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So there you go. Links to their social media account can be found below: DW: https://www.facebook.com/dwdrums/?tn-str=k*F. UPDATE: Drum Workshop has publicly announced that they do not align themselves with hate. Thats why she will now pay dearly for it. I share the following from SM’s fb post in hopes it will help open a few closed hearts. I’m in artist relations and have been bitten a time or two but nothing like this. We all have to change!!! If my friends, colleagues, and I don’t have any guarantee to things like that, then I’m not going to say that someone who, frankly, deserves it less than we do is entitled to them. To have that much hate in side her should cause her music to be spoiled just like sour milk. By lending your signature below, you demand that those who contract her or abide in any professional arrangement such as providing tour and logistic support, equipment sponsorship, etc., immediately separate their professional entity from any and all future engagements and opportunities in which this intolerant, disrespectful and bigoted individual is associated with.Drum Workshop Drums is listed as a key supplier, however they indicate that they have taken steps to address this issue. Hi Kevin, Thanks for sharing this important message. ( HYPOCRITES!). You believe this? Being a descendant of a slave is still a massive disadvantage. They didn’t get on a boat thinking it was an all expense paid cruise. The ocean liners to Africa are ready to board. INSPIRED. FBI repots on crime clearly show that in the US most murders are committed by people of the same ethnic group as the victim. It lets music directors, managers, agents KNOW that you are an accomplished musician, and one that other musicians/artists enjoy working with. Ive personally seen how disrespectful the are and how sexist the are to white females who want show case there talent. Michael Wysolovski. It can cross over into unacceptable behavior She is free to express her opinion. Yep, she has a right to her opinion; nobody’s putting her in jail, and I’ll defend her right to say it without being prosecuted. …… but we’re all supposed to be blamed when one of their kind receives the short end of the stick by law enforcement. “you were never a slave. You troubled souls salivating over the destruction of this woman’s career for speaking truths are not remotely nice people. This country was built on the backs of Black slaves. did obama make a comment with this woman or did trump add to this woman comments ? Here’s what we know. Give me a fucking break. In fact, it’s a good lesson for the rest of us… let’s not let bigotry and hatred ever set the tone for social behavior.

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