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He remains the organization's primary benefactor, in addition to serving as a board member. Jamal Daniel - Promoting Intercultural Understanding in the Levant.
Al-Monitor drives this mission by publishing pieces that offer nuanced investigations of complex subjects and place these subjects in a broader sociopolitical and cultural context. Based in Houston, Texas, Jamal Daniel has more than three decades of investing experience as a leader in the oil and gas industry. It was founded with the intention to publish a diverse set of perspectives on the region, bridging the gap of information available to both those in the Middle East and those elsewhere with a desire to better understand a rapidly changing region. Despite holding multiple degrees, she settles for a position at a fast food outlet, struggling to make ends meet while raising her son, who also encounters bigotry and ignorance in his high school. Well-qualified and highly trained, the mother seeks work in her profession, but encounters discrimination and ignorance.

Jamal Daniels owns Crest Investment Corporation. His investment experience during this time has ranged from high technology and real estate to manufacturing, oil, gas, and family entertainment. The organization has published all three Holy books, the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and The Holy Qur’an, in their original languages. Maalouf, a world-renowned quarter-tone trumpeter and composer, is best known for his unique blends of native Levantine melodies and improvisational jazz movements, which can be attributed to his Lebanese background and home in France. The President and Chairman of Crest Investment Company, Jamal Daniel has worked in investment management for over 30 years. Through his work at the Levant Foundation, Jamal Daniel helped found the Geneva-based Foundation for Interreligious and Intercultural Research and Dialogue (FIIRD), an organization that was led by cultural, religious, and political leaders from across Europe and the Middle East. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and enjoyed critical success. Its first major effort, Amreeka, is the debut feature for writer and director Cherien Dabis. Jamal Daniel is a longtime Houston-based financial executive who heads both Crest Investment Company and the Levantine Foundation. Jamal Daniel and the senior Bushes had been there at the beginning; Crest Financial Services put in $100,000, and the Bush Community Property Trust put in $50,000. Founded in 1999, the Swiss-based FIIRD works to increase harmony among followers of the world’s three main monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. …, Al-Monitor Receives Award for Best Explanatory Reporting. Al-Monitor was launched on 13 February 2012 by the Arab-American Jamal Daniel (who was born in Syria, but grew up in Lebanon). Jamal Daniel, the president and chairman of Crest Investment Company, also founded The Levant Foundation. Founded by Jamal Daniel in 2012, Al-Monitor’s mission is to foster a deeper understanding between the Middle East and the international community by diving deep with analytical pieces from some of the most trusted, independent authors from across the globe. Nisreen Faour won the Best Actress award at the Dubai International Film Festival, and Cherien Dabis won the Firpesci Prize at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival. Crest Media was founded by the president and chairman of Houston-based Crest Investment Company Jamal Daniel. A Houston businessman with three decades of experience in the oil and gas investment industry, Jamal Daniel serves as president of Crest Investment Company. His dedication to promoting a nuanced understanding of the Middle East led Jamal Daniel to found Al-Monitor in 2012. Also founded by Mr. Daniel, Levantine Entertainment is an enterprise that finances, develops, and produces socially conscious motion pictures that encourage dialogue among different cultures. …. With Jamal Daniel’s guidance, the Foundation was instrumental in launching the separate Foundation for Inter-religious and Intercultural Research and Dialogue (FIIRD). Journalists who wish to apply for the award must demonstrate their ability to keep audiences engaged and informed over a length of time, utilizing compelling storytelling techniques to communicate the impact of the story. The Levant Foundation works worldwide to increase multi-cultural understanding to make Middle Eastern culture more accessible to the Western world. The Levant Foundation works worldwide to increase multi-cultural understanding to make Middle Eastern culture more accessible to the Western world. Concurrent to his work in the media and nonprofits, Jamal Daniel has led a three-decade career as an investor and serves as chairman of Crest Investment Company.

Based in Houston, Jamal Daniel serves as chair of Crest Investment Company.

The Levant Foundation works towards expanding knowledge of Middle Eastern history and culture, as well as the varied, intricate connections between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. In addition to covering stories centered in MENA, Al-Monitor investigates the ways policies in Russia and the United States affect the region. Daniel is also the founder of Al-Monitor. In his leadership role at Crest Investment, he draws on his experience investing in a diverse range of sectors, from oil and gas to high technology. Levant Foundation Partners with Swiss Intercultural Research Group, Levant Foundation Partners with Swiss Intercultural Research Group, New Levant Initiative Commissions Levantine Symphony, Free Media Pioneer Award Honors Courage in Journalism, Levant Foundation Supports Restoration of the Church of the Nativity, The Bruce Springsteen Songs in the Film Blinded by the Light, Levantine Films Focuses on Character-Driven Motion Pictures. …. In 2015, Crest Media, which owns the Middle East news outlet Al-Monitor, and the original owners bought out a large equity stake that had been possessed by Forbes Media. Additionally, Jamal Daniel founded Al-Monitor, an American-based news website committed to offering unbiased and accurate coverage of current events in the Middle East. He has performed at a number of notable venues throughout the United States, including the Lincoln Center. In his leadership role at Crest Investment, he draws on his experience investing in a diverse range of sectors, from oil and gas to high technology. Amreeka challenges stereotypes and assumptions while demonstrating how similar people are, even across the broadest cultural divides. Jamal Daniel, the president and chairman of Crest Investment Company, also founded The Levant Foundation. The Explanatory Reporting award acknowledges outstanding digital reporting on a current event or news topic over a sustained period. Read writing from Jamal Daniel on Medium. In the course of his three-decade career, Jamal Daniel has founded a number of nonprofit, media, and film ventures, including Levantine Films, which co-produced the 2016 award-winning movie Hidden Figures.

Jamal Daniel is the founder of the Levant Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting intercultural and interreligious understanding around the world through research into the interconnected history of the major religions of the Middle East.

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