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We ship grill parts worldwide via your choice of carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx). On/off gas switch. No flare-ups to worry about. Propane Or / VS Natural Gas Grill: How To Use (Grill On) It? Just close the lid and cook by time. The grid and two burners are covered with a lifetime warranty, while the ignition system has a 1-year limited warranty. The burner is made from cast-iron so it’s heat resistant and it won’t get damaged by high temperatures. Besides grilling juicy steaks, chicken and burgers, you can cook anything from pizza to prime rib, from vegetables to breads and breakfast. The great thing about this brand is the innovative system that gives your food additional smoky flavor. Both burners together are delivering 20,000 BTU to grilling surface.

Most of the main parts such as burners and grid are made from high-quality iron and steel that will last for a lifetime. Buy On Amazon. 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Where else could you buy “half a grill” for under 90 bucks? Grill Parts Home > Holland > Replacement Parts & Accessories Holland Grill Parts. Also, you can find what are the main benefits that the brand offers and why you should pick that brand among the others on the market. Considering other Holland gas grill prices, this grill is the cheapest. The bottom shell is made from powder-coated aluminum. Simply close the drain valve and fill the pan with water. © 1996 - 2020 Barbecue Renew, Inc. - grillparts.com, #HOLLBURN - 9-1/8" X 3-5/8" Cast Iron Burner, Holland (Replaces OEM Parts HGP111050, SG2-105), #SDCG - 16-1/2" X 24-14" Stainless Steel Cooking Grate (Replaces OEM Parts HGP183000, SG2-300), #SDSCS - Warming Rack (Secondary Cooking Surface), Holland and Phoenix (Replaces OEM BHA3002), #HOLLDEFL - Heat Distribution And Deflector Plate, Holland (Replaces OEM Part HGP181070), #HOLLSHLD - 9" X 4-1/4" Heat Shield, Holland (Replaces OEM Part HGP111060), #104007 - 3/8" Natural Gas Quick Connect Fitting With Integral On/Off Ball Valve, #104406 - 3/8" Natural Gas Quick Connect Fitting, #3090 - "3" Hour Timer/Automatic Gas Shut Off Valve, #3090-01 - Control Knob "Only", For "3" Hour Timer/Automatic Shut Off Valve, #3092 - "1" Hour Timer/Automatic Gas Shut Off Valve, #3092-01 - Control Knob "Only", For "1" Hour Timer/Automatic Shut Off Valve, #5520-11T - Gas Connection Box With 1-Hour Timer/Automatic Shut Off Valve, #5520-13T - Gas Connection Box With 3-Hour Timer/Automatic Shut Off Valve, #65909 - 30" Propane (LP) Gas Hose and Regulator Assembly, #99281 - 40" LP Hose and Regulator Assembly With Female Hex Nut Manifold Connector, #NG10 - 10 Foot Natural Gas 3/8" Hose With Quick Connect, #NG12 - 12 Foot Natural Gas 3/8" Hose With Quick Connect, #NG14 - 14 Foot Natural Gas 3/8" Hose With Quick Connect, #PR-SU - Gas Pressure Regulator, Convertible (NG Or LP), #GGK9 - "Knob" For Rotary Igniter/Spark Generator With "Round" Knob Shaft, #HOLLELECT - Electrode, Holland (Replaces OEM Parts HGP147510, SG4-751), #HOLLIGNKT - Complete Rotary Igniter Kit, Holland (Replaces OEM Part BHA3054), #UP5B - Single Pole Manual "Rotary" Spark Generator And Knob, #HOLLDRIP - Drip Pan, Holland (Replaces OEM Parts HGP160000, AG4-281, SS3-600), #HOLLPIPE - Drain Pipe For Bottom Drip Tray, Holland (Replaces OEM Part SG4-910), #SDDPS - Drip Tray Scraper, Stainless Steel (Holland), #SDDV - 3/4" Grease Drain Valve, Holland And Phoenix (Replaces OEM Part HGP149090), #SDGB - Grease Bucket, Holland And Phoenix (Replaces OEM Part SG2-1000), #17302 - Set of Two "Firespice" Cedar Planks, #3100107 - "Citrusafe" Complete Grill Cleaning Care Kit, #41338 - Stainless Steel Kabob Skewer Set With Collapsible Support Rack, #6416 - 9" X 13" Large Disposable Aluminum Foil Pans, Pack of 10, #6434 - Large Deep Stainless Steel Grilling Basket, #6435 - Large Flat Stainless Steel Grilling Pan, #6470 - Small Stainless Steel Fish Basket, #6471 - Large Stainless Steel Fish Basket, #6493 - Weber 21" Round Bristle Grill Brush, #6535 - Premium Gloves -Size Large/X-Large, #6536 - Premium Gloves -Size Small/Medium, #66009 - Premium Universal Rotisserie Kit, #6726 - Deluxe Stainless Steel Skewers, "Set of 4", #7137 - Weber Premium Propane Gas Tank Cover, #7203 - Weber "iGrill 2" Bluetooth Thermometer, #7204 - Weber "iGrill 3" Bluetooth Thermometer, "Exclusively" For Weber Spirit II, Genesis II And Genesis II LX (2017 And Newer), #7211 - "iGrill" Pro "Meat" Temperature Probe, #7212 - "iGrill" Pro "Ambient" Temperature Probe, #7421 - "Gourmet BBQ System" Cast Iron Griddle, #7425 - "Gourmet BBQ System" Cast Iron Wok, #7617 - Stainless Steel Expansion Rack, Weber "Elevations Tiered Cooking System", #80064 - GrillPro Propane Gas Level Indicator, #8836 - "Gourmet BBQ System" Pizza Stone With Carry Rack, #GGWB10 - "SearMagic" Narrow Brass Bristle Cleaning Brush, #GGWB5 - Wooden Scraper Cleaning Tool For MHP "SearMagic" Cooking Grids, #JPT - Stainless Steel Jalapeno Grilling Tray, #MB-1B - Universal Stainless Steel Rotisserie Motor Bracket, #SF-1 - 18" Stainless Steel Super Flipper Spatula.

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