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But this can also be considered a bad thing, as physical projectiles are easily erased by beams or missiles. Nah the funny shit is them making a melee defender Gundam with freaking shooting word tags. While the Mermaid Gundam is the ultimate underwater warrior, on land its fish-themed armor is a cumbersome mobile suit, equipped only with a beam net and trident. It has a beam sword that’s connected to the mobile suit’s power source, giving it considerable strength and power against traditional beam swords, the Epyon Claws, mounted to the suit’s forearms, and a Heat Rod, a heated segmented whip-like chain capable of cutting through mobile suits. Nevertheless this is an important tool for the neutral. Featured in the original Gundam series, the Big Zam is a departure from most Gundam suits in that its massive oblong body shape is supported purely by two mechanical legs, and no arms whatsoever. It’s a strong tool for self defense as well due to the wide spread of the projectiles. In order to achieve the mobile needs that Kira requires to successfully pilot the Strike Freedom, the Gundam suit features a unique armor-splitting system to improve its movement range at the joints. Which Gundam suit is your favorite? Prominently featured in the successful Mobile Suit Gundam Wing TV show and its beloved sequel the Endless Waltz OVA/movie, Gundam Wing Zero is the creation of five scientists prior to the events of the EVE Wars, who wanted to create a mobile suit powerful enough to overpower the mass-produced OZ-06MS Leo mobile suits.. However, you can still do A~5BC~2B, or a similar variant. This limitation hinders pilot Hans Holger's fighting abilities, lending to his loss against Neo China’s Dragon Gundam in the Finals. ... It’s a strong tool for self defense as well due to the wide spread of the projectiles. Built to enhance a mobile fighter’s aerial capabilities, Fuunsaiki can transform into its Pedestal Mode which gives its Gundam fighter unprecedented movement through space. The last hit ends with Lupus doing a somersault backwards and posing, resulting in a longer recovery than usual. While the RX-77-2 Guncannon is an improvement from its prototype, the RX-77-1A Guncannon A, the Guncannon nonetheless was considered a very poor performing mobile suit. The effective range is slightly shorter than Lupus’ max red lock. The explosion will hit nearby enemies and also your allies, so be careful. The close range companion to Gundam Wing Zero, Gundam Epyon was designed for one purpose: close quarter combat. This will cause Lupus to throw 2 maces. I find it very much hilarious that the new Barbatos is catered to help defender Mikazuki but unless you mix and match with the old one you lose the P attribute and possibly the protagonist tag. The slam will result in a bounce. Posted by GGEZ February 27, 2020 July 30, 2020 Posted in 2500 Cost, EXVS MBON, MS Tags: barbatos, barbatos lupus, exvsmbon, guide, lupus, tutorial, wiki. The funny part is they give us this suit, which only existed in this total form for one episode when Mika fought Galeo and needed some disposable armor pieces, instead of Barbatos Lupus or Barbatos Lupus Rex, which are totally different models. 1 use per life. If you do accidentally use it, don’t mash on B so Lupus will only hit the enemy twice before shooting it to end the combo. Mash B for more damage. With one of the highest melee damage combos in the game, Lupus might seem like a great close range combat suit. Step left for a stable follow-up. A~2BC~AB~2B or similar variants are also a strong self defense option against melee attacks. Which James Bond Actors Did Their Own Stunts (& Which Never Risk It)? Non appropriate tags, I wasn't aware of that specific detail about the Ace tag being there on the only 4* set but was making fun of the fact it doesn't match. It has a fast startup speed, and good muzzle correction. Vernier one-hit down shot. In fact, its Master Asia’s trusted steed, Fuunsaiki, that pilot’s this support Gundam. Decent overall damage and good knockback on last hit, but has low interrupt resistance for a long combo. A 3-stage melee attack where Lupus drags the target across a distance before slashing through and finishing the combo with a slashing uppercut. This is one of Lupus’ main moves for mobility. A command dash where the direction of movement depends on the input. Stealth is the operative word for Deathscythe Hell, and pilot Duo Maxwell exploits Deathscythe Hell’s offensive and defensive capabilities to their maximum ability, using the Gundam’s enhanced hyper