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The possibility of six other random men, matching these six subjects and also being connected to a famous figure like Jesse James is impossible. II, THIS BLOODY GROUND, JESSE JAMES FAMILY REUNION 2002 – Playlist, James Hall in Danville, Ky & Joseph McJames, FANNIE SHOUSE-JAMES, Vassar College & Gender Equality, Jesse James By Another Name – The Bastard Bunch, The Signature of Jesse James’ Assassin, Robert Ford, Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure, Breaker Boy – The Separation of John Papnick, Virginia Slaves of the James Family – Documented, Falsehoods, Fibs, & Failure – 3 New Jesse James Books, El Paso del Robles & La Panza Rancho of Drury Woodson James, When Charlie Chaplin Put Dan James In The Movies, LETTER OF DAVID DANIEL JAMES – Short on James Ancestry, Silent about the Family Business, The Other Woman in the Life of Mack Henry James, William Nalle – Guard of Honor at the Funeral of Gen. Robert E. Lee, Research Updates for Jesse James Soul Liberty, Last Photo of Jesse Edwards James Jr. – Son of Jesse James, Chasing Frank and Jesse James: The Bungled Northfield Bank Robbery and the Long Manhunt, Harold Dellinger – Jesse James pop-Historian, Photo Experts of Convenience Juke Identity Theft, Forensic Science Proves “7£ eBay find” NOT Jesse James, Historic Photo Fraud Produces a Merchant of Identity Theft, Jesse James Family Discredits 7£ eBay Find of Justin Whiting, About My Second Great-Grandpa Nick Dawson, The Largest Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Ever, History Authors to Meet James-Younger Gang, Forensic Science Impugns Claim of Jesse James Ambrotype, Red Flags Fly over Claimed Jesse James Ambrotype, DNA Reveals Truth of Family’s Jesse James Story, 2017 JAMES-YOUNGER GANG – Diary of a Preview Tour, Frank James Was Framed – Remove from Frame, Fox Business News Proves Bob Ford/Jesse James Photo Hoax Is Reality TV, Jesse James, Robert Ford, & the Tintype by Mark David Bampton, Lois Gibson-Sandy Mills Tintype Controversy Puzzles Great Britain – but not for long, Stanley D. Smith Prompts An Odyssey of Surprise, My Loveable but Unrestrainable Grandfather, Stanley D. Smith, Arthur William Smith – Purple Heart Recipient, Old Photos Found of First Jesse James Museum, Defamation Alleged by Burley Auction Gallery, Burley Auction Gallery Partners in Jesse James Hoax, Cole’s Bad Tavern, Black Horse Inn, & Cole Cemetery, Our American-Aboriginal Family – The Love Story of Robert Lee James & Susan Anne Syron, Read Chapter Previews – Jesse James Soul Liberty, Thelma Duncan Barr’s Letter of Apology to Joan Beamis, Mary Louise James Tags Early Buildings of Paso Robles, Drury Woodson James by His Daughter Mary Louise James Burns, Great-grandchild of Jesse James has 3 Lines of James Ancestry, Capt. Picture taken just … Read More… "If it's authentic it's a real wow," he said. This is a known 1978 photo of Jesse James. He maintained his claim to his death in 1951. On the right, a photo of J. Frank Dalton, who claimed to be James and said he faked his death. Detective magazines and pulp novels glamorized the James gang, turning them into mythical Robin Hoods who were driven to crime by unethical landowners and bankers. After the Civil War, the KGC conspired to seize power by infiltrating the USA government. They were all about discovery. Picture taken just before he was placed in his $500 coffin. He was himself murdered in 1892, shot by Edward O'Kelley. Original photos on this website are the exclusive copyright of Ronald J. Pastore ©1998-2018. Jesse James is known to visit Talbott Tavern in Bardstown, Ky. Just when Jesse was there is unknown. The Norwalk Hospital Jesse Jr. knew sits abandoned. In 1873, the James gang got into the train robbery game. On this day in 1948, President Harry S. Truman signs the Economic Assistance Act, which authorized the creation of a program that would help the nations of Europe recover and rebuild after the devastation wrought by World War II. Jesse was shot by Bob Ford, a member of his gang, shortly after Missouri Governor Thomas T. Crittenden issued a warrant for his and his brother's capture, dead or alive.

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