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As for the upcoming season, it remains to be seen where Jones is headed next. Jason Brown, ‘Last Chance U’ Coach: What Charges Is He Facing? From Georgia Tech to Independence, Jay Jones has played football all over the country. Johnson once called Jones the “quickest and fastest” quarterback he had coached with the Yellow Jackets. Former “Last Chance U” star John Franklin III was in a similar position switching to wide receiver before transitioning to cornerback at the NFL level. Jones excelled in football at McAdory High School in Alabama. Jay Jones McAdory QB and Georgia Tech recruitSigning Day 2016 at McAdory High School.2016-02-11T17:32:55.000Z, Coming out of high school, there was no question about Jones’ athleticism, but the critique about him centered around his ability to throw from the pocket. JAY JONESQuarterback, 6-1, 190, McAdory High School (Alabama) Full Signing Day Coverage: http://www.ramblinwreck.com/signingday/geot-signing-day-2016.html Subscribe NOW to Georgia Tech Athletics: http://buzz.gt/WatchRWTube Georgia Tech on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/GTAthletics Georgia Tech on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GTAthletics Georgia Tech on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/GTAthletics The official YouTube channel for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets features interviews, press conferences, highlights and more.2016-02-03T14:38:51.000Z. However, a key player who emerged through the ranks was Jay Jones, despite having to balance injury with reward throughout the new series. If you haven’t seen the show yet, look out for a few spoilers. Jones would need a lot of development to remain at QB for the next level and likely not for a power five program if he wishes to stay under center.

July 30, 2019 at 4:44 am, Jay Jones Appeared on Netflix's Last Chance U, Photo: Netflix. Offers from Alabama, Auburn, and Mississippi State came pouring in, but he committed to the Division I Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets for the 2016-2017 season. This season on Last Chance U, Jones was struggling in his position as quarterback. Jones’ Twitter bio notes he is currently in Atlanta and has not announced whether he plans to be back at Indy for 2019 season. He willfully acted upon the go-ahead, but he clearly appeared to be in pain as he sprinted toward the end zone. “I ask the lord to send me a sign, I thought that I was blind cause I ain’t never see the sign. Not to mention attempting the near-impossible and winning the trust of coach Brown! His career with the Yellow Jackets didn’t go as planned, however. Please be advised there are spoilers ahead regarding Jones and “Last Chance U” just in case you have not finished Season 4 yet. Jones suffered a hamstring injury during his first game at Indy and was never able to fully recover. The former Georgia Tech quarterback noted on “Last Chance U” that he did not want to withstand the hits that a quarterback takes in this system. Is quicker than fast as an athlete. This change would allow him to capitalize on his abilities to throw from the pocket. He and other quarterbacks at Indy shuffled through the lineup, and Jones had a rough time staying confident in his abilities during the season. Enjoy your day. Happy Birthday @JayUnoJones. If Jones was to switch to wide receiver, it would allow him to capitalize on his athleticism.

Jay Jones’ Last Chance U season 4 ending leaves many wondering. Also Read: Jermaine Johnson Wiki, Age, Girlfriend and Facts About the Former ICC Player from “Last Chance U”. Will he return to Indy to play? The grind will start soon. ~Trust the process~,” Jones tweeted. 57 ranked athlete coming out of McAdory High School in McCalla, Alabama, per 247 Sports. Jay Jones: New ‘Last Chance U’ QB Played at Georgia Tech.

Jay Jones is one of the new players on "Last Chance U.". Stay tuned for more updates on the players of Last Chance U, and to find out whether Netflix will be serving fans another season.

Jay Jones is a football star featured in the Netflix documentary series Last Chance U, and fans are wondering what the one-time Georgia Tech quarterback is up to. After getting tackled inside the 10, he stumbled off the field and was replaced by Chase Hildreth.

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