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Upon arriving in Tokyo, Algren finds the Imperial Army is now a well-trained and fully equipped fighting force. In the summer of 1876, Captain Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise), is a disenchanted ex-United States Army captain and an alcoholic. Ward became executive producer on the film – working in development on it for nearly four years and after approaching several directors (Francis Ford Coppola, Peter Weir), until he became interested with Edward Zwick. | [5] Critical reception in Japan was generally positive. He is one of the most dedicated, loyal and fierce samurai under Katsumoto. Algren and Taka, Katsumoto's sister and the widow of a samurai killed by Algren, develop an unspoken affection for each other. Bagley dismisses Algren's concerns and orders a regiment to track down and engage Katsumoto.When the regiment arrives at the battlefield, Bagley moves to the rear and orders Algren to do the same, since the Americans are technically non-combatants. "[7], Todd McCarthy, a film critic for the Variety magazine, wrote: "Clearly enamored of the culture it examines while resolutely remaining an outsider's romanticization of it, yarn is disappointingly content to recycle familiar attitudes about the nobility of ancient cultures, Western despoilment of them, liberal historical guilt, the unrestrainable greed of capitalists and the irreducible primacy of Hollywood movie stars. At a government meeting, Omura orders Katsumoto's arrest for carrying a sword in public and asks him to perform seppuku to redeem his honor. Algren saves Katsumoto's life, and then helps defend the village. The film is based on an original screenplay entitled "The Last Samurai", from a story by John Logan. The cowardly but respectful Omura merely lowers his head and backs away.In a voice over, Simon Graham reveals that Algren was never heard from again, but he surmises that Algren likely returned to the samurai village and to Taka. In the years following his army service, Algren makes his living by telling war stories to gun show audiences in San Francisco, an experience which further hampers his mental state and stimulates him to drink. While various rumors regarding his fate circulate, Graham concludes that Algren has finally found peace as he is seen returning to the village and reuniting with Taka. "[15], According to history professor Cathy Schultz, "Many samurai fought Meiji modernization not for altruistic reasons but because it challenged their status as the privileged warrior caste. | This location was chosen due to the fact that Egmont/Mount Taranaki resembles Mount Fuji, and also because there is a lot of forest and farmland in the Taranaki region. He has been traumatized by his experience fighting in the Civil War and the Indian Wars. Several of the village scenes were shot on the Warner Bros. Studios backlot in Burbank, California. Trailer . Filming took place in New Zealand, mostly in the Taranaki region, with Japanese cast members and an American production crew. He was opposed to the excessively rapid changes in Japanese society and was particularly disturbed by the shabby treatment of the warrior class." When Omura tries to protest, the Emperor then offers him Katsumoto's sword, retorting that if the dishonor is too great to bear, he should commit seppuku. Some scenes were shot in Kyoto and Himeji, Japan. Several of the village scenes were shot on the Warner Bros. Studios backlot in Burbank, California. That same year, Koyuki made her Hollywood film debut in The Last Samurai. As the Imperial Army marches to crush the rebellion, a grieving Katsumoto contemplates Seppuku, but Algren convinces him to fight until the end, and joins the samurai in battle. Koyuki plays Taka, the sister of Lord Katsumoto and wife of the red-masked Fed up with Algren's perpetual drunkenness, his employer fires him. A wave of samurai swordsmen, Katsumoto and Algren among them, attack the disorganized body of soldiers before they can recover from the arrow attack. There were 13 filming locations altogether. His forces take Algren to their isolated village, where Algren gradually recovers in a house belonging to Hirotaro's family, including his widow Taka, her two sons, Higen and Magojiro, and Katsumoto's son, Nobutada (Shin Koyamada).Over time, Algren overcomes both his alcoholism and the nightmares of his traumatic past, and begins to assimilate to