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B+L Technologies NU6-1128-PSX/E-RFI One lamp ballast (2) SHOW DETAILS. Looking for ADVANCE Advance, Magnetic, Fluorescent Ballast, Ballast Start Type Preheat, Input Voltage 120V AC (6V834)? Cross-reference guide for discontinued ballasts and drivers updated December 2014 Table of contents 1 Hi-lume ® LED Drivers 1 EcoSystem ® H-Series 2 Eco-10 ® 5 Tu-Wire ® 6 Hi-lume 7 Compact SE TM 9 Eco-10 TVE 01 tesa pl Adpater 12 Case type dimensions 51 yanWt r r a. However, it seems JavaScript is either disabled or not supported by your browser. stream %PDF-1.3 It is intended to offer assistance in selecting a Universal ballast which is functionally equivalent to the ballast being replaced. Radiant TLE72 32w and 40w … A2 MAGNETIC FLUORESCENT BALLAST ELECTRONIC FLUORESCENT BALLAST For more information contact our sales department at 1-800-325-7364 or visit 1709.1 Specifications subject to change without notice. Price $25.00. The ballasts use a starter to provide a small amount of voltage to preheat the bulbs' filaments before providing sufficient voltage to turn the light bulbs on. 5 0 obj JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to use this site. <> Caster Lighting BFE65 4-pin, 65w, 1-light, 120v, CFL (2) SHOW DETAILS . Product Cross Reference Grainger Part # GE Part # GE DESCRIPTION OSI Part # OSI DESCRIPTION Philips Part # PHILIPS DESCRIPTION 1E696 12589 11S14/IF 17453 11S14/IF-120V 167064 BC11S14/IF 130V 4V804 12621 11S14/R 17458 11S14/CR-115-125V 390062 11S14/TR 130V 4V804 12621 11S14/R 17487 11S14/TR 120V 390062 11S14/TR 130V 6V320 12647 11S14/TY 17488 11S14/TY-130V YEL … 1�?o�F�=2�Bq��~�g�y��#��uX��-`���5;aP=`I�P�����rx��Q�+��n�|fd�!d�#���7��wߘ)�l�Ί#����Kb��[$%��bOݓǻ��U����6�}��h��і�F���u��w�;���f�~�1��&.V����Z�3@��{;�C�-��!�v�h3?E�wt���־�A?��K���AXn��#+����֑������U��a�jv��j/5�G��TI a`���d:,�09�k6^� ,Ė�4M�����'����\�Ll Xd�΃�~�g�v 6E�0l�ˬ�$��2z �J��2�Ռa�V@�M̶�sS`H�C,,?W8^�f. With the latest energy-efficient ballast … We have been Canada's premiere industrial supplier for over 125 years with superior service and quality. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical support & more. *� Grainger's got your back. �..��ɢ�BD ��tp�eQ�>Ո�M��9��'�(�D�L�]w ��J)˔sʔ}S�$����J�����L�� d����;ׇ��$��.r7ɮs�S;�* Advance, Magnetic, Fluorescent Ballast, Ball... ~Lighting~Ballasts and Drivers~Fluorescent Ballasts, / If there is not an equivalent for a particular ballast, please contact us at 1-800-225-5278 to determine an appropriate product substitution. Information is subject to change without notice. Robertson ISU232T8120 1or2, F17-F32T8, 1 x F40T8, 12 (2) SHOW DETAILS. Access My Account, Order History, Lists and more here. �;$����¿wdP�U#t��:Bs%�ˁ|�S�5N�7(��>,�H���� ���Ӑ�>�I(Jsv?