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EGAN—MASH was a new form. Like Sully, I’m not saying it’s the greatest film ever made. (I turned to the others.) Get the item you ordered or get your money back. LAUREN JONES—For a moment Sully brought order to this. Are you tired of being asked the same questions over and over again?

SULLY BOYAR—They never love my character, they like him. Everything from playing with squash balls as a kid to fighting with my wife. And in the beginning there were some shakedowns, some personality shakedowns but…. When an audience walks into a theater playing CAR WASH they will say, “OK, we’re going to see a movie about a car wash.

In fact, after this interview, having achieved what I wanted, I pretty much grew bored with  interviewing and was happy when I didn’t have to do then anymore. Lauren Jones was born on September 7, 1942 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA as Gloria Jones. Thank you for being over.” Now, think of how CAR WASH manipulated you so that you weren’t given the opportunity to get off on any of the characters. Keanu Reeves makes a surprise stop in the Top 10. And I think that’s because we’re creating a new film form or taking an existing form another step. JIM SPINKS—(To me) Did you believe what he was doing in DOG DAY. There’s more to the setting of that film then you saw.

All my other one interviews are lost. SULLY BOYAR—You spoke about Chaplin and I love Chaplin’s movies, but on the other hand there’s something in Chaplin that’s very fabricated—very theatrical and very romantic. You’re just fighting with me about this just to fight me.

He was laughing. It’s kind of organized chaos.”. But CAR WASH isn’t intellectual. What I do know is that we worked with a great director and several actors who have great potential. Not a single inch. Earth. The script serves as a blueprint and with it an actor will determine what his position or place is in the total scheme. This has to do with character and integrity. My art makes me sane. Just then, Jim Spinks, who plays hippo in the film walked into the room. That’s over, let’s start the interview.

Lauren Jones only made three other film and TV appearances and then settled down to being Mrs. Michael Schultz in a marriage that has lasted over 50 years and produced two children. But now I’m trying to understand why I wanted to feel some emotions towards those characters. Well washed heavily polluted car… Bill Duke from his place beside the window, shouts over. JIM SPINKS—(Points to the tape recorder) Is this armed? This moment is what it is. When we go down to the hotel lobby, we don’t go and say, “I want to feel.” We see a little thing and then we’re into the next moment. The audience is looking in on me and I show my insecurities in that moment when I grab Lauren’s breast and I touch and stroke it. Those kids in the audience say, “That’s me up there, man.”. That whole business with the piss bomb was the funniest thing that I ever saw.

JIM SPINKS—I just called the Valet.

EGAN—Sorry, I’m already married…Just joking. You can view additional information about each Car Wash actor on this list, such as when and where they were born. You’re never given the opportunity to really connect with them because, whenever that’s about to happen, they’re gone again and the film is dealing with another character. JIM SPINKS—As Shakespeare said, the play is the thing. These are concepts we have about how a movie should be. Danger, get away.

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