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The checkered polymer frame has a low-bore axis for reduced felt recoil, enhanced operator control, and a grip angle that provides unmatched natural point of aim. The time now is 07:21 AM. But those are exactly the same attributes that make this a formidable home-defense gun. The SilencerCo Omega 45K is the smallest, lightest, quietest suppressor in its class. FNX-45 Tactical Maybe a tiny bit oversized, FNH was out of stock. The question of what exactly is the best home-defense arm has been responsible for rivers of ink. To find a proper can for this very proper pistol, we looked no further than SilencerCo. The stainless steel slide has high-profile combat night sights and includes two mounting bases to accept multiple styles of optional red-dot electronic sights. Available for commercial, law enforcement, and military. Improving on the FNP™-45 Tactical, developed for the U.S. Joint Combat Pistol Program, the FNX™-45 Tactical was born and bred for battle. I build suppressors commercially myself and it’s hard to impress me with one these days. A modern specimen adds minimal weight without adversely affecting reliability. In the case of the Fabrique Nationale FNX-45 Tactical, the end result is a truly superlative combat handgun. Once we receive your barrel you may expect to receive your Conversion within 5-10 business days...often sooner. The stainless steel slide has high-profile combat night sights and includes two mounting bases to accept multiple styles of optional red-dot electronic sights. If you would like a copy of the chat transcript please click "Send Transcript" below. It works, has not yet malfunctioned, and that’s good and nice. After shooting it with two different models, I’ve decided it’s criminal to use it without one. We have tested this FNX 45 Accessories suppressor on the FNX 45 Tactical, PS90, FN-15, and the FN 57 with the 1/2x28mm Adapter. It is the latest in technological advancements in handgun engineering, offering .45 ACP performance and a host of unique features that no other handgun can match. It’s full-auto rated and adaptable to a variety of different platforms via five different mounting pistons. You are standing in an instant, shivering in your underwear from a toxic combination of chilly nighttime air and adrenaline. Sound perception can be subjective and there is also a time component not present in most other physical measurements. I noticed little variation between suppressed and unsuppressed shot groups. The nuances between a plaintive “Help me, daddy!” and “This is the police, drop your weapon!” can be a really big deal after you have discharged your firearm in an enclosed space. But good news, FN takes care of that for you as the barrel comes pre-threaded in 0.578×28 threads per inch, so it’s ready right off the bat for a suppressor. . This handgun was made for a silencer. Instead of One Big Winner and a bunch of losers, everybody seemed to have lost before the competition even got going. Add a light and laser to the rail and you’re ready to go. The magazine buttons are already present on both sides, and of equal size. The 5.3″ cold hammer-forged, stainless steel barrel has a threaded muzzle to accept sound suppressors, compensators and other accessories. Will Dabbs, MD, GUNS Magazine Photos: Takashi Sato. It’s unlikely that you will decock the gun inadvertently when going from safe to fire. It’s got secure storage for the pistol, three magazines, and accessories. Most notable the FNX-45 Tactical is pre-milled to receive a red dot sight. Four interchangeable backstraps come standard to quickly customize the grip feel. Thank you for contacting our Chat Team! The FNX-45 Tactical is an SA/DA design based on John Browning’s apparently perfect short-recoil operating system. While conjecture concerning who might have actually won the competition livens up many an Internet gun forum, the FNX-45 would have been mightily tough to beat. It makes a great range bag for this gun. The effectiveness of a firearm sound suppressor is a function of can design, the speed of the bullet, the size of the hole in the end, the shooter’s comportment, and scads of lesser variables like weather, temperature and humidity. Everybody wanted a shot. So, back to the use-case scenarios. So that implies service pistol use. Overall length is 7.9 inches, and I measure the height at just under 6.5 inches from the top of the rear sight to the bottom of the inserted magazine. It features a polymer frame and stainless steel slide with a low bore axis. Once everybody had optimized his best handgun on his own dime, Uncle Sam, in his own inimitable fashion, downshifted from 645,000 to 50,000 guns. Subsequent spinoff sales to Law Enforcement entities as well as geeky guys like me who simply must have what our young warriors are running account for countless more. 2000 Windy Terrace #1A, Cedar Park, TX 78613. Despite all the sordid subterfuge surrounding the now-infamous JCP project, there were quite a few optimized combat handguns resting in the stables of the 10 jilted manufacturers. The rear sight is intentionally designed to be the same width as a man’s shoulders at 25 meters. A must have item to protect your threaded barrels, exposed threads & your HK pistol investment. While hearing protection may be low on your list of concerns for a home-defense tool, it certainly will help not to be deafened by the volume of an indoor gun blast. The Befuddling Science Of Sound Measurement. Hopefully, the Hearing Protection Act will soon become law and