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I still played football, just with no pads on, on the concrete or in the park.”, Evans didn’t follow his siblings to the local Gratz High School, but instead ended up at Frankford H.S. I played at a very high level in one of the top offenses in the league.” Evans was a key part of another prolific offense, guarding another future Hall of Famer in Aaron Rodgers. By his sophomore year, he took over as the starter at left tackle and went on to anchor the Huskies offensive line for the following three seasons. Evans, a player who would eventually be known for his durability in the NFL, would suffer another injury in his sophomore year of college. Entering the 2006 NFL Draft, Evans was seen as a developmental prospect and was projected to move from tackle to guard in the NFL. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. That’s a question you have to ask the 32 squads. In 2009, he established a full scholarship for out-of-state minority students enrolled in BU's Master of Science in clinical athletic training program. Obviously, I was overweight for my age group and I would have had to play with the older kids. [11] He was released on September 2, at the end of the preseason.[12]. My mom wasn’t having that. At first, I pioneered the scholarship for graduate students in the exercise science program, which is what my bachelor’s is in. “As soon as I got to Frankford, I went straight to coach’s office and asked him when tryouts were. It was a great way to start us all up in that first game in the dome.”. [14][15] He started 14 games at right guard for the Packers in 2017. When it comes to his love life, in 2013 Jahri married Takia, his longtime girlfriend. While Evans played some local neighborhood ball, he would not play any organized football until he reached high school. Gregg Williams really had them focusing on getting the ball back into the offense’s hands. The defense would say they were gonna get the ball back. Evans spoke about the occasional fights that would happen at camp because the intensity level was so high.

While a junior, Jahri had 88 knockdowns with 10 blocks resulting in a touchdown. Both camps would churn out eventual Division I players, NFL players and even a Super Bowl Champion in fellow Frankford High School alum, Zaire Anderson. The following year, Evans would sustain an injury that would keep him off the field. I remember when we would get down thinking that the defense is gonna get the ball back for us, and they did. Evans discussed what was different about the 2009 team, a group that would ultimately win the first championship of Evans’ life.

For each of these seasons he was awarded All-Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference honors. Right after I signed the contract and cut the deal, I knew that it would be my last year in New Orleans. [16] He is a member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. Evans has earned this impressive sum of money thanks to his great sporting talent which lead to him being named one of the best guards in history. But being a Super Bowl champion is something that was always a goal of mine. Evans recalled, “Coach Mullineaux [Tom Mullineaux] told me that whoever came through to see the other seniors, he would make sure I could see them as well. Evans would dominate at Bloomsburg and his childhood dream of playing in the NFL seemed close enough to touch. We are approaching our first graduate class of the Jahri Evans scholarship. After redshirting his first year, he spent his freshman season as a reserve offensive lineman. Also, as Evans recalled, “I wanted to get out of the city of Philadelphia. Evans remembered being contacted by New Orleans during the pre-season. Then going to Bloom, getting close and almost having an undefeated season my senior year, once again losing to Brent Grimes and his crew. [13] Also in 2016, Evans was named to the Saints All-50th Team. So, I think that you are exactly right, drafting the high-character guys and guys that you knew are not going to … When we needed to lean on one side of the ball, even special teams, everybody did their job. During his junior year, Evans and his Frankford squad were undefeated when they lost to rival Bok “on a technicality.” Evans then stated, “It was ridiculous.”. “At the time, I didn’t know the o-line coach didn’t want me there.” Evans was released just prior to the start of the 2016 season by Seattle and found his way back to New Orleans. The Philadelphia native was headed out of Pennsylvania and on his way to a devastated city in New Orleans, post-Katrina. By working hard during the preseason and training camp, he earned the starting job after Jermane Mayberry was injured and eventually retired. [1][2][9], On February 8, 2016, the Saints released Evans.

The drive and the ‘want to’ came from within. He attended Frankford High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he was an All-Public League selection as a junior. For Evans, his early concerns were not whether he could perform on an NFL field, but rather, what he could do to help his new city in the recovery process.

That’s why we had a lot of success.”. Nicetown, PA is a neighborhood in North Philadelphia that’s been plagued with high poverty and crime rates for decades. It wasn’t about my play obviously. We were able to win 13 games in a row.

