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He managed to overcome this handicap and help the team to Quidditch Cup victories in 1996 and 1997. 2. [1] Gryffindor Quidditch team however failed to win the Quidditch Cup during school years of 1986–1987, 1987–1988, 1988–1989, and 1989–1990. Coote is described as "weedy" but has good aim with Bludger, hitting Harper in the game against Slytherin. In the 1993–1994 school year, the team is said by Lee Jordan to be "the best team Hogwarts has seen in the last few years". The new Beaters, Coote and Peakes, are relatively good but inexperienced. Quidditch team information Angelina Johnson joins the team in her second year as a Chaser. Harry caught the Snitch in record time and won the game for Gryffindor. This happened after she insinuated that the only reason he made the team was because of his father's generous donation of Nimbus 2001s. He was a superb Seeker whose amazing feats of flying won many matches for the Gryffindor team. Even with these two excellent players, Slytherin takes the Cup. https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/British_and_Irish_Quidditch_League He seemed to have quite a bit of trouble with his bat, actually, since during one practice he managed to knock himself out with it. Ravenclaw is too good. Harry's Nimbus 2000 was blown to the Whomping Willow which destroyed it.[12]. After Lee left, commentary was provided by Zacharias Smith and Luna Lovegood. The team's emblem is black and scarlet and consists of a Snitchand star. I dont know very much about pro football so Id like some football/team/player related references. The Gryffindor Quidditch Team of Hogwarts is drawn from the students of Gryffindor House.The team wear robes of scarlet red. Therefore, for that final match, Ginny Weasley played as Seeker, and her position as a Chaser was taken over once again by Dean Thomas. The following year, Angelina Johnson took over as captain in her seventh year. Known players [17], 1996 tryouts under the captaincy of Harry Potter. The Gryffindor Quidditch team is the Quidditch team of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry's Gryffindor House. Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World. [14] On the first Saturday after the Easter holidays, Gryffindor played Slytherin. 1990-91 - Charlie's last year, but for some reason Oliver, a fourth year, is made captain. He was on the team the year before Harry joined, which would have been in his second year. Slytherin wins the Quidditch Cup but not the House Cup (1985), Slytherin wins both the Quidditch Cup and the House Cup (1986), Slytherin wins both the Quidditch Cup and the House Cup (1987), Slytherin wins both the Quidditch Cup and the House Cup (1988), Slytherin wins both the Quidditch Cup and the House Cup (1989), Slytherin wins both the Quidditch Cup and the House Cup (1990), Slytherin wins both the Quidditch Cup and the House Cup (1991), Gryffindor wins the Quidditch Cup and House Cup (1994), Harry serves his first detention with Snape, Quidditch match: Gryffindor vs. Ravenclaw (1997), The Death Eaters: A Guide To Who Was Where, Albus Potter and the lesson in Quantum Mechanics, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, End of term feast: Gryffindor wins both the Quidditch Cup and House Cup, Quidditch Through the (Weasleys’) Ages or, The Unusual Career of Charles Weasley. The captain leads practices, devises strategies, and sees to the induction of new players into the team. Professor Quirrell then began to magically interfere with Harry's broom, but Harry was saved when Hermione Granger cast a spell to start a small fire in the stand that Quirrell was occupying. He was captain of the team and such a good Seeker that he could have played for England. Oliver went on to play for Puddlemere United's reserve team after leaving Hogwarts. “Harry Potter fans can now unearth the real-life towns and villages inspiring the names of Quidditch teams and we ask anyone planning a visit to Falmouth to first check national and local travel guidance on coronavirus to ensure their visit is made safely. Hogwarts Quidditch Cup The wind was so powerful that the players staggered sideways as they walked onto the very muddy pitch.

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