things will get better. We perceive every 10-dB increase in sound as roughly doubling the noise intensity. Both models include boosters in the mount to aid reliable function, and I’ve had no malfunctions to date when shooting the FNX suppressed. The ongoing discourse over defensive calibers is vigorous and rife with vitriol. The FNX-45 Tactical is a double-action/single-action hammer-fired pistol. FN includes two mounting plates in the box which allow you to attach either a Trijicon RMR or Docter optic. MobileStrong HDP Vehicular Storage Drawers, Columbia Sportswear Zero Rules Short Sleeve Shirt, ‘The Freelance Bowhunter’ by Bernie Barringer, Mr. Lid Outdoors Shotshell Storage Container, IMI Razor Core 77-grain OTM 5.56x45mm Ammo. Full conversion of a standard FNX-45 pistol to suppressor operation will also require installing "suppressor height sights on the slide. To say these guys know how to make quality weapons is like saying Marilyn Monroe was sort of cute. So this is .45 ACP, and shooting .45 ACP is fun. Doubletap offers a variety of 450 SMC loads ranging from a 160-grain Barnes TAC-XP bullet moving at 1,350 feet per second to a 255-grain hardcast bullet moving at 1,030 fps. The barrel is hammer forged and 5.3 inches in length, so you’ll get max velocity out of your .45 … You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. FN is a seminal name in modern gunmaking. Many prefer the FNX-45’s SA/DA design and external hammer as opposed to striker-fired pistols. Sharp, intense noise can yield permanent hearing loss even in tiny spurts. So I fed it a diet of DoubleTap Ammo’s 450 SMC loads. The FNX comes with two interchangeable backstraps, front and rear cocking serrations, a 1913 rail, raised night sights, and a cut for a pistol optic. As the name implies, it’s a .45, and a high-capacity one at that. In fact, holding it up to my Beretta 92FS, which is full-size (but certainly not physically obese), it’s about the same overall size. .45 ACP.578x28 is the most common thread for .45 cal weapons. Interestingly, the same tactical requirements making a handgun an optimal combat tool also make it a kick-butt home-defense weapon. All Rights Reserved. This is the thread protector that will fit your factory German made HK .45 cal barrels. Sound is a form of energy transmitted as pressure propagated waves through a transport medium, most typically air. Click on a term to search for related topics. Its intent is to allow you to perform complex multiplication tasks by means of simpler addition. It was developed by FN as a potential submission to the US Joint Combat Pistol Program. The barrel is threaded in .578x28 for suppressor use. I have seen a lot of guys shot and I have never seen anybody hit solidly with a .45 ACP who seemed the least bit happy. Tom McHale is the author of the Insanely Practical Guides book series that guides new and experienced shooters alike in a fun, approachable, and practical way. The FNX™-45’s checkered polymer frame has multiple interchangeable backstraps with lanyard eyelets. Instructions for your new .44 Magnum Power Handgun! This sure seems like a good hog combination to me. Three hours later you are dreaming something ethereal only to be forcibly awakened by the sound of glass breaking in the kitchen downstairs. What I mean by “triple action” is that it manages to combine all the benefits of a single-action design like the 1911 and the double-action/single-action pistols like the Sig P226 and Beretta 92. Originally developed as part of the U.S. military’s Joint Combat Pistol program in 2005-6, the HK45 Tactical model is the threaded barrel variant of the HK45 and comes standard with a threaded barrel and adjustable Truglo high profile sights that are suitable for use with or without suppressors. ® 2020, Brownells, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This was to be the contract of a lifetime for the company landing it. Put in perspective, the original Beretta M9 contract was for less than half the number. If you’re going to be shooting the SMC loads frequently, you may want to drop in a heavier recoil spring to save some wear and tear on your gun. The gun includes three 15-round magazines, a 5.3-inch threaded barrel, totally ambidextrous controls and a trigger pull of between 4 and 12 pounds, depending upon the mode of … The barrel extends one inch past the muzzle end of the slide, so there’s ample room for threading. By “purely” I mean it’s not an afterthought or half-baked feature set just good enough for advertising gurus to be able to write “ambidextrous” in the brochure. However, a quality sound suppressor inevitably makes shooting noisy guns much more pleasant. The ambidextrous safety levers also decock the gun and there are four interchangeable backstraps. Raised 3-dot Trijicon green tritium night sights (standard) allow for one-handed operation, The width of the raised night sights perfectly size up the shoulder width of a target at 25 meters, External extractor with loaded chamber indicator, Slide cut and threaded for optional electronic red-dot sight (not included), Threaded .578×28 tpi with thread protector, Polymer construction with replaceable steel frame/slide rails, Four interchangeable backstraps with lanyard eyelets, Fully-ambidextrous decocking/safety levers, slide stop lever, and magazine release, Includes two mounting bases for optional red-dot electronic sights, Two 15-round or 10-round magazines with extended base pad, Sight mounting kit with plates and screws, PO Box 9424

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