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Curtains! They realize it is time for their annual holiday. Dougal: “It won’t work, will it Ted?” That’s punishment enough for a farmer who deals primarily… in sheep. Father Dougal: ...must be one of those ones that clicks off automatically. Dougal: Father Dougal McGuire. Paramedics help the funeralgoers to safety, while a soot-faced undertaker glares at Dougal], [Mrs Doyle is trying to guess the name of a priest who is attending the Golden Cleric award ceremony], [fade out and back in; Mrs Doyle still guessing], [Mrs Doyle looks very pleased with herself], [Ted and Dougal flee deeper into the caves], appearing to schoolgirls at Ballinspittle, Big Demons sticking hot pokers up your arse for all Eternity, https://en.wikiquote.org/w/index.php?title=Father_Ted&oldid=2885096, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Father Dougal: No sign of them yet Ted…. The priests are reported and are soon in trouble with the gardaí. In the wind. While flying home from a trip with a group of priests, Father Ted's plane encounters trouble. How to block someone from viewing your Instagram story. Derry Girls: 35 of the funniest quotes and one-liners I’ve been drinking like a mad eejit! After Father Jack contracts “Hairy Hands Syndrome” and is put into a special home, Ted and Dougal begin to reminisce about the “good times” that they all shared: Father Ted: What was it that Jack used to say about the needy? It’s so vague and no one really knows what it’s about.”, Dougal: “God Ted, I’ve heard about those cults. Ted: “Okay, here it is (passes over a single record). Fame beckons for Ted when Terry MacNamee phones up to interview him for the television. Father Dougal: “Oh, no thanks Ted, I’ve got these crisps here.”, Dougal: “That’s nearly as mad as that thing you told me about the loaves and fishes!” Everyone dressing in black and saying that our Lord is going to come back to judge us all. Father Ted: Dougal… you didn’t go to a fire station by mistake, did you? *Dougal looks across at Father Stack, who has proven to be a bad influence on him* Sorry, there was a problem with your subscription. 3. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. 1. Inspired by a million dreary camping holidays in Ireland, this episode truly packs it all in. Ted: Who’s there? Inspired by a million dreary camping holidays in Ireland, this episode truly packs it all in. I just can’t wait. Ted’s speech after he had uncovered a criminal conspiracy to rig a sheep competition: Father Ted: He’s lost the trust of his sheep. 50 of the funniest Father Ted quotes This week marked 20 years since the sad death of Dermot Morgan – beloved to millions of comedy fans as […] By … Priest: “I think Ted has a plan.” (another long p… Father Jack dies after drinking floor polish, leaving Ted and Dougal an inheritance. The sitcom – about three Catholic priests and their housekeeper, marooned off the west coast of Ireland – remains as delirously funny as it was in the 90s. 50 of the best lines from Peep Show My friend Mrs O’Dwyer was robbed last week. Clint Eastwood has been arrested for a crime he didn’t… oh wait… no… it’s a film. That’s Catholicism you’re talking about there.”, Ted: “Would you like your pizza cut into six or eight slices Dougal?” Ted: “Ah, no no no. I love the Eurosong competition. Ted: “No Dougal, that wasn’t mad. First appearance of Larry Duff, who drives his Ford Granada off a cliff. The holiday meets another setback as Ted and Dougal return to the caravan to find Father Noel Furlong and his youth group squeezed inside and having a sing-song. What do I mean now? Incidentally, did you bring any teabags? I can’t remember anything at all after that. Father Ted: No he didn’t Mrs Doyle! I'm fine. Jack's bath-time is just before Christmas. He had a term for them.” *Ted turns around in shock* “My Lovely Horse, Father Ted: “May.”, Mrs Doyle (While Ted is trying to eat a sausage): “They were a bit obsessed with the old… S-E-X. Summary: This episode is one of the most memorable for its setting (a dismal holiday caravan park), as well as a cameo appearance from Graham Norton as Father Noel Furlong, making it deserving of its high spot on the Father Ted Episode guide.. There is barely enough room for the three priests. Was it like “collect 12 crisp packets” and become a priest? Father Ted: Good, good! It aired over three series from 21 April 1995 until 1 May 1998. Jack is alive and well on a yacht where three bikini clad women offer him drinks. Ted and Dougal pass their time by playing hide-and-seek and fiddling with the kettle. What you have is a record.”, Dougal: “I love egg. You’re a pony no more, Father Dougal: ...no. The priests go on holiday to a caravan park where they are joined by the exceedingly annoying and terribly jolly Father Noel Furlong, who wants them to join in a sing-song with his bored youth group. They go to the Kilkelly Caravan Park, where Ted's friend, Father O'Rourke, has offered them use of his caravan. Father Dougal: No… no… oh wait… I hear you’re a racist now father. It’s called falling asleep. Dougal and Ted are waiting for a group of bishops to visit their house: *Dougal is looking out the window with a pair of binoculars* *Ted turns to walk off* They’ve got the direct line.”, Ted: “Down with this sort of thing!” Facebook: Who are “Featured Viewers” and “Others” on Featured Stories? Dougal: Knock, knock! Father Stone: No thanks. Father Ted: Ah! Third appearance of Tom. Fathers Ted, Dougal, and Jack take a holiday in a borrowed caravan. Aw go on, you’ll have some. Father Ted: