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I recently use the help of Dr. Soula in win $200,000 in the lottery, my biggest before was 500 bucks and it have spend a lot buying ticket, All thanks to a friend who i saw his testimony online who say that Dr. Soula has also help him win the lottery so i took his advice and i give it a try, I believe that voodoo works and it real i will never stop thanking Dr. Soula cause after many years of playing lottery he finally make my dreams come to through. Winning the lottery is a dream come true for some while others might never be so lucky. If you continue using the site we'll assume that you are happy with it. But that didn’t stop me so I found it on YouTube and began to smile and joy over filled my heart. Thanks! Three of the drawn number belonged to the new range from 51 to 54. I couldn’t help but watch the happy dance of the winner – Maria Carreiro. Thank you for your encouraging words. God has nothing to do with it. That was how the children knew it was true. “That’s how old we were when he started playing that number. I know I sound crazy…. It is also best when you trust in your Faith in God that he will help us and that he can make you a millionaire! You can do whatever you want, you don’t need to suddenly start doing things. I started seeing repeating numbers the other day of 45. That way jackpot swells being carried over number of times. How did this happen? I have a feeling I will win the mega millions tonight. SO IT IS..?? I know, feel, believe, I will win the lottery…. My Dream is to be a life saver of all kinds of life like homeless people, animals needs and creating love to all as to teach all to get involved with me. Yes, I want to be a leader of love on Earth. ~cj, P.S.... you need more exposure! There’s no other like Him! As Thomas noted, this article needs more eyes on it! I will trust in the Lord always for He alone is where my help comes from. You can focus wheel this and just monitor your thoughts - refuse to think when it is not necessary. It would win soon after THE dream. Mr. Lundstedt told the press he had a strange feeling about Monday night’s Mass Cash drawing, in which he bought four tickets at Trucchi’s Supermarket in West Bridgewater. Can you Nostradamus your way to the top? The newscaster was announcing the winner of the $40 million lottery the previous night. The couple certainly deserves some luck and we hope the cash brings them happiness and health. It’s crazy how he did this, and it came out amazing. How do you know your god exists. Leave your comment below Cancel Reply. I am going to win and receive what the universe is giving me the chance to win national lottery that comes out on September 10. Only God can speak to you through dreams and visions. I'm happy for Maria. Coming to it from the point of view of the law of attraction, I have a feeling that Maria’s love for her family was invoked every time she thought about what she would be able to do for them all, not if, but when she won the lottery. And I also want to try each delicious food from each country of each state. Now, she’s claiming she will win the lottery again. A couple who had a premonition they’d win a few days after reading an article on what happens when you win the National Lottery…have won the National Lottery. Days later she bought the winning ticket after going to the post office to collect her child benefit. They are getting old and they must be very tired. God bless! Still, others go for random numbers. The winning numbers were 17,20,18,26,5 and the PB 7. Not really! Catering manager Kinge, who is married with three sons and lives near Aldershot, said she discovered her special talents at the age of 19. “Our win still doesn’t feel real but I’m feeling positive, calm and excited for what comes next.”, To join the conversation, please Log in. Still, your intuition could be impacting your luck to a certain degree. I would love to converse with you on loa and vibrational energy and what it truly takes create your on environment. Manifest it into reality. From Publix! I never have played scratch offs at this before in my life. I know I will win one day, I just know. That day my office aircon was on 17 and the office next door was on 20. Finally have a chance to live with piece of mind. Game freezes and you lose...”, “KippAbsolutly incompitent.Am ex defence member and private investor...”, © Copyright 2012 - 2020 | All Rights Reserved. Maria's dance is a traditional dance called "o vira" in Portugal! Talk to me about this, if you will. Pray for me. If you need help with that, I can prolly help you! The Lord has given me thousands of dreams of weather events that happen soon after the dream that THE LORD has given me. I would have gladly shared this on Facebook AND pinned it to my Pinterest boards! I’ve been dreaming about winning the lottery for a few months now and I feel like I’m going to win soon. Our win still doesn’t feel real but I’m feeling positive, calm and excited for what comes next.”. On top of that, the lottery jackpot was particularly how and Knudsen though to himself “hey, why not?” So he did buy a ticket and, guess what, he won 180 million dollars. It was tough for them to make ends meet and Taryn said “Throughout the tough times we’ve always tried to smile and be positive, to do what we can to help others and, above all, to give our children the best life we possibly can. But the law of attraction (desiring something particularly strong, which makes the universe respond), meditation and positive affirmations seem to have done the trick for some people. I’m going to win the lotto max jackpot today . Easy come, easy go ha, ha. He says “I bought a Gatorade, gave her a five, I had change. She wanted to win for herself I am sure, but she wanted to win so she could help her children and her grandchildren and her husband. The day before, I had told my colleagues at the bank in which I was spending my gap year that I was going to win. In 2005, 110 people won second place in the Powerball lottery. There are dozens of additional stories about people picking winning numbers in the weirdest possible way. . We even have it planned on how we will announce it to our family and children. I'm always happy for them because they're a role model for many of us. I am happy every time I see those who have not get something that make them happy. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: I accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. If I win five million dollars, the first thing I would do is to buy a big and comfortable single house for my family. I was happy for her too. I started seeing repeating numbers the other day of 45. I have had the feeling and the knowledge that I AM going to win the lottery. FAYETTEVILLE, NC (WTVD) -- A Fayetteville woman said she had a feeling she was going to win the $200,000 lottery prize. Other than trusting our gut feeling and law of attraction. I read about how she had been dreaming of winning. 3 nights ago I dreamt that I had a winning ticket or 10 Million Dollars..when I went into my local convenient store I checked my ticket and the same scenario happened in the dream..I heard the winning sound and I WON $100.00.. The couple broke the good news to their kids by buying them a Lindt chocolate bar as a treat, and have sent champagne to relatives as a surprise. I have been playing almost all the lotteries in the World. What if it goes wrong and my family suffers from such prosperity? Speak it, Believe it. Mr Hawkes, who is unable to work due to poor health, told The Mirror he had a premonition he would win a major cash prize several years ago, and that he believed it would be only a matter of time before he struck it lucky. Ive always had a feeling my entire life like I just knew in my lifetime I will win the lottery. I always do. “It’s not going to change too much for us. Then I come across your article and the video of her dance is no available. Photograph: Lewis Whyld/PA. “He kept throwing tickets in front of me and I’m, like, ‘Oh my God, are you freaking kidding me?’ It was crazy. In 2000, Lotto Texas announced a change in its conditions. The eastern Sydney resident won the guaranteed 1st Prize of $100,000 in Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw 10383, drawn Thursday 27 May 2020. But remembering one of many Abraham teachings there was one were he makes something very clear about having money! I won the Mega Millions grand prize today in Miami, FL November 15th 2019!

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