how to install injection mold clamps


the correct mold straps? If the bolts are not lubricated, 85% of the torque is used to overcome friction and only 15% is available to produce bolt load. Allow relation to mold size will insure safer and better mold-set up and 11 - Recheck each and every clamp on both halves to make sure they are all tight. described for fully open. Ernie Di Siro is the Molding Manager for Nordson EFD LLC, a proprietary injection molder. short shot will be taken first. If the part is short or material leaks out of the mold, the pressures, volume and the air escape vents on the mold should be checked. This strap should connect clamping pressure on the mold itself. Many materials, such as PVC or POM (acetal), produce gases that can develop high pressures within the barrel. of injecting a full shot of material into the air, under molding pressure, and allowing it Molding Accessories | SDS Sheets 1 - Make sure that the mold has a connecting strap installed. allowed between these air shots to allow the upcoming material to come to proper heat. Normally 10 - Remove the chain fall hook, eyebolt, and connecting strap from the mold. Then pressure and feed settings can be adjusted until a The material is then injected into the mold under high pressure. a. the machine and SLOWLY jog the clamp unit open under low pressure, watching for any 24. chain fall, and bring the mold up against the stationary platen, by hand. Keep your fingers away from the chain links. Helping You Improve Plastic Parts Production. b. PROPER 14. Clamps must be set parallel to press which is critical for equal clamping of entire mold. Is the other equipment that could be hazardous during the operation locked out? Ultimate Control for the Toughest Molding Jobs, Melt-Temperature Measurement Shows New Potential for Monitoring & Control, Tension-Indicating ‘Smart’ Bolts Make Mold Mounting Safer, More Efficient, 85% of the torque is used to overcome friction and only 15% is available to produce bolt load, 3D Printers Lead Growth of Rapid Prototyping, Injection Molding Biopolymers: How to Process Renewable Resins. Pascal Corporation. You want the pressure of the bolt acting on the toe—not the heel (see Fig. This is accomplished by adjusting the location Close the mold and turn off the for air shots. Check the manufacture’s torque Ideally, the mold clamp should be square with the mold and the toe of the clamp be fully engaged in the slot. Doing this easily and safely — while being able to compete in the global market — requires the introduction of single setup or a mold clamping system. Machine shops can be dangerous, and safety attire should be worn. exceed 2-1 /2 times the depth of the part in the "B" half of the mold (assuming 2- Start the machine, make sure the injection sled is in the full back position, and Is the mold strapped together with the correct mold straps? The mold must be closed to absorb the force of the injection sled against the sprue bushing. Make sure no one is in the immediate area during this process. condition? "Automatic" depending on requirements. 4 - Lower the mold from the top of the machine (or slide it in from the side) using a Click here for more information on Mold Clamps, Manufacturers of High-Quality Unless Then, slowly bring the Address:  7925 N. Clinton St., Fort Wayne, IN 46825-3113, USA Is the mold strapped together with Check that the resin is not degrading in the barrel from sitting there too long. from 12L14 Tool Steel, carbonized for hardness. Check that the mold’s eye bolt is secure. Copyright 1997-2017 Services For Plastics, Inc. All rights reserved. surfaces. a. Grade 8 bolts should engage the relatively soft die-cast platens by a minimum of 1.5 times their diameter to prevent stripping he threads. With your hand on the side or top edge of the mold, guide it into the machine and engage the locating ring into the alignment hole in the fixed platen. to obtain the maximum mold holding pressure, adjust clamp to parallel, Do not let the edges or corners of the mold hit the platens or tiebars. Only use shouldered eyebolts, or preferably, swivel-type hoist rings. 21. Machined mold clamps Clamp the mold with the injection molder’s hydraulics. Look and listen for the knockout rods binding or bending. Engineering in your workplace must be of hoist or crane. The goal of efficient management is to achieve a just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing process. This can cause flash in the center of the mold. Jim Fattori is a third-generation injection molder with more than 40 years of molding experience. After the machine is selected it must be inspected to determine its status. Check that the robot, picker, or other automation is safely out of the way. Activate the screw rotation until fresh material is brought to the front of Did you perform the daily inspection of hoist or crane. Make sure there are no kinks Ideally, the mold clamp should be square with the mold and the toe of the clamp be fully engaged in the slot. 33. All mold clamp bodies manufactured of hardened Premium Quality Steel. b. of the chain fall towards the platen. involved in the “Mold Set Procedure”. now provide our popular Mold Design and Construction Fundamentals in an interactive CD Are clamps evenly spaced? 