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If there wasn't another customer in front of me for finance I would have been out in 45 mins.

Here are Iron Horse Motorcycles our selection of pre-owned inventory is constantly changing so come on down to see us at 3444 E.Grant Rd.

If you are into anything in power sports, this is the place for you. - Something? My girl asked. Motorcycle Rental - EagleRider Columbus - Iron Pony Motorsports Sign in to follow this . The person who did the order didn't write down the start time and that is just bad business. Iron Pony Motorsports Superstore also carries original equipment manufacturer (OEM) pats for brands like Yamaha, Polaris, Aprilia, Piagio, Vespa, to name a few.…. The truth can sting sometimes. If they would take 2 seconds to care about their customer and ask a few probing question they could avoid this.When I dared mention my displeasure with an associate I was met with defensiveness. Apparently the manager does not take people's lives or his business seriously.

Iron Pony Motorsports, Pony Powersports, Iron Pony Direct, Iron Pony Riding Academy, and EagleRider Columbus offer riding enthusiast a one-stop destination for the best the powersports industry has to offer. They have a niche with young inexperienced riders & buyers, but eventually they'll age, wise up and this place will fade away. Takes 10 minutes.All at any auto store. Some of the staff could be more up with the product, and less about themselves. Someone in the service department advised me they can and come in so they can check it out. CHECK OUT SOME OF OUR LATEST DEALS ON ZOX HELMETS UP TO 80% OFF!

They did "repair" the bike... AGAIN.... and my father made it home safely. I walked in today, told him what I wanted, paying cash, and needed to be out in an hour.

Was assured it would be ready when I got there. They used to be reasonable but now its out of control. If you ride, you ought to come here. Best prices I found for Nolan helmets. Hillary DePiano (2005) The My Little Pony Collector's Inventory: A Complete Checklist of All US Ponies, Playsets and Accessories from 1981 to 1992. Our tires are verified for model and size before shipping!

I blame management if their team doesn't know what ATVs they work on, they are in the service department. With out asking anyone, four guys showed up immediately and assisted me.Made easy work if it.

Someone in the service department advised me they can and come in so they can check it out. They've seriously stepped up the game. My father just recently bought a brand new Honda motorcycle from this company. His bike shut off while he was on the freeway.

Iron Pony Motorsports Superstore, an affiliate of Iron Pony Motorsports Group Inc., is a 100,000-square-foot retail store concept, carrying a wide range of brand-name merchandize for motorcycle enthusiasts. Through finance (great guy) and done in 30 minutes been sitting outside for over 1 hr waiting...called the salesman and it seemed like he forgot about me.

Iron Horse Motorcycles is an Powersports Vehicles dealership located in Monroe, NC. Got there UTV still on showroom floor. This location is large but well organized and clean so browsing is enjoyable. Anyways, it was another problem with the ignition. It truly is a motorcycle superstore. I asked to speak with the manager at this point because I would expect a manager to come out and talk to me if their employee just told them a member on their team made an error like this one. If they are not they will point you in a direction of who can. And it's not like they were all busy with customers. I refuse to patronize this establishment any more. Especially when they can hear you aren't talking about anything important. Within the first week, the bike had ignition problems. I could have just headed home, but spent an hour or so browsing around instead. . They were too busy "shooting shit" with each other. Contact us at 1-877-799-7669 for further information or e-mail us at

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