fe4 pairing guide


I'm going to assume that there's people out there who are playing this game for the first time that still want to be unspoiled of the game's major plot events. and I started to make this guide. If he becomes a Forrest Knight, his sword rank becomes A and he gets Continue, thus becoming more offense-oriented, but the Strength precedence leaves him as a rather incomplete unit. She's a bit too strong compared to the other units when she joins, so you might want to have her use a weak weapon for a while. Because of that, she shouldn't be getting attacked, so the same goes for her defensive stats. A subreddit to discuss the Fire Emblem series of games, and associated media. I'm just not sure where the Finn/Raquesis hype came from... For Seliph, its worth noting that passing down the Magic Ring + a magic sword allows him to counter & kill the Axe Knights w/ Hand Axes quickly at the end of Chapter 6 instead of having to kill them all on player phase.

That can kill some enemies in Ch6, but enemy HP increases more quickly than Arthur’s Mag. But for ranked playthroughs, it's worth assigning a husband for Sylvia that will at least make her daughter possible to train for the EXP rank, at least in the arena. Don't be mistaken, she inherits Ethlin's growths and items this timearound. The biggest problem is that you have to set up Miracle every turn you want to use these kids on enemy phase, otherwise they’re nothing but gimped archers. The stats they pass down aren't exactly great either and I can't imagine a world where you need Midir to be paired with someone else so badly, but there you have it. This pairing causes a strange glitch where Ced’s base speed is set to be so sky high it loops all the way around and puts it back around Sage class base. It's bad. He also gives Miracle instead of Accost, which can be used to your advantage through careful calculation using arena battles and healing with a generic Heal or a castle.

Well, then you get two substitute characters who are an awful lot like Leen and Cairpre. It might seem hurtful to your other characters, but if you're playing efficiently none of them are even remotely as important as Seliph's Ch7 promotion. If he is paired, he comes with just an Iron Lance, meaning he will be less effective from the onset. Unfortunately Cairpre is even less useful in generation 2 than Claude is in generation 1, due to his lower stats and the higher power level of your generation 2 units. Espion is no worse, though, since it grants Critical, while Steal allows easy raising of funds for repairing the Balmung. Vantage was an easy combo with Wrath: both work when you’re on low HP, and while one increases your survivability the other does the same for your offense. Her favoured parent would be one able to handle magic well, too. She doesn’t get to use Vantage like Lex!Tinny would, but on the flipside her magic is much better. This guide is long enough already, but I felt like talking about groups of pairings for a little bit. Ranked runs are a strange kind of communism where the less help you need, the less help you get, because the only way you win is if almost everyone makes it to the finish line. What could possibly be better than OHKOing enemies before they can attack you on enemy phase? Magic swords hit on resistance rather than defense when used at range, so it can be quite a bit more powerful than normal swords. You might be tricked into thinking that Laylea is only good for dancing, but the truth is that her battle power doesn't fall behind the others'. If you want to pair Lex with a different mother (which is understandable), Ardan can still grant Leen that Vantage skill. What on earth was Eltoshan's mistaken curse? Nowadays, I actually don’t understand why that is. An Adean that won't marry someone unlike her big sister Bridget. The overlapping fathers are Levin who's the best partner for both Fury and Tiltyu, and Dew who's the best partner for both Aira and Brigid.

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