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Detroit was the same team as the year before when they won. Once Jordan got that 1st championship, it was over. Below are the statistics in the same format as the Finals stats above. I saw him play from the 87 season. Neither player was successful in winning a championship without a future Hall of Famer on their team. This article takes an in-depth look at the incredible talent of Lamar Jackson, and the circumstances that show some of his greatest weaknesses. James has not yet claimed a steals title. Jesse Unk (author) from Ohio on June 12, 2018: Jeffrey, the facts are certainly revealing when you look at numbers and not nostalgia. In this criteria I'm going to be comparing the career accumulated advanced stats for each player through 15 seasons. The only pro LeBron arguments are the 2nd level wins, overall stats, and competition. SAME WAY A CERTAIN PEOPLE "CANCEL YOU" FOR SPEAKING TRUTH ARE THE ONES PUSHING THIS "DELUSIONAL THOUGHT PROCESS! At first glance, it could appear that LeBron is better because his numbers cumulatively are all much higher, but he's played many years longer than Jordan did. If you're going to be an alpha male, lead your team, and be considered the greatest ever, then you have to be able to step up with cold blood and win a game. This article will show why Jordan was overrated as a clutch player and winner, and will demonstrate why his opponents were subpar for his level of talent. LeBron literally had to do everything for his team, accounting for at least 20% in almost every major statistical category. This isn't an off-season shit post. Those two seasons he had more Rebounds and Assists, He also had more turnovers in 1986. Jordan's steals may be higher due to him guarding the guards and ball handlers more often than LeBron would positionally. For as good as you say Lebron makes his teams better, Lebron didn't even make the playoffs till his 3rd year! When Jackson joined the bulls as an assistant in 86 or 87 he was a nobody, fresh from coaching in the CBA and in Puerto Rico. Michael Jordan won his six rings in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, and 1998. LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan Still Jordan. It's time to settle the age-long debate of who ran the ball best! I mean, you can’t argue it away... Jordan was better. Basketball is a team sport. My only point is with regards to playing with a legendary coaches. These stats represent go-ahead shots taken in the 4th quarter or overtime with five seconds or less to go. 5.88% of the time, he would rank between third or fourth. Lebron could not guard MJ. He tied the conference 15–15 once, in the 2017–2018 season. This article will compare and contrast these things in order to try to determine who is the best QB of all time. HE'D MOST DEFINITELY GET IT BY THE TIME THE LAST BUZZARD RANG TRUE! He made Jason Terry a star. Because I saw them play. So, Lebron is slightly worse contextually than Jordan. Right now i have a few other articles in the works, but i will get back to that. The idea of who had the better competition is flawed and stupid. Stacey King was traded for Luc Longley, Upgrade. Jordan held key advantages in turnovers, steals, and free throw percentage, while LeBron had an incredible advantage in the area of assists. Lol. MJ never did any recruiting or complaining, imagine if he did what Lebron does, they would have won every year getting all the best players and forcing management to cater to his every thought or desire. And he's in a great position (LA) to rack up them numbers. While both players are known for tenacious defense on the wing, Jordan finished first in the league in steals three times in his career. There are 5 different criteria I'll be comparing the players by. MJ has a much better free throw percentage, which helps to bolster that points per game statistic. Jordan is rightly recognized one of the greatest scorers of all time, but even his numbers do not compare to LeBron in the postseason. His scoring efficiency, assists and rebounds, and overall defense all lacked in games where he could put opponents away. MJ never had the spacing LBJ has, 3 point shooters weren't as good or abundant as they are now, defense is basically outlawed, no hand checking, physicality is rarely allowed, with LBJ's size, speed and athleticism he's virtually unstoppable. This article will cover the top 10 National Basketball Association players of all time, judged by their stats, career accolades, strengths, and weaknesses. Jordan's ability to play at a high level had nothing to do with Phil Jackson. Enjoy! Lebron scoring would be lower and Jordan scoring would be higher, the same would apply for shooting %...Can you make that analisys? You also failed to mention, HOFers MJ faced in Eastern Conference like Divac (Lakers and Hornets), Moncrieff (Bucks), Chris Mullins (Pacers) and Mo Cheeks (Knicks) or potential HOFers that Lebron has played with Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving. Completely different team. There still are players that cannot be discounted, currently, that could pass Lebron. 7 definitive ways to decide LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan for good Why won’t anyone consider these very important, totally serious stats when arguing LeBron vs. Jordan…

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