icotec vs foxpro


The ICOtec's remote has an excellent range, but as I generally stick to 50 paces (from me to the caller), I don't need more. the fox bang on the fox pro is great after you shoot it will automatically switch to a preset call. The more portability your game call will produce the more you will be able to enjoy your journey. the (backlit) LCD display is way too dim for me to be able to read. But electronic calls with the latest technologies will not disappoint you in this matter. Most of the time style of the call does not matter at all. Icotec GC320 is lightweight. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I really like this call and what the Lucky Duck team has accomplished. IMO the Foxpro Banshee is the best built unit out of the three you mentioned, the Revolt is the loudest and the Icotec is the most portable. Analogue calls used to fail in bad weather conditions. I use FoxPro because all of the different models I have owned just plain work and CS is great if you have to use it.

Can't really go wrong with either, especially the GC500.

An exceptional feature of the device is the USB port. This is why you will be able to stay hidden without any problem from your target. … The product is pretty much compact too.

The range of the remote is 300 yards. The tongue-in-cheek answer is the ones that work!   Pasted as rich text. The amazing part is you can play two calls at the same time. I have never used the ICOtech. Anyone ever use the Icotec GC300 caller? But not all of them are eligible for you to carry on a hunting trip, especially if you’re doing a long hike. If you ever switch to a FoxPro, you WILL NOT be disappointed, Ive used the icotec for 2 seasons now...its a great little caller and ive called in a few foxs and one coyote...but like said it lacks downloading other sounds which you need to your advantage..Rusty. Thanks again! The call comes with 100 sounds which are pre-loaded. You will find it easy to manage and control. An ideal game call should have storage for around 200 calls. 3. This lets you use the product for a quite long time. I've got the FoxPro Spitfire. Not only that; there are two external speaker jacks, to really amp up the volume. Mine fits in my pocket very nicely - over the last three years (Jan 1st to Jan 1st) we had 8 short of 1,000 foxes, most of which were called in with a FOXPRO. I think it has 12 calls on it. the fox pro has also got a number list that you can use thats larger and easier to see, just read the instructions all you need to know is the number of your best call etc. The product is very much loud. Spend the extra you won't be sorry ! The product is capable of playing any types of file format in 16-bit rate. If you have been searching for a new caller, you have more than likely come across ICOtec and their digital game calls. The device can store more than 200 sounds. It comes with 75 preset sounds which you can personalize and… The Fox Bang system automatically maps the caller to a predetermined setting when you are finished of discharging your firearm. You must make sure that your call has a good speaker. The sound clips should be almost realistic. Well the call seems to be as advertised.

This call has a, and that is why the call can be heard even in the windy weather. Starts to work with a simple press of a button. 6. The Official Predator Masters Search Engine, https://www.gofoxpro.com/site/products/digital-calls/inferno. That, in addition to the 75 pre-installed sounds that are deletable. It has the dual amplified speaker system that maintains the quality of sound it produces. External speaker jack integrated for louder performances. Usually they’ll respond as quickly as they can, as they want to get to the kill quickly. If the speaker of a game call fails to produce clear and loud sound, then it may be waste of money to buy that call. It comes with 75 preset sounds which you can personalize and categorize. @ 2020 10RangeFinders. When you take a close look at the device, you will notice that the outer structure is made of durable materials. Essentially, by using a remote caller, you become the predator. You will never be confirmed of the weather.

With the remote control facility, you can control it manually. The number of pre-installed calls is 12. Powered by Invision Community, 12V DC Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack for CCTV Camera 4800mAh. It must be durable enough and perform at its best in every situation. Along with the call, you will get Icotec PD400 decoy. This product is one of the best “No Distortion” sound systems available on the market. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Nowadays most electronic calls have pre-installed sounds.

It's no wonder that this unit is considered one of the best electronic coyote calls out there on the market. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. One of them even knocked it off the bale it was sat on! One boy killed 4 in one day.

