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Laura Lee (Khruangbin): Interview 48 Laura Lee is best known as the bassist of Khruangbin, a three-piece acid-funk-step-surf-chill-core-hop-sad-wave band formed in Houston, Texas. Huh?” It can be written off as a meme, or ironic — but the duo both insist that it is “anything but.” Instead, 100 gecs are effectively stripping away the majority of musical conventions as they combine their favorite elements from their beloved genres, and the result is one invigoratingly anarchic record.

But the idea of 1) Knowing you’re going to change, and 2) Creating a place that will ultimately, kind of stay the same, it’s like a safe space, obviously in your core beliefs, but it’s a space that you can still change within. It’s about beauty and the various things that happen in life, through generations, and over cyclical periods of time, and there’s ugliness and beauty in everything. There is even a petition on to make that tree the eighth wonder of the world, and plastered all across Twitter are memes and recreations of the distinctive cover art, with some fans taking pictures with the actual tree, others finding their own tree to stand in front of, and even one fan creating her own diorama rendition of the scene. I’ve been revisiting a book.

Lesley Stahl in Trump interview 'came across more like an opinion journalist than a real reporter': Meadows 'Journalism should have standards,' White House chief of staff said

It’s nice because I can afford to eat and live somewhere, but it sucks because I work full time, so it cuts a lot into the time I have to make music. Even when you’re feeling like shit, it feels really good to just let out whatever you’re going through and dance in its face. '”, Dylan: “Really crazy. I can see myself about to go for it sometimes and I usually have some sort of body alert that says, “Must change.” People comment on the fact that I feel like I’ve lived a lot of lives. (I stole that description from the band's AMA thread on Reddit because their music is so unique and genre-defying that I couldn't come up with something fitting myself.)

'”, Dylan: “At our headline shows, it’s like everyone’s screaming every song the entire way through and it’s crazy.

In fact, the harder you fail the more badass it is.

It feels like if you were alone in this world the whole time, all of a sudden it’s like this energy has been with you the whole time, and it makes you feel like any moment that you felt alone, you weren’t, and now you know you have this thing.

I just don’t know how you couldn’t change.

I don’t know what it would feel like to be electrocuted at Chuck E. Cheese’s, but listening to this album is surely the closest thing to it. But before they could start, Laura left to go to college in Chicago, so the two stayed in touch while she was earning a degree in acoustic engineering. Intense fun.”. We were like: ‘There’s so many things that they could help us accomplish.’ We did talk to some indie labels and we were meeting people that we loved and who we thought were super-sick people.

“It honestly all feels like a dream,” Laura describes of the album’s reception, “I still work at my full time job in a restaurant, so I’ll be standing next to the oven checking my phone, and something will happen like ‘Oh, the Needle Drop reviewed your album.’” Both Dylan and Laura say that 100 gecs is what the two are focusing on for the immediate future. Laura Les: It’s a mixed bag.

If you use these four questions, you can walk away from an interview knowing if someone's self-aware, if they'll be truly challenged and fulfilled, and if they'll fit in with the culture of your company.

Why you should ask it: This question allows a candidate to pull back the curtain on how they behave at work. Laura: I think that has to be how it is if you say “in love.” Because we’re ever-evolving. Like, “Shit. Change is just inevitable. i just dont wanna name it anything with “beach” in the title. I don’t know if that’s even a fair thing to say.”, Laura: “Super underrated. Les describes the album as, “A bunch of songs about dead bodies.” The opening cut “ditch a body in the laundry” is a patient, piercing, and melancholy ballad with a heartfelt feature verse from Dylan Brady. You’d be hard-pressed [to find one]. “We’re both just fans of music, so that’s just what we put on it,” Laura affirms. Tellingly, Les only learned guitar as a teenager so she could deconstruct other people’s songs before re-animating them into bold new shapes. It’s the first album she’s dropped under the name Laura Les.

Vice named it its album of the year, concluding that “you just have to turn yourself over to it and embrace the chaos”. The uniquely divisive pair were the biggest buzz band of 2019.

