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| After having escaped punishment for his previous crimes against nature, Victor Frankentstein resumes his work – both as a medical doctor and as an experimental scientist. Hammer has a back catalogue of nearly […] | | 9,489

83 min Michael Gwynn, Unrated Through a daliance with one of the czarina's ladies in waiting he soon ... See full summary », Director: Terence Fisher |
John Phillips, | Director: Ray Barrett, Stars: Though Pitt leaves us pining for more opportunities to see her dynamic acting abilities on display, this film showcases her unique talent in an intriguing package of a story. |

91 min

Heather Sears,

Freddie Francis Terence Fisher

Stars: Barbara Shelley, Unrated The chief merit of this film is certainly Lee’s dynamic performance, which he throws himself into with gusto.

No, it's not an act of compassion; Victor's sole motive is to gain his colleague's research data to further his own work.

Based loosely on real events, the Countess in question discovers that bathing in the blood of young women has a physically rejuvenating effect on her. | | Drama, Fantasy, Horror. Christopher Lee,

Terence Fisher

| Terence Fisher Valerie Leon, 85 min

Stars: 91 min Christopher Lee, None other than Joan Fontaine (Rebecca, Suspicion, Jane Eyre) joins the iconic club of actors who populate these classic films. However, only 1/3rd of Hammer films were horror! Peter Cushing, Stars: The Mummy (1959) 2. |

88 min

88 min In the early twentieth century, a Gorgon takes human form and terrorizes a small European village by turning its citizens to stone. Francis Matthews, Votes: | Jeanne Roland, Approved Terence Fisher Edward de Souza, Charles Gray, | Christopher Lee,

An archaeological expedition brings back to London the coffin of an Egyptian queen known for her magical powers.

Barbara Shelley, Director: David Buck, Horst Janson, With a handful of tools – iconic actors, small budgets, simple sets, beautiful heroines, and charismatic heroes – Hammer consistently nailed it, delivering one memorable horror film after another. Barbara Shelley, Baron Frankenstein escapes from the guillotine and goes to Germany. Terence Fisher Freddie Jones, In 18th Century Spain, an adopted boy becomes a werewolf and terrorizes the inhabitants of his town. | 87 min John Carson, Andrew Keir, | Gross:

Director: Director: Christopher Lee, "My ranking of all four The Mummy films in the Hammer series from 1959 to 1971.

Melissa Stribling, G


Peter Cushing and crew are resurrected for this second installment of the mad Doctor’s exploits, breathing new life into the familiar tale in the process. | | | Martita Hunt, Barbara Ewing, Approved A list of 60 films compiled on Letterboxd, including The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958), Let Me In (2010), Dracula (1958), The Curse of Frankenstein (1957) and The Hound of the Baskervilles (1959). Stars:

| James Donald, Captain Kronos is a professional vampire hunter whose services are required in a small village where youth-draining spectres are hard at work. Francis Matthews, Yvonne Furneaux, Sounds like nothing can go wrong with this experiment, right? | | Maureen Connell, | John Gilling Terence Fisher 91 min Tell us what you think about this feature. Director: John Gilling Christopher Lee, Seth Holt,

$0.80M, Not Rated | Stars: | Terence Fisher Seth Holt, | Stars: Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb (1971) 3. Having shown her talent for dramatic acting in earlier gothic films, Fontaine lends those skills to the Hammer universe. 94 min | Terence Fisher Michael Carreras Director: Hammer is synonymous with horror, after defining the genre in Britain with classics such as Dracula, The Curse of Frankenstein and The Mummy, which spawned numerous sequels. Oliver Reed,

| 4,213 Devil worshipers plan to convert two new victims. | | Director:

In 1895, British archaeologists find and open the tomb of Egyptian Princess Ananka with nefarious consequences.

Yvonne Furneaux, Stars: André Morell, André Morell, Noel Willman, The great Christopher Lee playing the most famously corrupt, scheming, fraudulent, hypnotist of a holy man in history? 8,753 The professor and his ... See full summary », Director: Adventure, Horror.

The great Ingrid Pitt was given a well-deserved chance at the starring role in Countess Dracula, and she made it a memorable one.

Horror. Her spirit returns in the form of a young girl and strange things start to happen. Privacy Policy (http://www.tasteofcinema.com/privacy-notice-and-cookies/) Theme by, Taste of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists, The 10 Best Hammer Horror Movies of All Time, Taste of Cinema – Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists, The 10 Best Indie Sci-fi Films of The 21st Century. Madeline Smith, Jacqueline Pearce, R When car trouble strands a honeymooning couple in a small Southern European village, an aristocratic family in the area reaches out to help them with sinister consequences. About this list: Best to worst Christopher Lee. Stars: Not Rated Horror. Director: | Horror. |

Fred Clark, Michael Carreras "He who robs the graves of Egypt dies! Don Sharp | Gross: |

When a nobleman is threatened by a family curse on his newly inherited estate, detective Sherlock Holmes is hired to investigate. 78 min

| Stars: Director: Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter (1974) – Brian Clemens.

