how to beat galeem on hard mode


Just continue to focus on dodging these myriad attacks, and slip in your own wherever you can. Here’s a few of its attacks to watch out for. Just keep using all of the strategies we’ve mentioned and get in as many attacks as you can, and eventually, you’ll come out victorious. You’ll need to follow Galeem around the level as the orb moves and attack it, but it’s very important to try and dodge the boss’ attacks as well. When it splits into three orbs, be ready to dodge, as the boss will launch waves of fireballs directly at you. In our playthrough, we found two Spirits with the skill, Celebi and Elise, but you can also obtain these by chance on the Spirit Board. If you go attack the stunned boss, the other one will ready a massive explosion attack to hit right where you are, so it’s a much better idea to just leave the stunned boss and refocus your efforts.

This is definitely Galeem’s hardest attack to dodge and is where you’ll probably end up soaking up the most damage. Now, kick back, relax, and enjoy the final cutscene and credits. That’s all you need to know about how to beat Galeem and Dharkon in Smash Bros Ultimate.

One of the few attacks remaining to Galeem sees it shoot out two orbs that release giant shockwaves. Here’s how to beat Galeem and Dharkon in Smash Bros Ultimate. Moments later, two giant tentacles will tear through and cause major damage if they hit you. At times, two portals will appear at a slant on the sides of the battlefield. When the battle starts, Galeem is the giant glowing orb on the top right of the screen. When Dharkon bunches up and pulls to one side, it’s getting ready to shoot a bunch of beams at you. Remember to not focus on attacking when the boss is launching its own attack, and instead focus on dodging. When one of the bosses gets stunned, don’t go attacking it.

If Dharkon gets stunned, head to the bottom middle and unleash some pain on it. This can be hard to dodge, but try your best.

These waves damage you if they hit you, so use the platforms to move up and down and avoid the waves. Equip your strongest Primary, and then something with Autoheal, or boost your Air Attack and Shield Endurance if you don’t have heal. Super Smash Bros Ultimate has a brand new Adventure Mode called World of Light, tasking players with trekking across a … For even more tips and guides on the game, make sure to check out our Super Smash Bros Ultimate wiki. Dharkon is actually quite similar to Galeem. Dodge and crouch to avoid these. If you don’t have Autoheal, equip your strongest Primary Spirit, and boost up your Air Attack and Shield Endurance. At certain points, Galeem will get stunned just like the other bosses in Smash Bros Ultimate, so when you hear that noise, head directly to the middle of the bottom of the stage, which is where the orb will fall. Galeem is the giant angel-winged boss you’ve seen in trailers for the game, and it’s the first of the two that you’ll come up against in World of Light. This is a very aerial-based battle, so it’s a good idea to bring a character that performs well in the air and can dodge quickly. Before you get to this battle, you’ll need to know how to get the true ending, which we have a handy guide to help with. Instead, focus on hitting the other boss thats still up. The good news, however, is that the whole final segment of the game lets you bring three characters, so if one dies you still have a shot. This entire fight has the same concept as Galeem’s fight, you just need to learn how to dodge the boss’ new moves. You’ll be able to choose any character you want to fight the battle, as long as you’ve already Awakened them, of course. As a note before we get into the battle, if you have any spirits with the Autoheal skill it’s absolutely recommended you equip them. These orbs will fire off giant blasts horizontally and vertically after about six seconds, so look at their placement and try to find a spot that’ll be safe. How to Beat Galeem & Dharkon in Smash Bros Ultimate. You also want to try and deplete the health of both bosses equally, instead of focusing on one.

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