harrogate coat of arms


The main colours of blue and gold are taken from the arms of the Northallerton UDC and small white and green wavy bars represent the rivers and hills in the district.

Granted 26th February 1935, the Mirfield Urban District.

The eagle, probably for John the Evangelist, the patron saint of the Beverley Minster, may have appeared on the 16th-century town seal and the quartered arms were seen on another seal in 1584-5; they were used later on a seal and on the waits' and mayor's chains. The arm held aloft holding a bottle represents the glass industry of Knottingley. The official arms retain the serpents combined with emblems of the sea and Yorkshire roses.

Some rooms enjoy a street view and all benefit from H2K of Harrogate toiletries and a flat-screen TV. The green shield alludes to the fields and woods of Kirklees.

The property has a contemporary bar with local real ales, restaurant, free parking and free WiFi. The supporters are the same as those of the County Borough, only transposed for difference. Harrogate England Enamel Charm, Sterling Silver Enamel Shield Charm, Harrogate Coat of Arms Charm, Enamel Shield Charm, Akkkkkkdkkkkk kkbkkkykkk kkkPoppiesBeadsnMore, Sale Price $17.31

The purple lion is from the arms of the De Lacy family, Lords of the Honour of Pontefract. Motto 'JUVAT IMPIGROS DEUS' - God aids the diligent.
Crest and supporters granted 7th November 1921.

The blue half of the shield and gold band are from the arms of the Scropes, the most important family historically in the district, and the red half is from the arms of the Borough of Richmond. Forster, of Burley, MP for Bradford, who obtained the passing of the Education Act 1870, and thus secured free education for all children.

The jockey wears the colours of the late Mr William l'Anson, an owner of racehorses and Blink Bonny training establishment at Norton.

A youth up the Lord's offer, and lay in wait near the well, ready to catch his quarry and thereby claim his reward. The mount in the crest stands for the local rocky moors and the old Roman fort is typified by the crown which is fashioned like a palisade. Motto 'AUDACTER ET SINCERE' - Boldly and frankly. The castellation of the crowns may also allude to the many well-known castles in the District. The presence of the Yorkshire rose requires no explanation. The heraldic fountain probably refers to Hornsea Mere, the largest natural lake in Yorkshire. BADGE: A Rose of nine petals Argent barbed proper and charged with a Roundel Vert thereon a Bar wavy Argent charged with a barrulet wavy Azure. The red crown alludes to the Duchy of Lancaster, which was granted the Castle and Manor of Pickering in 1267. ARMS: Argent on a Fess Sable between three Stags' Heads caboshed a Fountain proper all within a Bordure embattled Azure.

Granted 16th July 1976.

The motto would have appealed to the civic pride of the hillmen of Baildon and appears to be taken from a hymn attributed to St. Ambrose. Richmond itself was founded by William the Conqueror as one of his bastions and fortresses for the surveillance and domination of the north. *ARMS: Or three barrulets wavy Azure over all three Mill-rinds Gules. CREST: Out of a Circlet Azure charged with a Crescent Argent between two Mullets of six points Or a Bull's Head Sable armed Gold; Mantled Sable doubled Or.

The canton shows the historic arms of the former City of Wakefield. View basket for details. ARMS: Per pale Or and Azure a Standard of three points mounted on a Car the pole ensigned with a Cross Formy all between two Lions rampant anciently crowned the dexter Lion contournée the whole counterchanged. The gold four-towered castle alludes to the now ruined Thorpe Hall or Castle which was built circa 1570 by a member of the Sandford family and was for a time the home of the Osbornes, chief lords of the manor for centuries. Signed with European silver hallmarks. CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours in front of a Cross patonce fitchée Azure an Owl as in the Arms. Here the castle is depicted without flags, recalling the version seen in the Charter of 1467, and perpetuated in the castle in the arms of the Doncaster RDC. Motto 'INDUSTRIA DIDAT' - Progress through industry. CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours a demi Eagle Or gorged with a Collar Gules pendent therefrom a Miner's Lamp proper and charged on each wing with a Lacy Knot Sable. A Ribston Pippin Apple tree stands between two ears of wheat. Granted 7th February 1883, to the Keighley Borough Council. The cross represents Burley and is a copy the cross erected there in memory of the Rt Hon. The seahorse and trident, suggested by the supporters of Holderness, refer to the maritime interests of the area. The motto, from from Psalm 127:1, was previously used in its Latin form.

The two white roses of York representing the parishes of Maltby and Stainton, are from the arms of the West Riding County Council. The tower in the badge represents the principal castle in the district, Richmond, fortified against all comers. The roses refer to Yorkshire.

The emblems on the fess stand for the textile industry. The background of ten white and blue bars are the basis of thearms of the ancient Hotham family of Scorborough Hall, one member of which was responsible for the building of the tower of All Saints' Church, Driffield. The heraldic badge combines the historically important wheat-sheaf and crown from the shield within the garland of three white roses of York from the Crest, arranged in shield form. A hunter took up the Lord's offer, and lay in wait near the well, ready to catch his quarry and thereby claim his reward. The falcon and padlock are taken from the arms of Joseph Locke, the eminent civil engineer who was The two supporters, Vulcan and Thor, are appropriate for a place whose prosperity is almost entirely founded on the working of metal. Motto 'TRADITION AND PROGRESS'. The eagle represents the Roman occupation of the town and the white roses are for Yorkshire.

CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours on the Battlements of a Tower proper a Wyvern Gules gorged with a Collar compony counter compony Or and Azure and resting the dexter foot on a Cross patonce Vair.

The gold ring represents unity and the six fleur-de-lys, signify not only growth, but are also another Royal symbol, representing the six authorities now joined in Richmondshire and united and flourising. From its neck hangs the shield of William de Vesci, Lord of Malton, whose descendants continued in the Lordship for many generations.

SUPPORTERS: On the dexter a Lion Azure guardant armed and langued Gules gorged with a Wreath of Barley supporting between the forelegs a Trident Or on the sinister a demi-Horse Argent langued Gules maned Or the feet webbed Vert conjoined to the lower half of a Hippocampus Vert supporting between the forelegs set upon a Staff a Cross fleury Gules. The youth then arrived, explained the true circumstances of the defeat showing the boar's tongue as evidence of his veracity and received his rightful reward. Thus the local coal, steel, quarrying and agriculture are all represented. The first hunter then arrived, explained the true circumstances of the defeat showing the boar's tongue as evidence of his veracity and received his rightful reward. CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours in front of a Dragon's Head erased Gules entwined by a Serpent Or a Fountain proper. The boar's head, as in the former City's crest, refers to the legend of the boar of Cliffe Wood. Granted 3rd March 1952 to the Castleford Urban District Council. CREST: On a Mural Crown Gules two Lions combatant Or supporting a Short Sword proper; Mantled Gules lined Argent. CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours a Lion rampant Argent gorged with a Collar and holding between the paws an Antique Shield Azure charged with eight Arrows as in the Arms.

The gryphon, like that in the County Borough crest, is derived from the crest of the Wentworth family of Wentworth Woodhouse. ARMS: Ermine a Rose Argent barbed and seeded proper and en Soleil Or on a Chief Gules three Roses of the second barbed Vert seeded Gold; the whole ensigned by a Mural Crown Or.

Granted 22nd October 1947.

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