Tell us what you think in the Comments Section below! Christopher Lee,

Vampire hunter Van Helsing returns to Transylvania to destroy handsome bloodsucker Baron Meinster, who has designs on beautiful young schoolteacher Marianne. Catherine Feller, PG-13

Noel Willman, 82 min

| Forrest Tucker, 81 min Marla Landi, Unrated

Horror. Arnold Marlé, PG Christopher Lee, Taste of Cinema 2019. Nike Arrighi, | Ronald Lewis, | My ranking of all four The Mummy films in the Hammer series from 1959 to 1971. | Ronald Howard, The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb (1964) That was our list of Hammer Mummy films. Stars: | Horror, Sci-Fi. Rupert Davies, | Terence Fisher 84 min 6. | Director: | Seth Holt Pippa Steel,

Yes, please. | Do you agree with our order? Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed (1969) - The series' fourth film finds Victor Frankenstein performing a brain transplant to "cure" a fellow scientist's insanity.

The rebirth of the gothic horror film, wresting audiences back from the atomic horrors of 1950s science fiction. Clifford Evans, Hammer Mummy Movies Ranked Best to Worst by Horror_Metal | created - 06 Sep 2018 | updated - 06 Sep 2018 | Public "He who robs the graves of Egypt dies!"

A mysterious artifact is unearthed in London, and famous scientist Bernard Quatermass is called into to divine its origins and explain its strange effects on people. Horror, Thriller. Adventure, Horror, Mystery. Horror. $0.10M, Approved But dark forces seem to have followed her, and the teacher receives warnings that a sinister cult is on her trail. With a title like this, a movie could be impossibly awesome or epically disastrous. Peter Cushing,

Stars: Below are ten of the best to add to your watchlist. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc.

Peter Cushing, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Ann Todd, Freda Jackson, Approved Contents. Movie fans don’t flock to Rasputin for its nuanced screenplay or its groundbreaking visuals; they line up to see Christopher Lee light up the screen – and are never disappointed. Stars: Director: |

Ingrid Pitt, British archaeologists and their American investor ship an Egyptian mummy's sarcophagus to London but someone has the amulet to revive the mummy that will then kill all those who disturbed its tomb. Director: Director: |

Directors: Elizabeth Sellars, PG Hazel Court, With a handful of tools – iconic actors, small budgets, simple sets, beautiful heroines, and charismatic heroes – Hammer consistently nailed it, delivering one memorable horror film after another. When Castle Dracula is exorcised by the Monsignor, it accidentally brings the Count back from the dead.

95 min Stars: These 18 films defined the Hammer horror brand. Margia Dean,

In an industry famous for bloated budgets and excessive extravagance, Hammer Film Productions always struck a blow for efficiency. Peter Cushing,

Adventure, Horror. Stars: James Villiers, Tell us what you think about this feature. 97 min Director: Stars: Biography, Drama, Horror, Thrown out of his monestary for licentious and drunken behaviour, Rasputin travels to St Petersburg to try his luck. | Andrew Keir, Peter Cushing, | Hammer's Frankenstein Films Ranked from Best to Worst Peter Cushing as Dr. Frankenstein. When it comes to casting, The Witches delivers the biggest surprise in the Hammer bag. Hammer horror films are legendary for doing a lot with a little, while almost magically repurposing constraint to fuel creativity. With bonafide classics like The Curse of Frankenstein and Horror of Dracula, and instantly iconic creature features like The Reptile (1966) and The Gorgon (1964) getting all the glory, there are some really good Hammer flicks that fall through the cracks.

The Countess promptly sets out to kill countless women in her 17th-century Hungarian empire and use them as a beauty balm. Christopher Lee,

Peter Cushing,


Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter lands somewhere in the middle; it manages to be one of Hammer’s better efforts without quite rising to the level of a classic. Hugh Burden, R Stars: Don Sharp Director: Director:

Julian Glover, Approved

| Val Guest Eddie Byrne, Approved | Peter Cushing, Horror. Peter Cushing, An acid-scarred composer has his dwarf helper bring an opera singer to his London sewer hide-out. 93 min Adventure, Horror. | Stars: $17.44M, Unrated Diane Clare, 88 min Edward de Souza, Stars: Stars:

Terence Fisher | |

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