village life, although he does not adopt many Japanese customs. Believing what he has witnessed to be an omen, Katsumoto stops his warriors finishing off Algren and takes him prisoner. The Emperor then tells the American ambassador that his treaty is not in the best interests of Japan. And I'm gonna show you why he is one of the finest out there. Algren refuses Omura's offer to lead the new army to crush the rebels, due to his sympathy. The film stars Tom Cruise, who also co-produced, with Timothy Spall, Ken Watanabe, Billy Connolly, Tony Goldwyn, Hiroyuki Sanada, Koyuki, and Shin Koyamada in supporting roles. Once nursed to health, he learns to know and respect the old Japanese way, and participates as advisor in Katsumoto's failed attempt to save the Bushido tradition, but Omura gets repressive laws enacted. Algren confides in his journal that he has never felt entirely at peace until he came to live among Katsumoto and his people. The Last Samurai (2003) - Plot Summary - IMDb. As such, he said, the noble samurai leader Katsumoto "set my teeth on edge. 1), START-UP rants, discussions, facts, ANYTHING, 12 Japanese Celebrity Couples That Starred Together in Dramas, The Guilty Pleasures List: Top 11 Cutest Japanese Actors. While he is poorly treated at first, he eventually gains the samurai's respect and actually becomes friends with Katsumoto. Official Sites Character sheet for The Last Samurai. He fights skilfully, killing a number of attackers, earning Katsumoto's respect. The film was based on the stories of Jules Brunet, a French army captain who fought alongside Enomoto Takeaki in the earlier Boshin War and Frederick Townsend Ward, an American mercenary who helped westernize the Qing army by forming the Ever Victorious Army. The samurai use the Imperial Army's overconfidence to lure them into a trap and deprive them of artillery support. [4] It peaked at number 24 on the US Top Soundtracks chart. Taka also gives him her dead husband Hirotaro's armor and they kiss as Algren leaves.When the Imperial Army confronts the samurai's rebel forces, the samurai fall back to higher ground, preventing the Imperial soldiers from using their superior firepower. Katsumoto offers his counsel to the young Emperor, to whom he was once a teacher. Check out what's hot or not in this Winter 2017 Japanese Drama Preview! Hiroyuki Sanada as Ujio. The film stars Tom Cruise, who also co-produced, with Timothy Spall, Ken Watanabe, Billy Connolly, Tony Goldwyn, Hiroyuki Sanada, Koyuki, and Shin Koyamada in supporting roles. [3] All music on the soundtrack was composed, arranged, and produced by Hans Zimmer, performed by the Hollywood Studio Symphony, and conducted by Blake Neely. Katsuta still found fault with the film's idealistic, "storybook" portrayal of the samurai, stating: "Our image of samurai is that they were more corrupt." Jeffrey A. Okun, Thomas Boland, Bill Mesa, Ray McIntyre Jr. "[20], This article is about the film. Algren then orders Sergeant Gant to report to the rear as well, but Gant refuses out of personal loyalty to Algren. They set fires that cut the enemy's immediate fighting strength in half and the samurai then unleash volleys of arrows on the infantrymen. Being famous for his eccentric, unique and weird choices of roles, this guy has climbed up to the top and became one of the most recognizable Japanese actors ever. | On foot, he desperately fends off several samurai with a broken spear embroidered with a flag depicting a white tiger. Days later, as trade negotiations conclude, Algren, though injured, arrives and interrupts the proceedings. However, when the untried Imperial soldiers are sent too early into battle against the seasoned men of the samurai leader, Katsumoto, Algren will find himself captured as a prisoner of war. Moved by the sight of the dying samurai, who charged fearlessly despite the Imperial soldiers' superior firepower, the captain of the Imperial troops (who was originally trained by Algren) orders the Gatling guns to cease fire, against Omura's wishes. Days later, as trade negotiations conclude, Algren, though injured, arrives and interrupts the proceedings. The film stars Tom Cruise, who also co-produced, with Timothy Spall, Ken Watanabe, Billy Connolly, Tony Goldwyn, Hiroyuki Sanada, Koyuki, and Shin Koyamada in supporting roles. Bagley is killed by Algren, but the samurai are quickly mowed down by gatling guns.

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