Oct 09, 2020

My entire music making life has been about how I interact with pop in one way or another. They will also be online considering their newfound platform, and the responsibility that comes with that.

Underground Underdogs: How does your work life intersect with your music life? Thursday's announcement that the U.S. GDP grew at an annualized pace by more than 33% in the third quarter shows President Trump has overseen an economic recovery from COVID-19, Laura … “The ironic thing is the biggest non-true thing,” Brady pipes up.

How does stress manifest in you? 100 Gecs performing in Washington DC last year.

My dad calls them his daily constitutionals. That was always my—as a kid I had the World Books—I would really like to be in one. But that idea of change—it’s a huge part of Zen Guitar, a book I adore—is the way [author Philip Toshio Sudo] talks about contradiction and change.

“bloodstains,” has been remixed by 99jakes, dontloveme, dynastic, CRAPFACE, and Amy Axedale. More ambitious performers might aim for an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony). “It’s so flattering, I think, that people would even care enough to go deep into it,” says Les. If you've ever hired someone before, you've probably Googled "what to ask in an interview," or perhaps relied on questions you remember from your past. “We just keep adding more shit on to it as we go along.” This is the first group project for Les, who previously released solo music under the moniker osno1, with nightcore vocals – pitch and tempo sped up by 10-30% – about her lived experiences as a trans person.

Les, who still lives in Chicago with her husband, has spent lockdown watching The Sopranos for the first time, and Brady is apartment-bound in LA with his girlfriend.

Me: I’ve asked a lot of people this question and I haven’t heard it framed that way.

My goal is to leave behind a legacy of some kind. Me: For sure.

Like, I’m going to pee my pants.’ The nerves mean you really think that. If this one is a speck of what is to come, I think it’s going to be awesome.

What will you miss the most when you’re gone?

The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. I’m like: ‘Nobody can do that!’ Who’s a parody artist who makes music similar to ours? “Pulitzer, Emmy, Nobel prize, Oscar, Grammy, Tony,” singer-instrumentalist Laura Les explains over video call.

And this is important: If you want your team to be hungry, energized, and motivated to take your business to the next level, they need to be challenged in the right way. It opens with “how to dress as human,” a bubbly track about being trans. Laura: Yeah, I think that’s probably the best thing. Laure Marsac, Actress: L'ennemi public n°1. But it’s about keeping an open mind and seeing life bigger than it is on the surface.

The only time that I would consider failure, is going against myself. We sat down with Laura Les to talk about her musical process, her three upcoming albums, and her daily grind. “Artists already have their own style, so I have to fit into their world and bring something of mine into it,” Dylan says. “I like this album so much I don’t want to do anything else,” Dylan shares, “I want to do 10,000 gecs, then 100,000, then 1,000,000.”. I guess it’s part of my way of working through those problems. But when you’re doing a show like that and you’re throwing out energy and you’re getting it back a hundred times more, it’s super-shocking. Obviously having some sort of physical exercise is really good, but I think when I’m walking on my own, it feels like time just for me in a way that I just enjoy seeing the houses or the trees. Dylan Brady and Laura Les are breaking down pop music constructs and building them back up in their own warped vision. Why did you decide to call back an older style of yours? But usually my gut knows what’s right and what’s not.

What direction would you say your music is going in? 3.8k members in the transgender_support community. Even though 100 gecs ostensibly came out of nowhere, both Dylan and Laura have been working together for years.

So 1000 Gecs and the Tree of Clues was very much made in this spirit of collaboration.

After a few hyped gigs and shows held on the popular online game Minecraft – according to Les, you create a 20 minute-long file of your music and “they stream it while you fuck around in Minecraft” – Gecs were ready to fully take their digital art project into the physical realm in 2020.

Now, I just throw my efforts in a hundred different directions and when I’m happy with something that manifests naturally, I put it out.

The book is beautiful.

It is the sound of every musician in your iTunes forced to work together.

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