incredible white vs alabaster


Thinking of either Dove White or Cloud White, but am open to other suggestions. this griege works with them all. As you’ve probably discovered, whites can be a real bugger. Main house interior is Accessible Beige. I want the trim and ceiling to be very white and the walls to be a tone slightly different. I’ve read your blog and all the comments and I’m still a bit lost. The woodwork ~Kylie. I have WG in my master bathroom and love it but it appears much lighter there. Use Agreeable Gray throughout the house…. The kitchen opens to the living room, so we decided to pain it all over. Just painted simply white and the painter thought maybe they got it wrong it looks green. I’m looking for a white for ceilings & trim. Thanks floors are a light brown . I’m curious about your cabinets/trim and doors. Nevermind. If you go into Kylie’s New Home, you’ll see some shots of it Absolutely my fave creamy colour. My question is what sheen do you suggest for the trim? My furniture is off white (Ikea slipcovers for sofa & chairs) with multi blue striped large area rugs in the living room area. Hi Karyl, Finally, would you put whichever white is chosen for cabinets/trim/doors on ceilings as well, or go with another ceiling white? I’m afraid doing the ceilings Alabaster will be too much of the same color. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have been searching everywhere for a comparison in Behr or Benjamin Moore and finally have an answer. I like Samplize because it mess-free and you can move the peel and stick watch around to see how the color will look in different areas of the room. Windows are north facing. I want to go neutral but am not sure if I should do a white or off-white. You will find that Alabaster gets grayed out, compared to how it might be in a south facing room, but it is a lovely warm white – absolutely! Do you feel Alabaster and Incredible Gray coordinate well and offer enough of a contrast to make it worth painting the bedrooms Incredible Gray? Our counter tops are Giallo Ornamental (beige/gray/gold) and cabinets are currently espresso. . I just had my kitchen cabinets painted and the woman was extremely persistent that we go with SW Extra White. To the point that my husband suggested painting the rainbow of 15 stripes that I had painted in multiple areas of our house throughout. Oh Jenny, I’m sorry to hear that. I need some help. I hope I have a quick question for you. In our new home we plan to use Alabaster on the walls. I totally agree!

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