how to paint a pergola


Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But the idea of staining a pergola (let alone SEALING) was daunting. There are plenty of ways to apply paint in a quick and effective way without brushing the whole thing.For your painting a pergola quickly, the best product to use, which is easy to apply and ideal for exterior wooden surfaces, is Cabot’s Timbercolour Deck & Exterior Paint. Required fields are marked *. Copyright 2016 All Rights Reserved. Please do not edit or crop that single image in any way. Our pergola is made of pine and it was in desperate need of a new paint job! Power washer or other tool to scrape off old paint, Cardboard, old sheets, painter’s paper or plastic to cover unwanted paint areas. Stain isn’t like paint, in that it’s better to do two or three coats for optimum coverage. If there is any mould present you can use 30 Seconds Mould Off Exterior, which is a quick and easy way to remove dirt and mould stains. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. You continue to amaze me with your talent. If the pergola has been previously coated with a decking oil or stain you will need to remove as much of this coat as possible using Intergrain Power Prep or by sanding. If you find that you’re short on time to complete a paint project, don’t stress! Success! If you’re unsure what material the pergola is made out of Cabot’s Timbercolour Deck & Exterior Paint is suitable to be applied onto bricks, concrete, decking, exterior dressed timbers, fibre cement board, rough sawn timber. SO. For your painting a pergola quickly, the best product to use, which is easy to apply and ideal for exterior wooden surfaces, is Cabot’s Timbercolour Deck & Exterior Paint. I love to blog and share my every day experiences as well as showcase my love for furniture and interior design. There was an error submitting your subscription. many. You may still need a small brush like a lining fitch for the really hard to get to places. I never expected to be where I am today but I am enjoying the ride, and trying to keep up!! Since then I have taken over the garage with all my furniture, odds and ends, and paint. Any screw, nail heads or steel brackets that are rusty will need to be treated to avoid rust stains bleeding through the Timbercolour. Once again, although this is time consuming, I saved much more money doing it myself. After all who doesn't love a FREE E-Course!! This makes application a lot easier and lets you get into the wood grain and all the hidden nooks & crannies. View in gallery. Once treated, spot prime these screw or nail heads with Action Extreme or an oil based Undercoat/ Primer, to seal and help prevent the rusting process from occurring in the future. This self-priming water based product requires no undercoat when applying onto timber, which means faster, simpler painting. Specifically designed and formulated to provide exceptional durability for exterior timber surfaces, Cabot’s Timbercolour Deck & Exterior Paint would be perfect to use on your pergola. To apply the paint in the most effective, time-saving way, we recommend using the Maverick Fabric Mini Roller. Hi, I am Brooke from Start at Home. Choosing to paint your pergola is a matter of preference and desired design for your outdoor retreat.

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