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RELATED: 10 Low-Maintenance Pets For Working Adults. Dog Names Meaning Gentle Giant Considerations Dog owners who wish to give their large dog a giant name have a few considerations to make. He is friendly, loyal, and wholly devoted to his owner and best friend, Emily Elizabeth Howard, an eight-year-old girl. Finding good big dog names boy dogs will love is easy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There are many beautiful big dog breeds that make wonderful pets. Over the years, many large breed dogs have entertained audiences with their big, slow, and clumsy ways. But there are several factors to consider before adopting a large dog breed. Gentle giant dog breeds include most of the giant and large breeds, such as the Great Dane, the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Bullmastiff, the Newfoundland, the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Greyhound, the Irish Wolfhound, and the Saint Bernard. Can you imagine loudly calling for your dog with this name? We’ve put together a list of 10 names that are perfect for your new big dog. If your dog is really big and loves to adventure and see the world. A gentle tree-like humanoid from Guardians of the Galaxy, A Titan who held the world upon his shoulders, A reference to Paul Bunyan's Babe the Blue Ox, The Blue Whale is the largest gentle giant on the planet, A reference to the peaceful Pacific Ocean, The Jolly Green Giant gently suggests you eat your greens. To classify as a gentle giant-themed name, the name itself must not give rise to violent thoughts or associations. Does it fit your dog? Is it easy to say? These larger than life names are a great fit for a breed that can weigh anywhere from 120-170 lbs for females and 160-230 lbs for males. The name evokes wonder and stature, so if you have a really big dog such as a Great Dane, Everest could be the right choice of name for your dog. Sometimes a good old-fashioned dog name is just the right fit. For example, the names Bruiser, Butch, Tank, and Goliath are all big dog names; however, they are also names associated with fighting or warfare. A female Mastiff makes an incredibly kind companion, so what could be better than a cute and cuddly name? For more ideas, check out Where to Find the Best Dog Names. This makes this name perfect for a gentle giant. Our massive list has over 250 ideas! While some people prefer small dogs, others feel there's nothing better than giant dogs. There are a lot of ways to say gentle, and some of the coolest names for a gentle dog can be found on the Internet. One such gentle giant who inspired fear was Beast from the movie Sandlot. This is the name of Wonder Woman from DC comics, making it the perfect choice if you’re a fan of this comic book universe. by ... like with the funny male names mentioned above, giving your female Mastiff a small dog name is always a funny, ironic ... Jessi is a marketing strategist for Fortune 50 companies who loves to research and write about all things dog. She is the proud mom to Toby, a giant Labrador Retriever who thinks he’s a lapdog. Another idea for Mastiff names is to draw inspiration from their unique coloring. If you want to keep it simple, you can't go wrong with this moniker. Ranger is the perfect name for an observant and explorative dog. Diana is a character who is all about sticking up for and taking care of people who need help, so it’s ideal for a dog who has a protective streak and is always concerned about their family. There are many options for choosing a name including references to various mythological giants as well as words or names that mean giant. Diana is another name that has some comic book roots. When naming a dog, another thing to consider is how easy it is to say the name and have the name be recognized by your dog. If you have a big chocolate lab, Moose could be the ideal name for them. Names from mythology are ideal for big dogs because these names bring up power as well as a beauty and elegance that many big dogs possess. Sometimes, dog owners chose a name that reflects the giant size and the docile disposition of their colossal canine. Storm is a name that invokes power as well as beauty. Since 1963 several more books and a PBS television show have aired the stories of Clifford. Some names are great in theory but tough to pronounce in everyday life. Our guide also includes names that are cute, funny, inspired by color and so much more. All have distinct black markings on their muzzle, ears, nose and around the eyes. Who said Mastiff names have to be serious? Big dog names male. This name is great for both male and female dogs. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. With this in mind, we’ve included many options that play on their large size. ©2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. Big dogs can be phenomenal pets - but what is the perfect name for your gentle giant. RELATED: 20 Movies Every Animal Lover Must See. With our ultimate list of 120+ big dog names, you’ll surely find the perfect fit! This name might be popular, but it’s such a good one it had to be included on this list. But you don’t have to stick with stereotypes when naming your male pup. Moose is a sweet name for a sweet, adorable dog. The first idea that comes to mind is playing up the size factor with silly and eccentric names that highlight their heft. All Hercules wanted was to play ball with the boys, and henceforth, the great English Mastiff become the mascot. And we know a thing or two about big dogs. If you have a big dog with hair or fur that is a bluish or grey tint, this name will sit just right. When you find the right name, you’ll know it. © 2013-2020 My Dog's Name • Privacy policy • Have a cat? Names such as Sequoia, Baloo, Groot, and Jolly are giant associated names that suggest a gentleness of nature as well. Say it out loud. If you have a female big dog that needs a strong name, Storm is perfect. Clifford is the 25-foot red dog that first appeared in the children's book, Clifford The Big Red Dog in 1963. Even though your dog may look tough, you know the truth: They’re really just sweet, lovable bundles of fur. River is another name that is connected to nature. A 150 lb dog named Squirt? Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. Beethoven is definitely the perfect name for a St. Bernard dog, but it can also suit dogs of other breeds if you want to buck a trend and switch it up. RELATED: 10 Must-See Dog Documentaries That Will Change Your Life. If you’re adopting a new big dog, whether it’s still a small puppy or is a full-grown adult, you want to find the perfect name to match their personality and give them a name that suits them perfectly. If you want to give your female dog a strong name from mythology, then Athena could work really well as Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and war. Check out our site Find Cat Names. If you’re looking for the perfect name, you want to pick one that matches their large stature as well as their personality. But, they can also show off big personalities in smaller dogs! If your big dog is a muscular pup that seems to have a hard exterior but is actually super adorable with a kind heart once you get to know him, then Thor could be the perfect name for your statuesque dog. This creates a name that perfectly suits their distinct appearance. Beast was a giant English Mastiff, the largest of the dogs by weight, who lived in the backyard behind the sandlot where the boys would play baseball. This name is especially perfect if you’re a Marvel fan and love the God of Thunder. There are plenty of options to fit any temperament, from a rough-and-tumble Bear to an elegant Skye or a quirky Venti. So, if you have a large dog who is always trying to protect you from harm, Moose is a great choice. The Mastiff is also a breed known for its brawny and bulky build, so the list includes plenty of tough and tenacious names as well. If you’re bringing home a male Mastiff, here are strapping names that perfectly exemplify the power of this pup. This is because so many big-sounding names are quite masculine. Of course, people should always exercise caution when dealing with any dog, but generally, dogs like the English Mastiff are gentle giants who would rather lick us than bite us. 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To reflect their size and might, strong female Mastiff names may be the right fit for your new pup. Everest is also a good name because it can work for both male and female dogs. Although not quite as large as their male counterparts, female Mastiffs are still big and brawny. A giant dog needs a larger than life name. Having a big dog can be one of the best things ever. A play on their size is a good option for funny Mastiff names. If you’re not inspired by any of the names above, try our online generator and find even more options. Now that’s hilarious! Another idea is to go the ironic route and select a small dog name.

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