thompson has successfully kept the media and public away from her love life. Lexi talked to Golf about the importance of having a family member around as she plays: “My dad’s been my coach my whole life. Every time she swings her golf stick and hit that ball we all go crazy!!!! Before Thompson’s break, several mishaps occurred to her loved ones. One of the leading golf players in America, she's none other than the young and fiery golfer Lexi Thompson. She grabbed headlines all over the media and many of her fellow golfers criticized the picture of Lexi, calling it inappropriate. Her mom told Sports Illustrated in 2011 that it was because all the boys were afraid and intimidated to ask her.

It's definitely impressive to see how much she accomplished as just a teenager. Thompson shares a close bond with her parents and brothers. A month later, Judy underwent a hysterectomy to remove the malignancy. Similarly, she also won “Junior Solheim Cup” in 2009 and “Curtis Cup” in 2010. Lexi Thompson is focused on her career. According to an interview with American Way, Thompson grew up in Coral Springs, Florida, in a family of golfers — both of her brothers played, and her parents were "golf buffs." I don't need to volunteer. Considering Thompson was already making history when she was just 12 years old, she obviously didn't have a "normal" childhood. Despite her fame and popularity, we have got very little information regarding her personal life and affairs. Her brothers are also professional golfers like her. Her birth name is Alexis “Lexi” Thompson. The two went to her prom followed by a camera crew from E! He hits it pretty straight. Additionally, she has participated in “U.S Women’s Open”, “Women’s British Open”, and “Women’s PGA Championship”, and others. The New York Times reported that, at 12 years old, Thompson became the youngest player to qualify for the United States Women's Open.

She even loves it when she's not performing her best. Despite the critics and all the fuss, Lexi still manages to win the heart of millions of fans and we support her bold and sporty character. As per her education, she took the home-school. But even so, she maintained an active social life and hoped to go to one of her friends' proms. “I have not truly felt like myself for quite some time.

Her first major professional win is “ANA Inspiration” in 2014. She grew her passion for golf during her childhood and high school days. Talking about the personal life of Lexi Thompson, she has two brothers. Alexis "Lexi" Thompson as Lexi Thompson was born on 10th February 1995 in the Coral Springs, province of Florida. With Lexi’s rising fame, her fans are eager to know if she was ever married or has a boyfriend.

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