how to cleanse yourself of negative energy


I promise, you won't regret it! And I lost a lot of weight, so felt I looked good too! What does a 10/10 of NEA usually feel like for you, with 10 being the worst? An example might be that child who smiled at you today for no apparent reason or the dollar you found on the sidewalk. Scream Into a Pillow: Pull a Weed, Plant a Flower. Simmer lemon peels in water and let the steam scent your space. Just like a computer stores files, your brain stores thoughts–containing both positive and negative energy. On a personal level, I would highly recommend "The Secret" as good place to start on changing the negative to a positive. Also, the decision you make depends on your point of view. Yes it does require lot of effort but we must do it for our well being both physically and mentally! Al Wordlaw from Chicago on December 09, 2014: Hey Mr. Holly, always good to read your writing. Your intentions influence how the body absorbs them. I created this term “BLISS” Bath because it’s exactly how I feel … We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Glad it was helpful! Once you have done that, scale your current NEA from 1-10. 7. Be aware of when you pick up negative energy directly and trust that, at some point during the day, you probably picked some up indirectly. Two stones to place around your home to clear negative energy are black tourmaline and hematite. Today, they are believed to be holistic cleansers of energies and auras. That is creating positive energy and living in a happier state of mind. What’s more, that is everything necessary – only a couple of moments. You know how to step back and take a break. I'm glad you liked and are sharing! Dissolve salt in water used to clean surfaces and floors. Trusting your path, means obstacles are just that and failure isn’t in your vocabulary. You may be wondering how? Everyone will agree that nature has its own way of healing. How do you want your home to feel? Ms Dora you are a sweet heart. When the body and mind are relaxed, the soul finds it easier to absorb positive energy. (a) INHALE and bring all of the crappy energy up into your chest and at the same time tense your entire body up (face, mouth, arms, hands, fingers, chest, belly, hips, pelvis, privates, buttocks, legs, feet, toes, etc.). Combo it up with #5 or #6 and you will feel a significant shift. That's why spiritual cleansing is so important. When you are self­ confident, the negative energy that surrounds you tends to shrink, and the positivity shines through. Life should be lived with affluence and positivity :-). I am including a poll below that asks how negative energy has affected your life. and so useful, I am coming back again and again to read it and listen to the videos, definitely need this! I know I cannot change these individuals, so I choose to ignore their negativity and focus on the positive things in life. Never try to keep someone around who doesn't want to stay. I like the others too. Are you ready to make room for the positive? Thanks for sharing! This should be read and practiced by everyone! (a) Pick a "weed" you want to pull and identify what flower you want to replace it with. Thanks for the excellent insights that are worth reading again and again. Let's face it. I'll check into sage for sure now that you have told me this. You can’t control what you get from others, yet you can pick how to process it. Form follows thought. After you have identified your deep-seated issues, the next thing to do is to address them. Please note: there is no such rating as a 0/10. Visualize that you are connected with the ground by a tube, through which you send all the negative energy that you have absorbed, and then you are getting positive energy from the earth. 7 Ways To Cleanse Yourself Of Negative Energy. Seeing the greens inside your house will surely lift your mood. People all over the world burn herbs to clear negative energy, and one of the most widely used is sage. You can opt for Himalayan salt, Epsom, or natural sea salt for a simple spiritual cleansing bath. Your writing makes a lot of sense. Lastly, a tiger’s eye on your office desk will surely give you the motivation boost that you need. At # 7, instead of helping other people, I would say join causes to help people, flora, and fauna :-). Thank you. Blow it out. Physical dirt and clutter can make a space feel unwelcoming. Speak your intention out loud to set the shifts in motion. Dennis L. Page from New York/Pennsylvania border on April 17, 2015: I am so happy I came across your post today and accordingly, voted you up, useful, awesome, beautiful and interesting. How do you cleanse negative energy? Focus on modesty with spiritual cleansing. When you operate in a space that is organized, you will instantly feel that it is easier to breathe, to move. For me, part of maturity is the realization what is and isn't good for the mind, body and soul. Because you are generally at peace, you face conflicts with increased understanding. Yes, you can be happier than you were this morning, but is it really spiritual cleansing? Imagine a glowing, golden light inside your heart space. Chanting is a commonly used spiritual