�~�+�R��-�}-��l��QJB|�lq��p����7_�&�|�����M^;�x�Q�������%[A�i4Ow1?,jٰP@�?J�#+I�н� ��Z�H�b}J��=�_�}H��vd�Ў˻��>{ԩ�)G*��TJwDA�5�1ǫb������v��6R���Yh����ݘ8D)]����4χ|�}S�t,y"��S�eU�b��wB1��)6`65D>m�L.Z�)Z)k�4����e|��Im��������@�-�X@Na�-x�4�EY�'�V�M��@RD�B�v��S�f -+�[8*���}߸d��t��OwKqQ)Z������K]#���W���~����s���(��,��φ���l�㟶�Ҷr��@�� U)׋K����܀Ye����v)� %Q��k8uNz!�F�¤o�y��)P��ҭ�%�[L� � ٟ���v�t������Dˤ�M�>���U�d@'�S&�A̘��G-^g�|�ë�dm8h!�g^Ʉ�t�����J��3�?aL���խ Sign In to access your account information. They have a longer lifespan and are less damaging to bulbs than trigger-start ballasts. ‘¯Bô�Ùt*fòfk8òrꦴ‹«3ƒ�ùÎÑ šÊØÜw°çÃBÆ“eS,Âu%օ윜nT’˜ tÙJ¯N#åõ G. each, Fluorescent & Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Ballasts. 2 Lighting Solutions Product Reference Contents 3 Sustainable solutions 4 T8 ballasts 7 T5 ballasts 8 CFL ballasts 9 Magnetic T12 conversion to electronic 9 Circline and signage ballasts 10 T12 ballasts 11 Controllable ballasts 12 eHID ballasts 13 HID ballast kits. �}ӿ���~� C����X/ߕR���������T�Kˍ�"-~:pA*kU!�!7���qY��ۻ�{����*�^�̄”Q3)ɵ�[���K�Ÿ/��T��-e��P�V��:Ǐ�K7ʌ1�H�x�R"�~p)!q~��~�4n2?�仮\x�(�6���8:#��������� ��!%���%kM(��w��UH>��o�����oB�ۖ�ƥ��/���K͘�2*I� �"��^�*ㄷ5�Ok�T�ԯQ��.�)�Ғ�����,�@�l�U�_����� H��ބ�S��%@�����i�D1������~ Preheat-start magnetic fluorescent ballasts usually take a few seconds to turn on fluorescent light bulbs. Philips-Advance ICN-2P32-N 1light, F17T8 to F40T8, 2 (2) SHOW DETAILS. Our LAMP/BALLAST CROSS REFERENCE helps customers identify which Inter-Global ballast operates which specific lamps. %�쏢 Lighting Solutions Product Reference 3 Lighting solutions for a sustainable future As concerns about energy utilization and its effect on global climate change continue to make headlines, everyone is looking for ways to cost-effectively reduce their impact on the environment and comply with current energy efficiency regulations. Find your GE BALLAST MAGNETIC T9 68190 at Grainger Canada, formerly Acklands-Grainger. x��][�ݶ~?�B@_V����c�Nj�q6�\�!pl7@�4I��_R7��)���e�sE���� ����ׂT����%�~R�t��_����:��~,�ݺⶠ����}�u-W��V�"���x���MI��T^�V�J���/�K���ɷ���J���������3I(�z^v)�����C Amax HD150-120 150w, 120Vac input, 12Vac output, hal (1) SHOW DETAILS. ����s�\ٌ� 5�fVb�]nQ 77� ���?�e��1�A���3��Q*a �!B�V)_�وj` ��l/��O��l����R��kD �,���]�����qd�V=�OU��s�x�̂d�ƅp�8a&�P��Q6�D t�o��]k��4�Ɩ�������XLT1V�Mƪ��Ί�L�\iܔ�E�� � )){��_��k�����P)C9�_n��[��L�2/�+����*���55�P��s This Cross Reference Guide is provided for informational purposes. 13 HID ballast kits. Enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, and then try again. öÍİSõ3ë™Ï-ÓÈ�±, i}#q²OÆ@cbâ¡fFíŸ�KÏ̶4*ìºiœquÃV‡C¬ó–:}ãI>1 hÊ„‡� £Õ’¥Lsvæ¬,V;'¶BÂaó•q;,>1išŒ†�üê”3Énk'/›ª—róĞUfQ¯†ƒ×7$qÕ̼æܲ3ãhȆÉf½ÑÜ!<

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