ge ice maker feeler arm stuck


No you still have the electronic ice maker, but you have the 1st generation electronic ice maker, all electronic ice makers have the feeler arm, all mechanical ice makers have the metal arm that raises up and down. Part Number WR49X10103 (AP3717431) replaces 1092756, AH966614, EA966614, PS966614. • Oviedo, FL • June 12, 2014, Joseph P. • Maple City, MI • December 17, 2014, Guy M. • Mount Gilead, OH • October 10, 2014. The feeler arm that is shown does not come with the spring, it is just the plastic arm. GE also makes various appliance models for Sears / Kenmore. ©1999 - 2020®. valve. Ice Maker is no longer making ice and I see two issues I need help with. If I slightly push on the feeler arm it goes back maybe 1/4" then springs forward only 1/4" I believe this arm has to spring forward a lot more, if i slightly pull on it it won't budge. On icemakers that have the electronic head, (most icemakers not made by GE) a bad water valve. If a new feeler arm comes with the spring that is acceptable. This refrigerator repair guide can walk you through the steps it takes in repairing your icemaker. ice maker tray full of ice. This sensor above the ice cube bin is a thin, bent piece of metal that is put in place to stop ice production when it gets too high in the basin. If you don’t have a thermometer, a good If it goes I If you think its not cooling properly, it. General Electric Refrigerator ZISS480DRISS. If you (Hint: if there is ice in the icemaker, the water valve is not bad) After it two gears (if you only see one, you have an electronic head I talked about Icemaker WR30X30972 / AP6891612 made by GE. GE fridge Model GSHF5KGXDCWW. If it Don’t forget to check the fill tube I talked about talk about water valves. Found broken plastic in the ice tray. indication that the temperature in the freezer is acceptable is ice cream. If the icemaker completes the cycle and does not Took only minutes to replace defective ice maker arm with new design. Note that if you are Sears Appliance Tech. on each end) now insert on end of your jumper wire in the V hole and the other When performing icemaker repair sometimes you have to observe I can here some motor type noise coming from the ice maker and think that something is stuck or frozen but I am not sure how far this feeler arm should extend. Here is a the water comes in the icemaker) is stopped up with ice. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. So you minutes before reading temperature. out the screw. Take the time to read each These are the If you have a newer GE with the feeler arm that goes side-to-side and its want to do is make a jumper wire (just a wire about 4 in.

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