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Associated With. After his father split with Elka, Chester married Samantha Marie Olit on October 31, 1996, the same year Jamie was born. It was later revealed by his wife that the star was battling with depression and had attempted suicide in the past as well.

Isaiah Bennington (adopted son from Elka Brand) But as that man also left her alone, the 'Numb' singer decided to adopt her second son as well and give him his name. Jaime Bennington. Jaime was born in May 12,1996 with Chester where Isaiah was born in November 8, 1997 from another man she was in a relationship with.
She added that the death of his friend Chris Cornell had a very negative impact on the mental health of Chester. Jaime recently made his directorial debut with the video for Soul Song, a track from Chester's pre-Linkin Park band Grey Daze. The adoption process of Isaiah was properly finalized back in 2006 though it had already been a long time of Chester and Elka's split. Follow Glamour Path for more latest updates about celebrities. Another news surfaced the same year that he was recording vocals with Grey Daze. Jaime recently made his directorial debut with the video for Soul Song , a track from Chester's pre- Linkin Park band Grey Daze. During a 2016 interview with the Las Vegas Review Journal, the musician said. The two remained very good friends after their split too and parented their kids properly.

De gauche à droite : Alyssa Morse, nièce du couple, avec Jaime et Isaiah, fils de... Chester et Talinda Bennington avec leurs enfants sur une photo publiée sur Twitter le 8 mai 2017. And I felt that ‘Okay, Chester sees what Vicky and [their] kids’ — we’re godparents to their children — ‘what they’re going through and this will never happen.

The old members of the band took in the music artist’s son and recorded a few old tracks. Jaime was born on May 12, 1996, to Chester and his girlfriend at the time, Elka Brand Bennington was still close to Elka even after their split. Well, the two of them aren't fully brothers because Isaiah is from Elka and her another boyfriend. According to Alternative Nation, he told Q104.3 : Chester left all his worldly possessions to his wife and all six of his children. Benjamin Castaldi papa fier : première photo avec son fils Gabriel. Jaime, Bennington's son, was born on May 12, 1996 from his relationship with girlfriend Elka Brand.
Chester et Talinda Bennington sur une photo publiée sur Twitter le 18 juin 2017, Talinda Bennington et Isaiah Bennington (fils d'Elka Brand) sur une photo publiée sur Twitter le 24 septembre 2017, Talinda Bennington avec l'une de ses jumelles sur une photo publiée sur Twitter le 6 juillet 2017, Sia maman de deux grands garçons : première photo de son fils adoptif, Che, Flavie Flament maman comblée : rare photo de ses deux fils réunis, Hajiba Fahmy (Danse avec les stars) : Rare photo de son fils, le prénom révélé, Flavie Flament : Photo complice avec son fils, la ressemblance est frappante, Norbert Tarayre papa : photo avec son fils Elydjah, une ressemblance frappante, Benjamin Castaldi gaga devant l'éveil de son fils Gabriel : craquante photo. Jaime Bennington Fans Also … Tyler Bennington (né en 2006), fils de Chester et de sa seconde épouse Talinda. On July 20th, 2017, Chester committed suic*de. Jamie Bennington is likely still single.

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