herbicide mixing cheat sheet


For example: If you need 3 pounds per acre of acid equivalent and the product contains 2 pounds per gallon, divide 3 by 2 to get 1.5 gallons per acre. After you’ve calibrated the sprayer to know your application rate in gallons per acre, divide that number into the gallons applied with each tankful to find how many acres each tankful covers. True, emeritus Extension engineer, Reviewed by Jonathan Chaplin, agricultural engineer, College of Science and Engineering and the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences. Note that treated area is the test course length multiplied by the width; or the course length multiplied by the band width, multiplied by the number of bands. USDA-NRCS June 2012 Wisconsin Job Sheet 387 • Spraying shall not be planned in the following areas: 1. Note the time it takes to spray the course, in seconds.

Many weeds are genetically variable, and some of the genetic strains (biotypes) within a species are less susceptible to certain herbicides. How to calculate herbicide rates and calibrate herbicide applicators Uniformly applying chemicals at proper rates is essential for effective pest control. Herbicide mixing cheat sheet. For example: Assume you have a 30-foot sprayer that holds 500 gallons, and you want to apply an herbicide at 3 pounds of active ingredient per acre. If you change nozzles or pressure, check the height again.

This is usually given in gallons per acre and is listed with the herbicide recommendations or on the product label. To measure the amount applied by the sprayer, follow these steps: Check the output of all the nozzles to make sure they’re flowing at the same rate. Uniformly applying chemicals at proper rates is essential for effective pest control. 2 0 obj How to calculate herbicide rates and calibrate herbicide applicators. stream If you use a flow meter to measure flow through the nozzle, the meter will show gallons per minute (GPM) for each nozzle.

To check the distribution pattern across the boom, operate over a smooth, bare area. Herbicide rates may be given in terms of active ingredient or acid equivalent per acre treated, or as pounds or volume of commercial product per acre. ©

If a nozzle is flowing more than 10 percent over its rated capacity, or more than 5 percent above or below the average of all the nozzles on the boom, replace it. herbicide is then absorbed by roots in the treated area. If 3 pounds of active ingredient are needed per acre, and the product is an 80 percent powder, then divide 3 by 0.80 to get 3.75 pounds, the amount of powder needed per acre. Water Soluble Formulations Water soluble (S) formulations of herbicides mix thoroughly with water and stay in solution even without agitation. This is how much product you need. Pounds of active ingredient per acre / concentration = 3 pounds per acre / 0.80 = 3.75 lbs. ����+�AAFvzĹE/����7}j�˧�zGNB�'!•�i�>���r�>���Etj> �G�ܢB�0D���d� 87iזBV�u�C�z?�&�%O��r����c[��4)��K��C��Y�����p�`ۢ]H5( ���h'�J�-�J� �U���W�!����G3ԃ7{��7�5���Դ��Ӆ�N���Id`M��х2R" �(�N���9|K�Xx�LZ^��&�y��ߊH���H!����JK8��D������B�t��.��ؐ�r��I�����rn�s`+�tI a�wq@�%E�5](uU�E�'is��_N�_���ܼP?��`��#� 伐A:��B�)�Y�����8 ��2�Ma+B� d�B�2*Jx��Zd;�Q�O�Ơ���Ʈ^�p+cz�>3X�.���jHz.

Figure out the gallons per acre: Gallons per acre = Gallons per test x 43,560 / treated area. Typical amounts range from 10 to 30 gallons per acre. The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.
Regents of the University of Minnesota. To calculate the amount needed for band application, multiply the broadcast rate by the band width divided by the row width. Herbicide mixing cheat sheet. Also, 43,560 is the number of square feet per acre. A slight variation in the application rate with some chemicals may result in poor control of the pest or injury to the crop or environment, causing lost time, effort and money. Set the boom at the proper height above the ground and spray slowly so the spray wets the ground.
They do not separate and settle out in their containers, even if stored for long periods of time. The product comes as an 80 percent wettable powder. Acid equivalent indicates the amount of an acid herbicide in a formulation. Then divide the pounds per acre of acid equivalent needed by the pounds per gallon contained in the product.

Buy your mobiles, mobile accessories, computers, kitchen appliances and more from the comfort of your home. The application rate in the treated area should be the same for both the band and the broadcast application. Drive the test course with the applicator running. To measure the output of dry material applicators: Tie plastic bags over the ends of the delivery tubes. The applicator must be set to put on 6 pounds of the granules per acre. For example: A 3-pound-per-acre rate requires 3 pounds of herbicide for each crop acre in a broadcast application, but only 1 pound is needed to apply the herbicide in 10-inch bands on 30-inch rows.

With clean water in the tank, set the pressure at the proper level for the nozzles you’re using and adjust the nozzle height for uniform coverage.

PA Contract Examples: Arsenal (2S), Garlon 3A For liquids, the concentration may be given in acid equivalent. You can reduce the amount of herbicide needed by as much as two-thirds by banding the application over the row and controlling the weeds in the middle with mechanical cultivation.

Herbicides may be applied broadcast (uniformly over the entire field surface) or in bands (narrow strips of herbicide centered over the row, with the area between rows left untreated). Commercial products contain different amounts of active ingredients or acid equivalent. If you have to calculate from the active ingredient amount, use one of the following methods.

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