how long is confirmation mass


As far as being confirmed goes – wait and grab ahold of a priest after Mass at any Catholic Church, or call the church and talk to him. The Jews had a messiah and it was usually their king at the time, howver they were also awaiting a greater messiah, one that would deliver them and raise them up. She also wants to keep his name as is and not take it in a female form. If someone is baptized in one Faith and converts to another, they are not baptized again. It’s not an easy situation to be in and I do feel for you and also for your dad who obviously has great faith and loves you. In the Catholic Church, anyone that has been baptized properly can and should be confirmed. Do I need to be confirmed over again? The rite for the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation usually takes place at Mass “in order that the fundamental connection of this sacrament with all of Christian initiation may stand out in a clearer light. How is the Catholic Church now any different from let’s say a neighbouring cult? Husband says that after his he and his parents went out to lunch with one set of his grandparents. Thank you, I am preparing an 81 year old lady with not much English and unwell, through the RCIA programme and your answers are short and simple and this will help me to pass on the crux of the matter to her. My daughter is set in St. Albert the great for her confirmation name and feels very strongly about it. If he was baptised under a different religion he would have to be rebaptised into the Catholic Religion. However, I believe that you will be told to wait until after the baby is born. Now older niece is to be confirmed and she is po’d at husband as he will not fill in and sign the paper that he is qualified to be her sponsor since as we read it, he is not as he only attends church twice a year and does not take communion or make confession. The belief is the same. Like you, I also felt a calling and a need to do this. Church law only requires one practicing Catholic and the other can be a “Christian witness” my daughters God father isn’t Catholic but was someone we admired spiritually but even if he was Catholic he wouldn’t be her sponsor because they should be of the same gender as well. Is it normal to have a major dinner for the person being confirmed? I think it’s applicable because if we do not examine u, how can we know that, u really know what u are partaking on. In the west, most churches have the Bishop come and visit the local parish to confirm an entire class (age group) of students who spent the year preparing for confirmation. Thanks The Church encourages us to consider our godparents as sponsors for confirmation. But please do not let that be the reason for not going to Mass. My daughter is also going through confirmation at the moment and she too has challenged and been unsure if she wants to do it. Often members of the parish will volunteer for those who are unable to find a suitable sponsor. 1) Why are you even on this website, since you appear to despise the Catholic Church so much? I am 59 years old ( I live in the UK)and was baptized in to the Catholic Church as a baby but was never confirmed, I have been drawn back to attending Church for the last year, I am self employed so can take time to attend mass just about every morning in whatever town I am working in. Question: To be Confirmed, do I have to be in a valid marriage? Read mark 1:10. There is no church where you will feel the presence of Jesus, when you walk in the door like you do in the Catholic Church. The only exception would be is if you are confirmed as an adult. The oil of chrism is consecrated by the bishop at the Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday and is reserved for special things like Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Orders, blessing of tower bells, consecration of churches, altars, chalices and patens. However, confirmation will show that you have matured in your faith, meaning that as a Catholic you should try to help the Church as much as possible, by doing things such as altar serving, becoming a lector, etc.You will still be considered a child, if you are taking classes for catechism. The focus is God and nothing else. She is not married through the church because he is not Catholic. WHEN experienced teachers and dedicated Catholics like myself cannot get a job in our Parish schools! First off, they will not be taught the same religion as their other classmates. I am a 16 year old girl and I don’t like it if someone talks trash to a loving God. Many of the teachers in our current Catholic system have no faith or are have no belief in the Catholic way of life. Why deny or delay a child that right? He was baptized into a different religion- the same as his parents. Unless they lied about it. It’s a permanent thing that is fully completed and doesn’t expire. Way too long, just like any other mass. Think carefully about someone you know who meets the criteria above. Oh and by the way, ‘a child’ is two separate words, not one. What does that sound like to you? 8 years ago. You need a valid registration to legally drive your vehicle. “Bishops are the successors of the apostles. In Mark Jesus plainly states Mark 1:10 And straightway coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens opened, and the Spirit like a dove descending upon him. As someone who does not have a regular Church and belongs to no parish what are my options. Good luck to you! Is this what it means to be in the faith? My guess is you will then sign up for RCIA classes (The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults). Catholic means universal. It’s best to examine your conscience beforehand – I like to write things down so I don’t try to wiggle out of confessing everything. You have no right being on this page if you just want to talk through your trashy mouth. An annulment is the catholic way of ending a marriage; it has nothing to do with entering the catholic faith. Also not respecting parental schedules in terms of work! Like within the church. What is interesting is that you are very keen to follow the bible and the teachings but what’s holding you back is the individuals that you have encountered in the Church. In my town, Faith Formation classes are held at one set time a week for grades 6-9, and we have a choice of one of two days for grades 1-5.

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