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Mark has a cross tattoo on his leg. Weight: 60.5 kg (133 lbs) I keep seeing two different things depending on the profile, there are 2 different names because one is in Mandarin and one is in Cantonese ^_^, Yugyeom wasn’t raised in Saudi Arabia, his mom was pregnant with him in saudi arabia. new unit “Jus2” composted of JB and Yugyeom https://twitter.com/GOT7Official/status/1095699251160444929, Yugyeom has a tattoo on his stomach (I can’t upload his picture for some reason). – JB wrote their GOT7’s title track “You Are”. I wonder if they’re still friends right now… I didn’t expect BamBam to be a rapper. Thank you!

– His favorite colors are are yellow and black. Instagram: @jaybnow.hr People like you are so annoying. Thanks for the heads up, the photos have been updated! Let’s take for example Junior’s height 1,78cm …. This page will put a light upon the Jackson Yee bio, wiki, age, birthday, family details, affairs, boyfriend, controversies, caste, height, weight, rumors, lesser-known facts, and more.

Anyway. All the heights were updated according to their official site: http://got7.jype.com/profile.asp. We know ㅐis “ae” and ㅏ is “a” but we took the spelling from GOT7’s official website. What a coincidence. Show more fun facts about Youngjae, BamBam BamBam looks so cute, he looks more like a vocalist than a rapper, but his rap is so good! But that’s the law.. It was because Bam was cute and little, so he was treated differently than Yugyeom. – He is friends with NCT‘s Doyoung. . Cantonese- wang ka yee Instagram: @333cyj333 It’s his actual birth name as you would call it. Favorite Food: Hamburger, Meat He’s so underrated. but wasn’t Turn Up so good ughhh <3. @pikatchumark:disqus Jackson’s Korean name: Wang Ka Yee (왕가이), Mark’s Native Chinese name is: Dong Yi Eun (段宜恩), In their PeopleTV interview, Jackson states that he has also moved out of the dorm. Yes, you’re right! who is my bias?……. Privacy Policy Yugyeom is also their lead vocalist and a sub-rapper. We can’t say he is American either, since his parents are both Taiwanese. http://www.kpoplyrics.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/got7-bambam.jpg Zodiac Sign: Virgo .
:)), I watched Weekly Idol but he didn’t say he changed his stage name and there wasn’t any official news that he changed his stage name, just that they were calling him on his name during the show. Hobbies: Skateboarding and snowboarding he’s sooooooooooo talented. Favorite Musicians: Justin Timberlake They fought a lot as a trainees because of that. (I don’t know if my smile is pretty. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b64ad0e5003c03f469d8a5247c2d077a30d4f130be74932bbeb599c11fb3c310.jpg Mark isn’t Taiwanese, he’s American but of Taiwanese decent. @disqus_GEwxm3mAG5:disqus

He is best known for his appearance on Shao nian de ni. Yugyeom is lead Vocalist, so can you tell is JB is the same vocal level with Yugyeom? , Got7’s new MV just came out, here it is:

He’s also friends with other Thai idols like CLC‘s Sorn or NCT’s TEN. English Name: Jackson Wang