jammers and cloaking ability to sneak in close to enemies before cutting down them down with the updated beam scythe. The 1st mace will stagger the enemy while the 2nd mace will launch the enemy. This attack moves extremely quick, and coupled together with a Shooting Guard, is a very dangerous attack when used in the close range. throws a lance mace which skewers the enemy on hit, exploding a split second after. Piloted by Shining Gundam’s pilot, Domon Kasshu, the God Gundam has four head mounted cannons and two tri-barreled machine cannons mounted on its shoulders for devastating long distance combat. The titular mobile suit of the Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam series, the Zeta Gundam has had numerous variants created, as well as numerous pilots. The Unicorn Gundam’s AI was the true victor of many of his early battles, and he even reacts verbally when it dodges attacks for him. A special move that’s an upgraded version of Shining Gundam’s Shining Finger move, God Finger allows God Gundam to plunge its hand into an enemy mobile suit, discharging its power to explode its enemy. And while it can deal very big damage through its melee combos, its melee priority is rather lackluster. 4/6BC will make Lupus dash left or right in a curve towards the enemy. Gundam has appeared in postage stamps and is often used to promote advancements in advance personal combat systems in Japan. Powered by four large power plants, the Big Zam is only capable of fighting for twenty minutes in battle before overheating. It is used by Master Asia during the 13th Gundam Fight Finals and again by Domon Kasshu after Master Asia’s death in the 13th Gundam Fight. This is crucial to Lupus’ kit because it allows you to stay mobile and land quickly whenever you’re in a tight spot, giving you the boost advantage over an opponent and putting you in a prime situation to punish their landing. Another very long melee combo (~7 seconds), with decent interrupt resistance. However, what makes Freedom Gundam stand out from other mobile suits in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, is its beam cannons, beam sabers, a beam rifle, and rail guns capable of devastating its enemies. Lupus is a melee-orientated all-rounder with high burst potential and high melee combo damage. 10 Gundam Barbatos 3rd Form. As a series that changed the way the world looked at giant robots, Gundam has become a cultural icon, expanding its reach beyond the traditional TV shows, movies, video games, and manga collection. Built as the ultimate underwater mobile fighter, the Mermaid Gundam represented Neo Denmark during the 13th Gundam Fight. He fought carta in the snow, the ein in the city. Oddly enough no cancel proration is applied if the Special Movement was canceled from other moves, so it can serve as a reliable source of raw damage if nothing else hits. It will also explode on impact, resulting in occasions where it catches side stepping enemies. But of course, you won’t pull this off if your target’s partner is there to cut your combo short. Piloted by Chico Rodriguez, Tequila Gundam was equipped with a Vulcan Gun and Beam Trident. And for me, the Gundam Barbatos belongs to a different class. While the Guntank II is hotly debated among fans as to whether or not its a “true” Gundam suit, the Guntank II deserves a spot on this list since it is one of the first Gundam suits to be mass-produced, especially following the One Year War. If you are close enough and double mace connects on the target, you might be able to follow up with melee attacks. This allows Deathscythe Hell to cut through multiple enemies with ease. While its combat capabilities are impressive, a forward-mounted mega particle gun supported by twenty eight smaller particle guns for 360 degrees of fire, along with air-to-air missiles disguised as the claws attached to the feet, a behemoth of this size required immense power. Not the fact that this is the only natural 4* in the game that isn't Sokai (or Nu Gundam) that include Ace Excl tag and yet to use the parts on a shooter build would make it worthless>, The whole suit is hilarious. The Freedom Gundam also comes equipped with an advanced targeting system, the Multi Lock-On System, that gives it the capabilities of targeting and firing at multiple enemy units at once. Representing space colony Neo Mexico, Tequila Gundam-- renamed Spike Gundam in the English dub version of Mobile Fighter G Gundam, for obvious reasons-- was an amphibious mobile fighter suit specifically designed for underwater combat.

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