Dougal, how exactly did you get into the priesthood? Series 1 Episode 1 - Good Luck, Father Ted. Father Ted: Right 8. Father Ted: Eh… Dougal… They’re here. 20 of Malcolm Tucker’s most cutting insults It’s a great old pet for him! That’s Catholicism you’re talking about there! He is running terrified down a hill, being chased by giant peanuts), (Eight priests are now lost in Ireland's biggest lingerie section), [cut to a cemetery, where the hearse is sticking out of the open grave, and on fire, with the coffin propped up against it. Tis my money. Father Ted: Right. I mightn’t be able to devote myself full-time to the old racism. Dougal (falling to his knees and weeping into Ted’s crotch): “You’re right, Ted, I admit I’ve got a problem…”, Ted: “Dougal, how did you get into the church in the first place? Out and about? Airdate: 8 March 1996 Quotes [Ted and Dougal deciding what to do next on their boring holiday]: Father Dougal: Do you want to walk over to that fence? During the run-up to Christmas, Father Dougal becomes overly excited about the prospect of finding out what is behind each window in the advent calendar. Father Ted: There’s what?! This week marked 20 years since the sad death of Dermot Morgan – beloved to millions of comedy fans as Father Ted. The little things… raisins!”, Ted (trips over a brick Jack is dragging round on a piece of string): “Wha… what’s going on! Father Ted: No… no… Sergeant Deegan: “Ah, no no, I mean, you know, the films.”, Mrs Doyle: “It doesn’t matter what day it is, Father. 25 of Lee Mack’s wittiest jokes and one-liners In fact sometimes I think I’m going to turn into a big giant egg.” He and Dougal think for several minutes, before Jack emerges in swim wear and flip-flops. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Who would he be like? Welcome to the world of Father Ted. View production, box office, & company info. You wouldn’t find Hitler playing jungle music at three o’clock in the morning.”, Ted: “Oh God, we’re in the lingerie section, Dougal. Elderly farmer: I hear you’re a racist now father. He was from America. Her husband, clad only in a towel, pursues Ted and Dougal and manages to jump on the bonnet of their now escaping car. Dougal: “Where’s the problem there, Ted?”, Mrs Doyle: “Oh she writes such filth, Father. Father Ted is a situation comedy produced by Hat Trick Productions for the UK's Channel 4 and written by Arthur Mathews and Graham Linehan. Didn’t our Lord Himself on the cross pause for a nice cup of tea before giving Himself up for the world?”, Ted: “Come on, Dougal, switch the television off. Meanwhile, Jack is seen alive and well on a yacht. The episode begins as Ted struggles to remember why the day, 19 July, feels important to him. Father Ted: Yes Dougal. That’s us! You see? Ted: “No… no Dougal, that’s us. The man punctures Ted's car tyres with a glass bottle and walks away. I wouldn’t mind, but it wasn’t even a scary film.” He is seen in the opening scene learning how to use the buttons on his sewage truck. They are forced to hitch back home but manage to flag down the slurry lorry - with very messy results. And bring you to the horse dentist. A Volkswagen with a mind of its own. *Ted is visibly annoyed by such a comment* ?” I’m finding out all kinds of things I never knew about rocks.”. Elderly farmer: How did ya get interested in that sort of thing? The Caravan site is located at Fanore Beach, County Clare, on the west coast of Ireland. Hitler or one of those mad fellas.” Episode with the "near and far away" scene, where Dougal cannot understand the difference between a small toy cow and a real cow that's far away. Was it, like, ‘collect 12 crisp packets and become a priest? It aired over three series from 21 April 1995 until 1 … I know it’ll work. The 20 most nonsensical quotes from the W1A team I want to polish your hooves every single day, Dougal wonders which caravan is theirs, with Ted realizing it is the small, squalid model at the other end. [The man on Ted's bonnet is now completely naked]: Father Dougal: God Ted, he's probably very cold now that his towel has blown away! 50 of Frankie Boyle’s funniest (and darkest) jokes What’s the official line that the church has taken on this? Father Stone: No, I'm fine. The episode begins as Ted struggles to remember why the day, 19 July, feels important to him. I just didn’t want to fill out the forms. Dougal: “Oh right, yes.”, Ted: “That’s the great thing about Catholicism. Once they set out to visit the places of interest, Father Jack falls victim to the Magic Road and is sent plummeting over a cliff edge. However, all that is available are St Kevin's Stump (an ordinary tree stump whose name is unexplained) and the Magic Road (a location in which the laws of gravity disappear). Father Ted: No! First appearance of Noel Furlong with his youth group. Dougal: “Oh right.”, Dougal (opening an advent calendar): “Aah! Ted: Good night Dougal! Father Ted: Oh no, best not; I don't want to blow up with excitement. Father Ted: Go on then. Her husband, clad in only a towel, pursues the priests as they attempt to escape in their car. Noel is extremely annoying to anyone including his youth group and soon Ted and Dougal have to leave before they both go mad. '”, Ted: “I think it might work, Dougal. Where are you going, Small… far away… ah forget it!”, Ted: “Old women are closer to God than we’ll ever be. The holiday meets another setback as Ted and Dougal return to the caravan to find Father Noel Furlong and his youth group squeezed inside and having a sing-song.

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