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Explore plans for10, 50, 200, 1000or more potential users. This is a very easy, low-maintenance group activity that requires little preparation and can work for as small as 8 people to as large as 50 people. We may have chitty-chat about a few other things, where you’ve been, blah blah blah. I've played this game several times, also known as "Family". ), Health (e.g. May 20, 2017 - Identity Circles (also known as Identity Cards or Value Circles) is a deeper get-to-know-you game, in which players share how they prioritize their most important values to others as they rotate around a circle. healthy, immobile, mobile, depressed, diabetic, etc. Swap cards. What they love most about where they live; What they would do if they won the lottery; or. Encourage each person to pay particular attention to these three bits of information about their partner. Continue playing for 10 or more minutes, inviting each person to complete as many exchanges (and swaps of identity) as possible. The leader then collects the notecards (one team at a time) and writes on a piece of posterboard the names. Encourage people to write their name very large to fill as much of the space on the index card. Discourage this behaviour. After this mutual exchange, instruct everyone to swap (name) cards and identities, ie each person assumes the identity of their partner, including the three bits of information they just learned about their partner. Go. "Well-known" can mean famous (Madonna) or very well known (Abe Lincoln).

Instruct them to write one value on each index card. Get the Best Icebreakers eBook instantly for only $5.99! Have the new pairs discuss why they ripped up the card they ripped up. I introduce myself as Stevo and I share Stevo’s favourite film and I share Stevo’s favourite part of the world that’s regarded as a piece of paradise and he does the same for Mark. Please check your post before submitting, you will not be able to edit it again.

Try to hang on to it for a little bit longer.

Of course naturally at the end of that next conversation that Mark has, the cards are swapped again and Mark is now assumed by a whole new person. Teams sit together and posterboard is displayed by the corresponding team. Play anywhere ; Cooperative ; Quick (5 - 15 mins) No cost ; No Mess ; Relaxed ; Icebreakers ; Large Groups ; No Prep ; Added by Joel on 8 July 2008. presented by Mark Collard. This is going to happen over and over until I say stop, but you’re going to have a series of conversations with people with the card, but I want you at a minimum to share just two things.

And where is the real Lucy? If your group does not already have individual name-tags, start by distributing a set of index cards and pens and ask everyone to write their names really big on a card. You could probably fill in the gaps of what happens from there.

Identity Circles (also known as Identity Cards or Value Circles) is a deeper get-to-know-you game, during which you will have an opportunity to discuss with many friends the values that make up your identity and how you prioritize them in your life.

Each person writes the name of a well known person they would like to be play for this game on a notecard. Okay, you’ve got it. Purchase several index cards, enough for each participant to have ten index cards (for example, if you have sixteen players, you need at least 160 cards). Nothing worse than greeting someone who is wearing a name tag with very small writing. Click an option below & discover our simple pricing. Everyone should have a new partner now. What worked, what didn't work? Buy safely and securely with Paypal or a major credit card! On these occasions, it is best to suggest that people actively avoid ‘meeting’ themselves, so as to keep the data of their identity intact, ie one is likely to revert back to the original (correct) information if they receive their original card.

To conclude, form a circle, and invite each person to introduce the person named on the card they are holding to the group. They should have written down 10 values in total. Go around the circle and one at a time, each person announces something that they have … You then assume the personality and the person of the card that you’re then holding, and each time you share you end up swapping cards. I want you to share with them what’s your favourite film. Our most successful giveaway, 10,000+ downloads so far…. Does that sound like you, James? Click Sign-Up below to become a member today. Over the course of the next few minutes, invite everyone to have a short conversation with a partner introducing themselves, especially sharing these three bits of information.

And then having introduced that person we will actually go find that person in the circle and first of all check, does that sound like you. And describe to your partner which part of the world would you describe as paradise, that part of the world that you would describe as paradise. ), Family (e.g. It has to end with the largest team. What strategies do you use to remember names and information about others. For this activity, you will be paired up with several different people, the number depending on how many people are in your group.

Identity Circles - Icebreakers, Icebreaker Ideas, Games, Activities! And then hand that card to the person to whom it actually belongs and then they will introduce the person of the card that they are holding. PLAYMEO is a registered trademark of playmeo pty ltd. We offer a range of membership plans with no surprises. Home > Activities > Ice-Breakers > Identity Crisis.

Given this, you would think it would be possible to retain three bits of information, right? Keeps game from endng in a tie. The people in the outer circle should face inside, and the people in the inner circle should face outside. You are keeping secret the identity of the person you wrote down but teams work together to figure out who is who. Wouldn't this go on indefinitely? For this activity, you will be paired up with several different people, the number depending on how many people are in your group.

So for example I would share that with Stevo, Stevo would share those two things with me. Try ten of our most successful ice-breakers & group games in our all-new 28-page ebook. Race (e.g. Don’t be meek and mild and just put it in the corner. Got the idea?

Half the fun is found in the genuine reporting of incorrect information about others. They are only given in the beginning twice.

Next, invite each person to think of their response to a number of specific questions.

Sometimes people feel the urge to get the information right, and seek out the person belonging to the card they are holding. Game goes until all players are on one team and that team is the winner. It always generates fits of laughter.

This activity is also good to help encourage people to share deeply with others with whom they would not otherwise share. Have the group stand or sit in a circle with right hands held out, fingers and thumb spread out.

If they guess right that person then joins their team.

After the participants rip up one card, the outer circle will rotate one partner to the right. We should just give a little hand to all… those first two people, I forgot for the first person.

Notecards Further to the above point, people often want to write down the information they receive from their new partner to help them remember the correct data. Hispanic, Asian, Black, Caucasian, etc. Ask everyone to write their first name on a card, in large letters. Engineer, Artist, Student, Teacher, Doctor, unemployed, etc. After sharing for 5-7 minutes, ask all participants to rip up one of their cards. What type of group? Continue until every person has been introduced. Identity Circles (also known as Identity Cards or Value Circles) is a deeper get-to-know-you game, during which you will have an opportunity to discuss with many friends the values that make up your identity and how you prioritize them in your life. And – here’s the fun bit – each person will now assume the identity of their partner, and share only those three bits of information they learned about their ‘old’ partner with a ‘new’ partner (plus anything else they may remember.). By this point, everyone is thoroughly confused as to who they truly are. You’ll note that I have in front of me a series of little index cards. Copyright © 2020 playmeo pty ltd. All rights reserved. ). once will who is abe lincoln is stolen he stays on the team that stole him.

:). Permit the banter to flow for 10 minutes or so, inviting each person to complete as many exchanges (of identity) as possible. 2 pieces of posterboard, paper, butcher paper Go. Scan QR codes to connect to tons of digital content including video tutorials. What stops a team from stealing their member back once they lose them? For example, you could ask each person to think of: Having thought about this information, ask everyone to start mingling and greet one other person (to form a pair.) Ideal for all groups, 100% fun & free. Brand NEW book featuring 150+ outrageously fun group games & activities.

Yep, me too.

This is one reason phone numbers feature an average of 8 digits across the globe. Hilarious get-to-know-you-more game for large groups.

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