how does nike communicate with suppliers


Fig.5. It is the largest of all distribution centers Nike has opened to cater to more than 2000 Nike stores in North America. This statement underlines Nikes relationship marketing orientation. By implementing the new supply chain computer system, Nike made the interaction with its suppliers and retailers more efficient. The company started with making running shoes and now has become one of the world’s leading clothing, footwear, sportswear, and equipment marketer and supplier. Nike SF6 Substitution Project Verification Statement. Even though he claimed to be misunderstood, his utterances had a negative impact on the corporate image of Nike. For suppliers ineligible to use Coupa eInvoicing, Nike uses standard mail and email (preferred) to receive invoices. This shift illustrates how a firm can use transparency to mitigate risk and add value to their business. Management Decision, Vol. It is generally seen as a negative thing, since it is not the company anymore that shapes the brands image but the customers (Wipperfurth, 2005). Online relationships managed by fans or customers involve the risk of brand hijack and the difficulty of controlling the content (Godson, 2011). They were responsible for monitoring day-to-day compliance with labour laws and the Nike code. On the other hand, Nike constantly released new products. Factories flagged as high risk would also undergo a more comprehensive “M-audit.”.

And if done effectively, managing diversity and working together can lead to a competitive advantage. We help our key suppliers advance sustainability by providing resources that create more transparency and predictability. Consumer Behavior: a European perspective (4th edition.). (2005). The report is structured according to the four partnership approach to relationship marketing. According to Gummesson (2008) the 30Rs of relationship marketing are 30 identifiable relationships that encompass a mixture of relationships between organizations and other parties. Michael Moore's ongoing crusade against corporate greed won him an audience with big, bad Nike. Other normative groups are employees and shareholder. In addition to the ones given in the main body of the report, the table below contains conclusions and recommendations for Nikes relationship management. Nikes marketing strategy. Other than sportsmen, Nike targets the youth that have embraced the Hip Hop culture (Hopkins, ??). Buttle F. (1996). They needed a new strategy to deflect the growing criticism and improve their suppliers’ performance. id=2-98, Global Exchange (2012). Yet, between the early 1990s and 2005, Nike went from denying responsibility for inhumane conditions in its factories to leading other companies in disclosure. According to the company’s homepage, the focus of Nike retailers around the world is on execution, product presentation and service. Nike has millions of customers and it can be argued whether it is possible to create a relationship with all of them (Gummesson, 2008). Nike collaborated with Better Buying to invite our suppliers to participate and we use the information to help inform system and process improvements. Failure to understand the cultural norms can result in communication failure, lack of respect, negotiation breakdowns, and a loss of current and future business opportunities. Campaign Magazine (2009). Nike Supply Chain Management: Ethics, Sustainability and Efficiency. No laws required the company to disclose the identity of its factories or suppliers. In order to motivate the employees, Nike helps them to build successful careers through constant training and development, improving management development, and welcoming ideas (, 2012). The mega relationships are concerned with the economy and society at large. Supply chain management describes the idea of managing a supply chain in its entirety instead of managing all separate components (Godson, 2011). Thus each employee can identify himself as a part of the team that is called Nike Inc... Nike is endorsed by athletes who have a reputation for winning and a passion for the sport they play.

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