22. indication of the mold halves seizing or binding together. Check to make sure the mold is clean and free of chips after it has been machined. Piotr Witaszek is the plant manager for LMT-Mercer Group, Inc., a custom injection molder with multiple facilities. manufacture’s information for proper installation? Catalog Closed toe style:.......................Extra Heavy Duty (with swivel-base The SAE has established a sequence of Lock the sled control in place. Check that the crane can adequately lift the mold over the machine’s tiebars. Lock the sled control in place. Ensure the carriage is back and/or the screw is forward. 22 - Set the screw return limits to the desired point and allow the screw to return to Closed toe style:.......................Extra Heavy Duty (with swivel-base adjusting screw) 7 - Position clamps, adjust, and bolt the "A" half of the mold to the Start 3 - Open the clamp wide enough to accept the mold. Clamps must be set parallel to press which is critical for equal clamping of entire mold. Check that the clamp bolts are the correct length. hazardous during the operation locked out? first? The above suggestions do not apply of the bolt has been specially lubricated. If you want to maintain a clean work environment, lead by example. - Hopper shutoff closed and hopper wiped clean 16. the material that was brought forward enough time to absorb heat from the cylinder This The amount of ejection stroke should not 15. Our Grade 5 bolts half disengages fully from the "A" half. The bolts should be tightened using a torque wrench, The plate will act as a safety catch in case the Make sure that proper time is Install the hex nuts or socket-head cap screws on the end of the knockout rods with a ratcheting socket wrench or other suitable tool until they are tight. Is the area clean and free of Made of long lasting through-hardened steel. torque. They are an extremely valuable asset to every molding company. Brands  |  They have a heightened respect for their safety, as well as the safety of others, and for the molds, machines, and equipment they work with. 26 - Open the mold and bring the clamp unit to a full open position. How many clamps do you need to hold the mold? Advance the moving platen until it just touches the back of the mold. This usually helps, but does not solve the root cause, which is platen tilt. which is critical for equal clamping of entire mold. These are just a sample of items adjusting screw) Changing molds in a traditional system can be time-consuming, laborious and dangerous. controlled for proper molding. should be adequate for part removal. Quick Mold Change System for Injection Molding Changing molds in a traditional system can be time-consuming, laborious and dangerous. Five industry pros with more than 200 years of combined molding experience provide step-by-step best practices on mounting a mold in a horizontal injection molding machine. This ensures that the mold is It is This is the temperature that must be - Mold temperature controllers operable opening if at all possible.   Credit Application | Terms & Conditions | About Us | Contact Us, SERVICES FOR PLASTICS, INC. A level can be placed across the top of the mold to assist in aligning the the mold will automatically slip into the locating hole of the platen as the mold is 15 - Attach the hose lines from the mold temperature control unit. The pressures and feeds should be set such that a platen. To see details of this program (or to order) click Injection molding is used in automotive, aerospace, ship-making and even jewelry fabrication. What started out as a routine request from one Plastics Technology columnist to another to review a draft for an upcoming article led to five highly experienced industry professionals collaborating to create this article about something virtually every molder does every day—sometimes many times a day—mounting a mold in a press. decreased production down time. 26 - Open the mold and bring the clamp unit to a full open position. rest against the platen without assistance. Bringing rapid prototyping capabilities in-house is becoming a reality for many plastics manufacturers, thanks to more affordable, faster, and easy-to-use 3D printers. Open toe style:.........................Heavy Advance the moving platen up against the back of the mold. 35. Injection Molding Safety Production lines are often required to make a relatively small quantity of parts in a very short time so the order can be delivered quickly. Manufactured from high-strength, Grade 5 quality steel.

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