lectric xp specs


If you have further advice, very much appreciate it, thx for the truly outstanding review! Motor. Would that work? I found their accessories and replacement parts to be well priced, The display is large and easy to read, it angles slightly to help you reduce glare, has a higher resolution 10-bar battery charge level indicator, and offers lots of adjustability in the settings… including the ability to set the top speed at ~28 MPH for speed pedelec performance, or lower it for better range and possibly safety or peace of mind for some riders, The Lectric XP has a high-resolution 12-magnet cadence sensors which makes starting and stopping more predictable, I love that they also included motor inhibitors on both brake levers, I always turn the bike completely off before hopping on or off and folding just to be safe, and the buttons to interact with the display are easily reachable and simple to understand (up, down, and M for “mode selection” and “power on/off”, The kickstand is positioned very well at the rear end of the bike, this won’t cause pedal lock and it didn’t bounce around or make a lot of noise during my test rides… even on bumpy hilly grass sections, Both wheels are built with thicker 12 gauge spokes for increased durability and weight capacity on the bike, the official max weight rating is 330 pounds (~149 kilograms) which is the best I’ve seen for a folding model, The geared hub motor is zippy and powerful, it gets a big mechanical advantage because of the smaller 20″ wheels and can produce a lot of torque (up to 60 newton meters), it freewheels efficiently and is fat-tire specific so it’s wider and offers a solid bracing angle for the spokes, The rear rack is wide, has a spring latch, and uses standard gauge tubing so it will work with most aftermarket pannier bags, please note that it’s 55lb (25kg) max weight rating subtracts from the total load of the bike (so a 55lb loaded rack plus a 275lb rider combine to 330lbs), Even though the saddle and ergonomic grips are unbranded, they both performed very well and offered a lot of comfort, especially the saddle which is thick, not too wide that it chaffs your legs, and has rubber bumpers for added cushion, The bike comes fully assembled, so you don’t need any tools or a bike stand to get going. Check out the Lectric XP's Step Thru video to see how you can use it!

Even if I factored in errands, I would likely be doing less than 15 miles a day in total travel, but there is a 30+ mile trail running up the canyon not far from my house that would be fun if I ever got ambitious. There are many others to compare and I’ve got a whole section for folding ebikes to skim through, most are at least $1,500. Fast and fun and affordable electric scooter! is the M2S All Terrain FS Max (which has full suspension), which right now is $2000. The biggest thing for me is the suspension fork. But for $2000 could I get a better mid-drive bike from another brand?

Hi it’d be nice to offer a 6-12 month payment plan option even 18 months???

Hope this helps! We like the XP but it seemed like the Rad Mini was a little better quality. I’ve only covered two of their models, and both seem to have been improved a bit since then. It’s fast and powerful, it can ride on varied terrain with those wide tires, and it folds for easy stowage in a trunk, RV, boat, or wherever else you need to stuff a bike.

And yet the bike is still an amazingly fun ride with its thrilling performance.
That sounds like a blast.

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