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It’s been quite a process turning inwards and trying to stay in touch with these discoveries – I’ve been tamed so well! I did get the praise, promotions, good evaluation and hard work always visibly paid off with external rewards. I cannot wait to read Glennon’s books and follow Together Rising. Being unapologetically myself in all aspects of my life without reservations. You see, Glennon met and fell in love with her now-wife, Abby Wambach, at a speaking event. Marie, Glennon and Abby – thank you for always making me laugh, smile, and think about what matters most to me. In the vein of “I will not let the fact that I cannot do everything keep me from doing what I can.”, I desire to continue moving forward on the path of flowing my energy harmonizing art creations to people and places around the world (utilizing all of the information, tools and skills that I’m absorbing in B-School) and pouring all of the profits into facilitating those that are homeless with whatever is required for them to build healthy, sustainable living spaces with repurposed junk mail gathered by every community in the nation. Hi, as always a great article. You’re definitely not alone, either. I thought I was already a Free Spirit, I thought I knew how to do this easily! Right out of college I realized that I could study whatever I choose and follow my heart. She sees from my example to take NO SHIT. Great! He shut down any discussion about it and said she should simply trust him because he is right. We are aligned with purpose driven work where we can give and provide support to those that are in need and we involve our children in our philanthropic work also which they love. The truest story is what my intuition and heart tell me instead of what my brain hamster wheels upon. In this interview I learned I can tell him what I want in a loving ‘beautiful story ‘ way rather than a defensive and very bitter way. Glennon Doyle isn’t just a self-help author; she is a “goddamn cheetah” and so are you. I am all those things and more: I am an extravert and introvert, I am creative and process-oriented, I am brave and vulnerable, and rather than ignore part of myself, I am challenged to find an existence that allows me to nurture and showcase both sides of me. Thank you for validating and articulating what my wild has been screaming at me for decades, but what I’ve been too caged to allow myself to fully believe and trust…until now. The main idea here is: Doyle had to confront her own racism in order to detox from white supremacy. We will start to make this change and take the next step towards this enlightened way of existing with each other. Try to understand and forgive everyone. Those books would say this wasn’t a happy ending because I didn’t end up with my “Prince Charming”, but instead I found a soulful sensitive badass Queen (that’s me! I took a baby step and created a blog…. Please know our hearts are with you and we’re sending so much Team Forleo love and healing your way. I’m telling my book club about this book and upon our next cycle, I will act like a DC lobbyist and advocate for this book ’til they add it to the list!

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