Evans speaks about how growing up in the inner-city of Philadelphia prepared him for adversity in the future, his journey in the NFL and his focus after football. Have you ever wondered how rich Jahri Evans is? I had a hairline fracture right below my patella and I had three pins and a screw in there. I started playing basketball and I broke my tibia.

But throughout that pre-season, Evans shared that there were signs that something wasn’t right, and he should have picked up on it earlier than he did. Jahri is not only a talented, but also a well educated sportsman. What we had went through the previous three years, in training camp, seeing how we were building this machine, the ultimate goal was to win a championship. He was red-shirting in his first year and then spent his first year season as a reserve offensive lineman. Everybody was extremely alert, understanding exactly what it meant, not just for us, but for the fans. Getting the right players in here to fit our mold, whether it was free agency or drafting, we were getting the guys around Drew so he could do what he does best.

[18], In August 2015, Evans bought a share of the Philadelphia Soul of the Arena Football League, joining his Saints teammate Marques Colston, who had bought a piece of the team in 2014.

I don’t know if they still do it that way. “After the season, with Aaron being down and us not being in the playoffs, they never came back to the table for whatever reason.

What he did in Washington and throughout the season was great. I bet you didn’t expect to play in the fourth quarter of the fourth pre-season game.’ I said, ‘Nah, I didn’t but it’s all good.’ I didn’t see them cutting me.” Evans then added, “I was always starting, so he was right. CSC’s Week 9 fantasy football waiver wire, CSC Podcast: Saints Trade for LB Kwon Alexander. In May 2007, he graduated from Bloomsburg with a BA degree in exercise science and two years later enrolled in BU’s Master of Science in clinical athletic training program. It was difficult because it was not about football. But New Orleans had an offense I was familiar with for 10 years. And Carl Nicks was definitely a huge part of our success, with Goody in between us. After the July 2006 NFL Draft, Evans was signed to a three-year contract by the New Orleans Saints. While the 2006 season was a pleasant surprise, the following two seasons seemed a bit disappointing to both the players and fans alike. If you’re from the city, you don’t know anything else. Bloomsburg was coming off a national championship game appearance in 2000. The coaching staff was great.”. Jahri’s involvement in the world of football started quite late, as he didn’t play football before coming to high school – Frankford High School in Philadelphia where he was selected as a junior in the All-Public League. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, Himself - New Orleans Saints Starting Guard.

Evans would sign a one-year deal on August 6, 2016.

Then we had Lance [Moore] and [Marques] Colston, just seeing how the team was built was something. Then, we bring in [Jeremy] Shockey, and adding those pieces like Goody [Jonathan Goodwin] made it so that we were starting off winning 13 in a row. He was subsequently named to the Pro Football Weekly All-Rookie team. Now, I’m watching my defense corral him and keep him from doing what he likes to do. The coaches did a great job preparing us and bringing in different speakers at different times that everybody could relate to and they inspired us to do great things. Evans would start his sophomore season, and as it turns out, every other game for the rest of his career. Then, a couple years after that, I gave a sizable donation to the university and they turned it into the Jahri Evans Scholarship, which we award about 10 children a year. We kept each other accountable. He is a member of the Omega Psi Phi fraternity. It’s just looked at as your environment. His annual salary of about $700,000 and a place in the National Football League keep his net worth growing. I just looked at it as things that were preparing me for what was ahead.” -Jahri Evans, Jahri Evans jested, “I’m from Nicetown, Philadelphia, which is not a nice town.”. The Jahri Evans Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of youth by improving their quality of education and promoting the overall health, safety, and physical fitness of all children. On September 7, 2016, Evans returned to the Saints, signing a one-year deal. Evans has plans to get involved in the development of affordable housing in Philadelphia in the future as well. You’re gonna come through here and block this punt.’”, Evans cited a ‘chink in the armor’ that the coaches had found where the long snapper for Atlanta was keeping his head down. He emerged as a consistent performer in training camp and preseason, and won the starting job after the projected starter, Jermane Mayberry, was injured in training camp and ultimately retired.

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