Soundcloud: Def. his voice is just….. so awesome and his personality so sweet. JB likes food, but he doesn’t like western food. Enlighten me please HAHAHAHHA, im still new to this fandom like last april but until now i cant stll choose who is my bias, its so hard, I have one bias and 6 bias wreckers in this group, it wasnt hard to choose bias but its hard to choose one bias wrecker.Its ok to have 2 bias wreckers or 3 but 6, I guess its kinda weird, Yugyeom moved out as well, he moved out before Jinyoung, Kpop Girl Group Profiles He is a visual next to Mark, i’m pretty sure JInyoung is center now. But him and the other members need to stop trying to fit stuff in their mouths. – His dorm partner used to be Youngjae, he changed and shares a room with Jackson. JB does not have any SNS account. P = Perceiving, J = Judging, (Special thanks to Taekook Trash, Ma Liz, Huda Ather, AriaOfficial, Significant Affection, Lali, Leeyah, Alaska Martins, LalaCroft, Terezz Vernerová, Eeman Nadeem, Kheshire Kat, Wendy Marvell, Genius MinYoongay, Just Adrian Robles, Martha A., Andrea Tiposot Wøhlk, Martha A., Aes, m i n e l l e, Somuchkpopsolittletime 7, KayWe.Purple.You Rosy, Ayen, Isabella, Rosy, Shyanne Marie, AhgaseBri, JEONGYEON-SSI, Lani Joiner, Alexcia, ottermoles, ××, Kpoptrash, sandra, LEGGO x 아가새, qwertasdfgzxcvb, Jaee ¹²⁷, OhItsLizzie, Tristell Julienne, nyz zam, SaMi Lovers, mateo , Daniele Rodrigues Nunes, Choi Lin Ji, Lavendova, avery, LouisFib, telchan, BBaam, Ary Princesse, EunAh, hangyulzone, mystical_unicorn, Nightingale, paperheart, Nicole Zlotnicki). I only do aegyo when I’m sleepy or cranky. Zodiac Sign: Aries , JB MBTI Type: ISTJ Jaebum! Favorite Artist: G-Dragon – Jinyoung is acting in the JYP drama called “Magic School” (2017) together with 2PMs Nichkhun and Park Yoon. if you can’t accept the facts and you wanna act biased, just go on the outdated profiles and enjoy the wrong positions listed. The comeback group teaser images have been posted!

Yugyeom debuted as a Main Dancer , he’s the main from the beginning, not sure what you’re talking about? ☁☁ Yugyeom – Maknae, Main Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Center; Yugyeom is also not a rapper of the group. . Thank you for the help guys, you both received credits in the post!

Sorry if you feel uncomfortable to see this but I’m sorry, I feel really uncomfortable to read this. They all live in the dorms except for Youngjae and Jackson. All we know is only Mark that official visual member from company’s picked.. if you put Jinyoung as visual, then JB and Jackson can be put as visual as well.. why only Jinyoung? . Jackson Yee started his career as a model and ventured into the showbiz industry. profile where some people posted some photos of Jinyoung and I was like….. *_______________* Please watch some shows before getting angry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kpop Facts Birthday: September 22, 1994 Jackson is awesome and I love him the best, but the Main Dancer is Yuggyeom. https://youtu.be/UON-VqyOrUI. No.

BamBam isn’t just a stage name. Super talented and the best dancer! So sorry- thank you! That’s right! He has been making appearances on variety shows, commercials, movies, and MV since 2005. This is still unclear if Taiwan is or is not part of China. That’s why he’s called “Hit The Stage” Bambam is really skilled too. The positions written at that mama 2015 collab with BTS were all wrong. 174 Centimeters = 5 Feet, 8.5039 Inches (rounded is 5’9″), what is over .5 is rounded to the higher number, what is under .5 is rounded to the lower number, the inches system can be a bit difficult for someone not used with it. JB still love watching that for fun sometimes. – He used to have his own room at the dorm.

I hope I helped you a bit. Thank you for the info, it has been added to his individual profile and you received credits there! This page will put a light upon the Jackson Yee bio, wiki, age, birthday, family details, affairs, boyfriend, controversies, caste, height, weight, rumors, lesser-known facts, and more. I just needed to point that out. Got7 chose Yugyeom as the main dancer. i thought yugyeom was the main dancer O_O the page for the group says so, Oh! — during girlsgirlsgirls making film 2pm Wooyoung have a suprise visit for them Some of Yugyeom’s nicknames are ‘Brownie’, because he is such a big fan of Chris Brown, and ‘Kyum’. he’s super handsome *__* , In a recent Vlive BamBam said that he loves the movie “Black Panther” and he watched it 6 times. – He is childhood friend with BlackPink’s Lisa. Thanks for the comment! JB likes jjigae. Birth Name: Mark Yi En Tuan (段宜恩) 179 Centimeters = 5 Feet, 10.472 Inches (rounded is 5’10”) They have also notices for many things, such as album spoilers/M/V teasers/traliers, Fan meetings, and members birthdays. Daniel (WannaONE) , Hyunsik (BTOB) and JB (GOT7) – Their face , Eyes and when they smile look so similar , or maybe not .. @alaskamartins:disqus He’s just such an sunshiney otter. But isn’t being center applies to photoshoots too? Maybe because Jackson won’t stop talking wherever you put him LOL And HE IS REALLY FUNNY.. Now Jinyoung is taller than JB. . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/13cd32ff42e0326970d1441209f966e3718a9ed70e93bb84c60c2cea70f1f15e.jpg, YOUNGJAE Education: American International School in Hong Kong (completed up to the 11th grade)