Here, storage means the capacity of storing sound clips. I changed all the 'inbuilt' sounds with British ones. ICOtec GC350 – 24 Call Programmable Remote Electronic Game Call, 8. ohihunter2014 Die Hard Member II Registered: 12/11/14 Posts: 1095 Loc: nw ohio I have an icotec caller and i have a local store going out of business and they have a lot of fox pros they are clearancing out and im wondering is it worth buying another caller for the more sounds? You are using an out of date browser. I bought my two sons each an Echo Tech 300 - $79.95. I'm not sure what the price difference is but if they are similar I'd go with the foxpro. I had an issue with my remote and FoxPro took my caller and fixed the remote and sent back immediately and it had been flawless ever since. A good game call should have a quality library of sounds. Button control makes the system easy for any user. Hands-free calling system is integrated with the help of Foxcast. You can also manipulate the pitch of the sound with the help of Foxpitch. never tried the ecotech but have owned the spitfire, wildfire 2, and crossfire. The range of the remote control is 300 yards. External speaker jack included to offer users the option to further boost the volume as needed. ICOtec GC500 vs foxpro wildfire 2 which would you recomend ? USB cable port integrated for user’s satisfaction. #3004517 - 11/02/16 09:00 AM ico tec vs foxpro? You must log in or register to reply here. Best Nikon Rangefinders Reviews – 2020 Rangefinders For Hunting & Golf. The device has a huge internal memory so you can store as many sounds as you want. Like other hunters, you also will wish for gear that fulfills your demands. Copyright © 2020 FOXPRO Inc. All rights reserved. Not just this, the manufacturer also gives 111 free sounds extra with this device. You will find many features in this simply designed product. The buttons and other functions are so simple that even an amateur can control it. (Besides being able to download more sounds), Made in the USA --Their customer service -Their there to help with any problems or question by calling them--reliable units--and their sound library second to none-------sb--------p.s I'm not a seller just a user pleased with their products---yes I have used most cheepy calls over 55 years of calling predators and most pleased with Fox Pro. 2. Between me and my buddies we have an icotec 300, FoxPro wildfire and a primos alpha dog. Usually you may hear it reply from as far as three to five miles away.

Predator calls ensure your safety while you are hunting your target. This really depends on the time of day, and probably you aren’t aware of how far away a cougar is if you can hear it. So, you’ve decided to get into archery - as a pastime, as a competitive pursuit, even as a means of ... Archery is a fine science if not a particularly new one. and fox calls - things like mating, pups, rallying and distress. Operation system of the product is pretty user-friendly. No doubt that very few products from the market provide such feature. FOXPRO recommends the use of high-capacity rechargeable NiMH batteries for the best overall performance. took my icotec gc500 out for the first time last night,the sound quality of the calls is brilliant,alas no foxes were in the area to agree with me... Have to say for £180 they really should come with batteries, Any of u guys who have 2, likely to sell one?   You cannot paste images directly. As per as the experts, the best predator call should be lightweight and not too large in size. I have both and the icotec comes out every time now. A friend who wanted to get into this with me mentioned FoxPro (he just heard of the company but had no experience either) so I just went with it, and thank god I did because I'll never use another brand. Elby,

The remote of the call comes with a good range. The ICOtec GC500 is nice call if you’re looking for some unique sounds and something different than the traditional Foxpro. The first time I used it tough, 3 foxes charged towards it. The speaker system has two horn speakers and two more tweeters for a better volume capability. I left the remote to my icotec on the roof of the Landy and drove off never to be seen again, rob sent me a new remote free of charge. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I do like the FoxPro for the fact you can add a lot of different sound files to it. A good remote should have easy to control layout. Introducing the ICOtec GC101XL, which is the smallest and cheapest predator call at ICOtec. With the help of Foxbang, you can have hands free sound changing facility. 7. I found the foxpro buttons not that responsive. You will be able to maintain distance from the target. But if you are an intermediate or an expert, then you just have known all the features an ideal call should contain.

If you are a beginner, then you must know which features a hunter expects from a predator call. Many products don’t have all the features that an ideal predator call should have. That is why it is portable. The 10 Best Predator Call – 2020 Reviews And Comparison, 1.

If you get a good game call, then you will be able to make predators show up quickly and attract them toward the trap. One thing the Icotec could do with is a strap or the place to attach a strap. ×

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