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Adam prefers a ranch-style home with an open layout because he thinks having two floors and any type of formal living area is wasted space. She really wants a home with some classic southern charm. Now they have two children, Sarah Jo and Jacob, and the family has been transferred back to their sweet home Alabama. His wife, Sara, however is holding firm to her wish for a vintage D.C. row house with lots of charm, and a small yard for their Dachshunds. Navigate to HGTV Facebook; Navigate to HGTV Twitter; Navigate to HGTV Pinterest; Navigate to HGTV Instagram; Shows; Latest Videos; Cleaning Tips; Real Estate; DIY Projects; Paint Guide; Search. Can they find a home that will make them both happy? Agree to disagree is a common phrase in this relationship, but they'll have to agree to agree if they want to find their first home. Alisa doesn't hold anything back and puts everyone's patience to the test. Diane and Greg Day left Montgomery, Ala., five years ago for an Air Force posting in California. With a budget of $1.6 million, the search is on for the right house. This one is behind a condominium unit. But can any home meet all of Melanie's requirements, and also have the features Kenny needs? As Cedric puts it, the children are growing, but the house is not. Can Realtor Teresa Robinson find a home that pleases both husband and wife? It's not that he hates Idaho Falls. He also wants a room for his classic arcade games, which Elise can't stand. Anne and Chip Johnson have their roots firmly planted in New Orleans where they're raising their four children, including a set of triplets. With a long list of wants, but not much time, can these Alabamans find a new home in Baton Rouge? Ariel and his fiancee, Julie, want out of their one bedroom apartment and into a place of their own. So she moved back to Austin, where her family is. She wants to look in or near her current neighborhood, and she's staying in familiar territory by re-teaming with Joan Goloskov, the realtor who helped her buy her current condo. She's outgrown her cramped suburban Illinois two-story townhouse and wants to trade it in for a bigger home with more room for her crafts and hobbies. Cara, is also determined to find a white kitchen to serve as a backdrop for her food blog, and Adam wants the house to have a pool or overlook a lake. Newlywed couple in St. Louis wants a home with a garage for their mountain bikes, a quiet place to bar-b-que and a big enough space for their brand new dining room set. She's ready to move from her townhouse to a bigger home. Shannon wants vintage charm, but Jessica wants a fully-upgraded and modern kitchen. Their priorities in their Houston house hunt are different as well. The third house is a four bedroom with all the updates plus a great backyard and neighborhood pool. With a budget of $200,000, realtor Lea Wilson hopes to help them find a smaller home that still gives the couple the space they need. She would also love a cozy fireplace, a nice view of the Rocky Mountain Foothills, and a place that isn't too far from her friends. For the past six years, they've hit the road in their giant RV, driving between Montana and their daughter's home in Florida.

These first time buyers want to get out of their rental and into the perfect home before they get married in 4 months. Caine, who's originally from Hawaii, wants a home in Seattle that will remind him of the island life, so he's looking for houseboat on Lake Union. She's looking for a condo near the heart of downtown Minneapolis where she works, but tackling a mortgage payment will require some help from her best friend, Lindsay. Susan and Joji are newlyweds whose relationship has turned into a weekend arrangement. Now it's finally time to leave the spanakopita behind and buy a home of their own. After five years together, they've tied the knot and are looking for a home in Laurel, Maryland. Can this couple find a fixer-upper near Denver? For her, the aesthetics are key. Will these strong-willed newlyweds be able to see eye to eye? Although they love the home's outdoor deck and proximity to the water, space is limited. She's hoping for a sprawling ranch style home in the city. Jackie's excited to find the perfect house for her family making her American Dream come true. Unfortunately Vince is dead set on lake views, and Jean is all about the Chicago skyline. Just after Tya and Sherman tied the knot, he went off on a seven month deployment for the Navy. Now, she's eager to get out of her friend's house, where she and the kids are currently crashing, and into a 3 bedroom place of their own in Malrton. Ashley and Jeremy can't wait to move out, but that doesn't mean Ashley is willing to compromise on what she wants. But while he dreams of the ultimate backyard, she dreams of low maintenance condo living. But that might be a big challenge, since that particular area is not only pricey, but also low on inventory. Newlyweds Adam and Cara have decided to trade in the action of downtown Ft. Lauderdale, FL for a family home in the 'burbs. They want a great kitchen, a fenced yard for their dogs and a finished basement Grant can use as a media room. Kevin and Kara are looking for a Chicago condo with at least two bedrooms, and no en-suite master bathroom. Hoping to sell their townhouse for $210,000, they have set their budget for a new home at $400,000 and have asked realtor Theresa Lowe to help them get the best deal they can. So they've decided to take the leap and buy their first home in Durham, North Carolina. Will these two be able to find a home that they both can vacation and relax in? Now that all seven of them are sharing a three bedroom/one-and-a-half bath home, the two boys are bunking in the unfinished basement and shower times for everyone are carefully regulated. But in order to save money for their first home, they moved in with Erica's mom where they haven't had much of a chance to be newlyweds.

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