http://got7.jype.com/profile.asp Birth Name: Choi Young Jae (최영재) , they say it on got2day. He was introduced as the visual and center. I’m really curious *__*, @angelicamayologar:disqus @disqus_XGKSkP08zL:disqus Jinyoung does not use the stage name “Junior” anymore and does not like to be called like that.

https://78.media.tumblr.com/7c2a966cae7d1ac58683d1ad8830e776/tumblr_obfibuxBaE1utactko6_400.gif. I thought Jackson is close friends with former member prince mak from JJCC? who know? Specialties: Singing I dont think so. The first letter Youngjae got from JB was a birthday letter in 2014. I’m only a casual stan so someone please clarify…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtRtLf84I2M, @qwertasdfgzxcvb:disqus Thank you for the update, it’s much appreciated!

Jinyoung – Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group – Jinyoung is not a rapper, unless it’s satirical. Jackson said several times, if you follow GOT7’s shows, that he isn’t even a ‘rapper’ but just a ‘person who raps’.
okay jaebum is the face of the group not jackson (the face of the group is not the most popular one it’s chosen by the company as the center of photoshoots ) and jaebum is a lead vocalist (youngjae is the main) and yugyeom is the main dancer. (Also my profile pic)https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a78d9555f8666f05c502f68b8c490341838bc2471f0d145e22ca046af710f1a5.jpg, Yugyeom is 182cm tall, it was in there video called TMI lab part one, @geniusminyoongay:disqus Mark and Jackson are nominated for 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2017. =/, hello, the heights in GOT7’s official site is not up to date. Youngjae – Main Vocalist did you see an interview in which Yugyeom and BamBam said the new heights? Dong Yi is a popular Korean name, not a Chinese name. Suggestions, About Us Twitter: @mtuan93, Mark Facts: I slightly disagree. Youngjae: 5.8 ft What is here is in Feet and inches (what is usually used for measure the height in US). @hudaather:disqus – In the dorm he used to share a room with BamBam. XD I like him a lot. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/157a3fa0001f0c17e83713f38d29804944267f8182c712c4ce1b14c99c4edc19.jpg, @disqus_kXbK31kv7q:disqus

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Center

Thanks for he info, we gave you credits in the post.

– His nickname is “Genius” or “Sunshine”. Kpop – Who wore it better? Is Jinyoung the only member that still lives at the Got7 dorm? i know it’s possible but we all know yugyeom is the main dancer it’s obvious ,and younjae is the only one who introduces himeself as a main vocalist. they did dance together and were childhood friends.

yeap that is a Japanese comeback. yugyeom profile:mature personality I just want to share it with my Co-Ahgase’s :’) I’m actually same as Mark ahahaha, jackson voice are so hot,m really love jackson voice, Jacksons birthday is 7 days after mine holy, as per “got jackson show” (mark & youngjae) coco lives with youngjae … mark visits her some times…. its @ 333cyj333, just me – Jackson won “Choice Next Big Thing” at the 2018 Teen Choice Awards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8UAHl1PmEw https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bf4f026f55e35b6662dbc4be2a7a6b68090ac608f150717e3c24cbd3a0b39d33.jpg, Youngjae https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/85ca71c371a0aa055e5a0090e9456411445976be62b987502041448b2696320a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6aada56ebf1401cfe5331be692addc895e394ef6e590a4edf386b46cd1bdfcc9.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bf4f026f55e35b6662dbc4be2a7a6b68090ac608f150717e3c24cbd3a0b39d33.jpg, Youngjae

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a0db8d5737cdc3ab4f43eea55137afbb2668fd85b929d072e555cbf762e56606.jpg 3. , @taekooktrash:disqus @cecilia_carlsson:disqus Thanks for the update! He has been making appearances on variety shows, commercials, movies, and MV since 2005.

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