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Glossier's is quite thick, so if you prefer thick and slightly sticky glosses, I would go for Glossier! This includes automatic beauty modes found on many phones and newer cameras. Gloss Bomb delivers explosive shine in one perfect rose nude shade handpicked by Rihanna herself: Fenty Glow. Fenty is more comfortable to wear in that it’s a little bit thinner of a formula that literally adds a little shimmer and shine - not dramatic and perfect for layering over other products for a sheer glossy look. share. thanks for the recommendation! I personally love the smell (like red velvet cake) but I know some people don’t like that. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It's 5ml while the clear glossier is 4.2ml, so the fenty one is better value (the full size is 9ml), wow! We’re talking the unicorn of nudes that looks good on everyone. I was tempted but I really don’t need SM. I was planning to wear it over other products, so I’m probably going for fenty then :). They have a very strong perfume and don't stay on the lips very much, also I thought, from photos I've seen, they would be more reflective (almost like glass) but they're Just ...meh. But I actually don't find them that amazing, they are just okay? I still really love the Fenty formula, though, so you can’t go wrong with either! However, I think Glossier just reformulated their lip gloss to make it less thick/sticky (which would probably also make it less shiny). 97% Upvoted. i only tried fenty glow and pretty please shades and it is sticky and the smell is sweet but too strong for my liking, the glossier i tried in clear and red is glassy looking and cushiony, has tackiness but smooth when your purse your lips, it definitely last longer than fentys, but the essence shine shine shine in behind the scenes which is clear shade give the similar glassy effect of glossier, not as cushiony but is still smooth and thick and last, i don’t like the sweet smell, so i really enjoyed glossier which only have a tiny hint of smell, essence is high quality clear gloss that does not break bank. 11 comments. I think if you’re gonna wear clear gloss very often and want it to feel super comfortable and more thin and less tacky go with fenty (esp bc you do get more product) or you can get the glossier clear gloss (which looks glassy, shiny, and feels cushiony) and get other fenty shades since they have more options. I ended up buying the brown one because diamond is kind of milky and it looked slightly weird on my brown lips but I kind of want to go back and buy the diamond want to mix with other sparkly lip glosses I have - to get an extremely sparkly lip gloss. also I saw on a review that essence has a cough medicine like smell, is this true? Fenty Gloss bomb: Fussy vs Sweet Mouth. A subreddit for news, reviews, and discussion on the skincare and make-up brand Glossier. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Hope you enjoyed … I think diamond is the only one where it's super super sparkly and shiny at least on my lips. Hey there, just bought the Fenty gloss bomb duo with Fenty glow and fussy (if I'm correct), and I'm kinda disappointed?! Because of that I can't really justify their price, I mean I have my Kiko 3d Hydra glosses that are so much better and cheaper, they have so many more colors and are also less sticky and parfumy. I also compared how it looks to Fenty Glow & Diamond Milk as well! Watch Queue Queue I use the back of the applicator to get less product on because my lips aren’t big. More posts from the MakeupAddiction community. . Fenty Gloss bomb: Fussy vs Sweet Mouth. This video is unavailable. Just in case it bothers you, fenty lip glosses are heavily scented. Fenty has a pretty strong peach/vanilla scent, which I don’t mind too much. :), been looking for this comparison, awesome! I just looked it up and it’s only £2! I wish I could get a better picture of sweet mouth but is basically clear with the slightest pink. Good note for someone who doesn’t like scented stuff!! I have both (although my Fenty Gloss is in Fenty Glow), and I prefer Glossier to Fenty for clear gloss! Close. If this is your first post, please be sure to check out our rules in the subreddit sidebar. I love both for different reasons! Edit: Glossier's is a lot shinier than Fenty's.

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