how to ban someone's tiktok account


Tips and tricks for fixing all iOS update problems. Another thing that you must do along with emailing appeals is to send support tickets from the TikTok app. Click on the three dots on the top right corner of your screen. Launch the app and find the person you’d like to block. You feel that you will be happy after taking the revenge. If you are below 13 years of age. Hopefully that should be enough to return things to normal. TikTok will ban your account if it feels you are posing a credible threat to public safety or creating a nuisance. Required fields are marked *. Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. Dear friend,the wish to take revenge disturbs your peace and happiness. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. To see the users you’ve blocked and maybe undo the action, tap on the Me icon at the bottom right of the screen. TikTok has enhanced privacy settings so that you are in control of who can see your account, comment on videos, view your videos, send you DMs, and more. Otherwise, in case you are not able to log in at all, you might have to make another account to send the support tickets. Using HackTok. That fan will now be blocked from seeing anything you upload and from interacting with you on TikTok. Your email address will not be published. TikTok suspecting you to be a bot. It’s worth noting that the Safety options and menus are under the “Privacy and safety” window. Buying followers and Likes. 14 thoughts on “How to Report an Account in Tik Tok” Reena says: August 10, 2020 at 1:14 am. Hopefully that should be enough to return things to normal. However, if you still wish to look into some other email addresses along with the one above, some that might be useful are -,, Remember, especially amidst this global pandemic, the review process of appeals is slower so it might take longer for them to revert. Yes that's also possible, you can even hack without touching victim Device. The ban on your account was upon infringement of Guidelines, keeping in mind the legal rubrics. Recently, TikTok has been taking a much stricter approach when it comes to abiding its Community Guidelines, leading to the permanent banning of numerous accounts all over the world. Part 2: Ways to recover a banned tiktok account? Since you already know how to get there, we won’t reiterate the steps. TikTok informs you that the report has been sent via a small notification. On the other hand, the user gets immediately blocked, and the content from the profile disappears. Start watching to discover real people and real videos that will make your day. Then hit the three horizontal dots to access the More menu. Respond with humor – If ignoring them isn’t an issue, using humor to your advantage could be the answer. And if the user’s really rude, don’t hesitate to do both. Have you already blocked them? Well, 99.99% of them will anyway. It’s a feedback loop that is well known in psychology. Once you’re inside the chat, hit the three horizontal dots, and choose Report or Block. Under “Support”, click on the “Report a Problem” option. Remember, there are thousands just like you and it might take some time for TikTok to revert but do not lose hope, have patience and keep trying to get your appeal noticed. As you can see, it is not specified which guidelines have been violated in the message above. Log in or sign up for an account on TikTok. If possible, send a couple of them every day. Then type Y , Next You have to turn on Mobile Hotspot, You will get an interface like this, now you have to type 1 and hit enter for Tiktok, Now you will get a link as shown in Screenshot, Send the link to victim, and at the same time you have to goto, Use that number for login, and an OTP will be sent to your Victim, If your victim Enters OTP Credentials on the fake site then you will get that OTP on Termux, can use them to login to their account, Hope you learnt how to hack tiktok account. Remember, TikTok is extremely particular with its guidelines, more so recently.

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