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What is a Split Air Conditioner? The biggest difference between a split air conditioner and a packaged air conditioner is their size. If you have read some of our articles before, then you know that All Systems Mechanical is a small, U.S. Veteran-Owned heating and air conditioning company located in Southern California, and we pride ourselves on giving straight, honest answers to peoples’ questions. Fan coil unit (FCU) Fan coil units are more economical to install than ducted or central heating systems with air handling units. Most Australians are aware of the different types of heating and cooling systems they can install in their homes, but not everyone knows the specific features of each that make one better than the other in a particular property. So, you might still be wondering – why would I want a split air conditioner if I could just get a package system? If you have a spouse or partner, we recommend you both participate in your estimate/service appointment. if 10 split AC then how to distribute current? HVAC Installation Cost 2019 - What's a Fair Price for a New Heating and Air Conditioning Installation? Problems with the fan coil can lead to reduced heat transfer. is the leading job site in the Middle East and North Africa, connecting job seekers with employers looking to hire. The mild indoor conditions mean that your evaporator coils and your fan have a longer life because they don’t deal with weather. For a Columbia, Maryland, home, consider advantages and disadvantages like space, damage, and installation when choosing packaged AC systems vs. split AC systems. The University of Virginia - 2005 / The Wharton School of Finance - 2016 / U.S. We will continue to evolve and adjust these protocols as needed. When the water isn’t properly drained, it can lead to a sudden buildup of dirt, dust and bacteria. Some of these can only be considered as such when taking into account the specific type of property (regarding structure and size) that the system is going to be installed in. After all, wouldn’t you rather have as much yard space as you can? Cassette installations conditions fresh air from outside compared to fan coil units which will keep recycling and re-circulating the air. Roof installation is tricky. fair rate you should spend for the total project. Simply put, the evaporative coil is where the air inside of your house actually cools down in a split air conditioning system. Packaged air conditioners can be used in situations where there isn’t enough space in the attic or closet for a split air conditioner. But a split system needs to have correct installation in two places instead of just one, creating double the amount of chances for something to be incorrect. All rights reserved. Most FCU’s circulate cold or hot water through a coil to control the temperature of a space. Now, let’s see what are the pros and cons of split-system air conditioning, so you can have a better understanding if you decide to go down this road. The evaporative coil, aka the coil, is the part of your split air conditioner that is located inside of your home; usually in a closet or up in the attic. In conclusion, cassette units are better for an office compared to fan coil unit installation. So, what exactly is a ducted air conditioning system? In fan coil units, why we put water inlet in the bottom of coil and the water outlet (return) in the above of coil ? If you are replacing your existing air conditioner: If they didn’t integrate a split air conditioner into the house design, then has that really changed just because you are buying anew unit? Difference Between Fan Coil Unit and Cassette Units A fan coil unit normally referred to as an FCU is a simple device that consists of a cooling or heating coil and a fan. AHU vs FCU. This can result in warm air blowing from your vents and higher than normal indoor temperatures. One good hail storm, downpour, or snowfall can harm or dislodge some of the interior components. Here’s are some examples of packaged AC units: Day & Night Packaged AC Units. A split air conditioner takes up more room than a packaged air conditioner, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that a packaged unit is better. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of a packaged air conditioner. Keep reading…. A reputable company will check the integrity of the roof, reseal all of the breaches, and modify the plenum to make sure that everything fits properly with the new unit. Naval Aviator 2005-2015. Cassette units are suitable for commercial office applications. Is It Better To Install Fan Coil Unit Or Cassette Unit For Office? Reach us at 888-474-3391. Split-system air conditioning also consists of two units – an exterior one, installed outside, and an interior air conditioner, mounted on a wall in a said room. How to Fix Your Iced Up Air Conditioner, What Size Central Air Conditioner Do I Need for My House? Be an Insider, and Get Your HVAC-Facts Report Before You Talk to a Contractor. So, when the desired temperature is reached, the motor stops until it needs to start again, when the room gets below or above the initially set temperature. what sized unit you will need, which brands consumers prefer, Additionally, it will leave you with a classic style and design. Stock up on filters so you have them readily available when the change date arrives. This is basically because different air conditioners exhibit different features, advantages as well as disadvantages. Before we go any further into the packaged vs split air conditioner debate,  you have to realize what these two names actually refer to – the way in which these units are structured. Because only half of your system is outside, however, if the compressor gets damaged, there’s less to fix than if the entire thing sustains harm. Or in other words, inverter split-system air conditioning uses less energy (up to 30% less) than fixed speed split systems. Related articles that might also be useful: At the end of the day, if you are replacing your air conditioner, replace it with the same type that you have now. Split vs Packaged AC Units. The evaporative coil (aka evaporator coil) is the part of a split air conditioner that is inside of your home. Pair one of these with a smart thermostat, and you’ll see major improvements in energy consumption and indoor air quality. It’s not the most attractive place to stick an HVAC system, but it’s better than using up your outdoor living space. Also see: Packaged air conditioners typically need to be mounted on the roof, which if not sealed properly, can lead to leaks over time. The answer to this question is strictly individual, but we’ll try to clarify a few price-formation factors for you that you can keep in mind. We should also note here that one can have multi-unit split-system air conditioning installed, where multiple interior units are connected to one condenser unit. The air handling units are very important parts of the central air conditioning plants, packaged air conditioning plants and also the roof mounted split air conditioning systems. 7. If anyone actually goes outside to check this instead of taking my word for it…. This helps to cool the coils and returns the refrigerant to a liquid state so that it can absorb more heat. Here are some examples of split AC units: Carrier Split Air Conditioners. Every day, thousands of new job vacancies are listed on the award-winning platform from the region's top employers. We are often asked the questions, what is a split air conditioner, or what is a packaged air conditioner? Is your house one-storey or it has two/three floors? In its simplest explanation, an air conditioner uses electricity to take the heat from inside of your house, and transfer it outside (making the inside of your house cooler). Your AC unit may also work longer and harder to cool the inside of your building, which can greatly reduce your units life expectancy and lead to more broken parts. Best regards, AHU, completely known as air handling unit is different from FCU or the fan coil unit. The type of unit used is typically based on the structure of your house, with split air conditioning systems being the most common. Your specialist will You can always call us to examine it and repair any problems, but a good installation is always the best way to ensure efficiency. This type of fan unit is normally not connected to a ductwork and hence only controls the temperature of the space where it has been installed. It is from these two separate units that a split air conditioner gets its name. The same should be true of split units, but sometimes older air handlers develop annoying noises that homeowners can’t stand. Despite what many salesmen will have you believe, split air conditioners and packaged air conditioners (for comparable SEER models) are about the same price. On the contrary, in four-pipe fan coil systems there is the ability some rooms of a building to be heated and others to be cooled (depending on the orientation and the needs of each area of the building). Noise shouldn’t be the major factor influencing your package or split HVAC decision, but it’s always something to think about. In a split system, the fan coil unit, also known as the condenser coil, is located outside while the evaporator coils are located inside. As the air inside your home is blown over your coil, the refrigerant absorbs the heat that is inside of your house. With every control, electrical wire, and coil located outside, the packaged system endures harsher conditions than an indoor air handler does.

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