practice that has rhythmic elements. Since we’ve talked about external tips to cleanse negative energy in a previous article (read it here), we’re going to tackle some internal strategies to clear negative energy. For those who are religious, it is important to say a short prayer before a meal. The choice is yours but candle burning can help to reinforce a positive intention while destroying dark toxicity. Ground Yourself. To protect yourself, you need to learn how to filter what you absorb from these interactions. Recently, Operation "Safety Net" seems to be going quite well, 35 missing children have been found so... You have entered an incorrect email address! If you subscribe to faiths like Buddhism or Christianity, you would know that smudging has been in practice since ancient times. You can’t control what you hear from others, but you can choose how to process it. Based on your scale, choose from one of the NER (Negative Energy Release) methods below. As you continuously practice meditation, you will notice that you feel lighter and brighter overall. And that’s all it takes – just a few minutes. Self ­confidence lets the real you emerge. Our humble group has banded together to deliver thought-provoking, life-changing, and growth-probing wisdom. When you are confident, you trust that you will be able to do what you set out to do. It slaughters our capacity to think decidedly and keeps us from our voyage. Once you have done that, scale your current NEA from 1-10. With a happy family. This is one of the most healing and forces in the universe. Taking the power of positive thought to the next level requires evaluating the words we use in our thoughts. I've always loved your hubs! Thanks! What do you want your space to help you release? Place both hands on your heart and say your intention … Example: Weed: Crappy Energy, Flower: Positive Energy. How To Do A Spiritual Cleanse Simply accept circumstances for what they are and locate some quiet in a world of illness. This helps you shift your energy to full bliss and gratitude. This is all great advice. That is the intensity of word decision and acing it tends to be powerful in cleansing yourself of negative energy. For an at-home sound ritual, start at your front door and move clockwise through the inner perimeter of your home, playing an instrument (or clapping) toward the walls, until you've made a full loop. The “BLISS” Bath. Some were extremely negative and then there were those who could go either way. Before you do anything else, set a specific intention for your home. Have the courage to reject anything that does not make you feel good within. After your session, you will feel more recharged and in control of your physique. Thanks so much! © 2014 Negative Energy Absorption (NEA) and Negative Energy Release (NER) are highly technical terms created by Aimee Le Zakrewski Clark. Not everything is “bad” in your life. The one I like the most. Looking at it, declare your intention to have all negative energy in the room enter the flame or water. FlourishAnyway from USA on December 02, 2014: This was an excellent hub with practical advice. Remember, even if you remove yourself from an unpleasant situation, you will still carry negative vibrations without your aura. It is when a person absorbs, either subconsciously or consciously, unhealthy and negative energy. Drains you down. I incorporate much of the suggested items mentioned in this post. Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. The herbs are usually made into sticks for easier burning. Within a short time, you will feel lighter, brighter, and better able to take inspired action in your life. This is why it is important to reconnect with nature every once in a while. Others who subscribe to humanistic and Karmic principles use elements of astral-projection. Allowing fresh air in also lets negative energy out. For years I held grudges and suffered the after effects. Know that you have the power to reject negativity. Negative energy can also cause you to gain weight and accelerates the aging process. When you are in a dark, negative place, it is difficult to do much of anything. An example might be offering to help an elderly person cross the street or holding an elevator door open for someone in a rush. It's so easy to get caught up in a negative situation which leads to cascading negative thoughts. Thanks for sharing this wonderful and inspiring hub! If you want to spiritually cleanse, it starts by identifying the positive. Making the decision to do a spiritual cleansing and rid yourself of negative energy means deciding to turn away from toxic thoughts. Warning: Negative Energy Absorption* is a serious condition that occurs with every human on a daily basis. This, however, can only happen after we focus on the positive. I'm over at your hubs now and loving them! Consult the tarot to get instant answers in the energies through our daily tarot readings! And while you may have worked hard to obtain the position in life that you have reached, someone, somewhere helped to make that possible. Bravo Mr. Hollywood, this definitely has a Wow factor in easy practical practices.

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